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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Sunday, August 17, 2014

ISRAELI GOVERNMENT SUBMITTING TO ANTI-SEMITIC EUROPEAN BOYCOTT and collaborating by discriminating against export goods from Israelis living across the Green Line

Israel will end its export of poultry and dairy produce from communities beyond the Green Line, in keeping in line with EU directives. 
Yellowbadge logo.svgFor Israeli authorities this is the equivalent of attaching  a yellow star armband on Israelis living on Jewish land that the formerly genocidal Europe refuses to recognize as Israeli.

This is agreeing with those who delegitimize Israeli ownership of the land that has been Jewish for thousands of years, and who demand the surrender of such land to descendants of Muslims who arrived as conquerors and occupiers.
Judea and Samaria - the land that the Arabs want to appropriate for themselves - is ancient Jewish land, its history written on the Bible and on countless history books.  International law recognizes Israel's right to the land. 
HOWEVER, Israeli leaders have for many decades submitted to the dictates of those who either perpetrated massacres of Jews and the Holocaust, or were complicit with it.
After humiliating, torturing, and murdering millions of Jews over the centuries, Europe has NO RIGHT to tell Jews where in their homeland they are allowed to live and build. 

Europeans did not want Jews in Europe, and now they don't want them on Jewish land, either. 
Do not buy from Jews - Nazi Germany boycott
The truth is that they don't want them anywhere, period.   They are advocating partition so that Israel will once again be merely 9 miles wide, thus easy prey for Arab terror.  
Europe should be ashamed!
And so should those authorities in Israel who submit to Europe's humiliating discriminatory practices. 
Europeans - both Muslims and Fascists - are persecuting and killing Jews like never before since the Second World War. 
But European governments continue to put pressure on Israel - the only civilized country in the Middle East - while ignoring the horrors perpetrated by Islam in other parts of the region.
What is also very important to understand is that Palestinians collaborated with the Holocaust.  Europe and the US government are asking Jews to reward Nazis with Jewish land. 

The Mufti of Jerusalem, the leader of Arabs living in Palestine during the Nazi years, lived in Berlin, and collaborated with Adolf Hitler and other top Nazis in the design and implementation of the Final Solution - the destruction of European Jews.
Although he was a war criminal, he managed to return to the Middle East to indoctrinate a new leadership for the destruction of Israel, among others Yassir Arafat (a relative) and Mahmoud Abbas, current president of the Palestinian Authority.
There is a direct link between the Holocaust and today's Palestinian nationalist movement.
Nazi flag flown in Arab town in Israel
Which means that the survivors of the Holocaust are being asked to reward the perpetrators of the Holocaust with Jewish land for the creation of a Nazi Muslim state.
Nazi flags are flown in Palestinian towns, and the rhetoric among clerical and political leaders is suffused with Nazi terminology.   Adolf Hitler is often eulogized by Palestinians. 
See references for the above information after the following article.
Israel to Stop Exports of 'Settlement Products' to the European Union
Israel National News - Israel will end its export of poultry and dairy produce from communities beyond the Green Line, in keeping in line with EU directives.
Israel will end its export of poultry and dairy produce to the European Union from Jewish communities beyond the Green Line, Israeli and European officials said on Sunday, according to AFP.
The restrictions stem from directives issued by the European Commission in February and affect chicken and milk products from communities in eastern Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and Judea and Samaria.
"In keeping with previous decisions, the EU no longer recognized the authority of the veterinary inspections services of Israel to approve the export of poultry and (dairy products), the origin of which are in settlements," a European official told AFP.
The official said that during discussions over implementation of the directives, the "Israelis were asked to put in place a system of distinguishing between the origins of dairy products and poultry."
"If that is put in place that won't affect poultry and dairy products exported from Israel," the official said, noting the new directives would be effective from September 1.
An Israeli official involved in the affair told AFP that the agriculture ministry had recently issued directives to poultry and dairy manufacturers to "prepare for the EU decision and separate manufacturing lines, to enable the continued export to the Europe" without including products from “settlements”.
The official said that Israeli export of products from areas beyond the Green Line to Europe was not significant and catered mainly for Jews who observe religious dietary laws and eat kosher food.
Months ago, the EU published new guidelines which boycott Israeli entities operating beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines. This caused tension between the EU and Israel, which warned that it might shun a key EU research program unless a compromise is found over the boycotting guidelines.
An Israeli official slammed the move as a European way to bypass problematic legislation that would single out the Jewish state.
"The EU has for a long time tried to find ways to mark settlement produce, or even prevent its import to Europe, but failed to accomplish such regulation since it's legally problematic, and also involves breaching trade agreements," the official told AFP.
The EU, the official added, doesn't want to impose any universal regulations on products from "disputed areas" such as Cyprus, Western Sahara or Kosovo.
So instead it used the European Commission, which is a bureaucratic body, to enforce a political stance against Israel, he said.
Plans to label “settlement products” have been in the works for more than a year, when the EU formally recommended that Israeli activity in Judea and Samaria be “prevented” through an economic boycott of Jewish industry in those regions. Such a move would affect tens of thousands of Palestinian Arabs who are employed in Jewish-owned industry in the area.
EU foreign ministers, including Britain’s William Hague and Laurent Fabius of France, indicated at one point they would back the labeling initiative, but it was later reported that the plans were postponed after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry intervened.
Judea and Samaria
JUDEA AND SAMARIA TOWN  (Flash 90 picture)
This is the land that Muslims who came from the Arabian peninsula, and later from other parts of the Ottoman Empire, now claim for themselves - with the help of genocidal Europe. 

This is what the world calls "the West Bank".  It never belonged to any country except Israel.
The word Palestine was used by the Roman occupiers to designate the area after defeating Judea.  It was an attempt to destroy all memory of the Jews. 
Arabs are not really "Palestinians", since they came from other lands as conquerors and occupiers.
Many of the most significant events in the Bible occurred in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley.
Long before the Romans invaded the Land of Israel and long before Ottomans ruled the area, it was here that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Jewish nation’s forefathers, cared for their flocks. 
It was here that Jacob travelled from Laban to the Land of Israel. And it was here that Joshua Bin Nun drove out the Canaanite nations out of the land.
Judea is a mountainous and dry region, located west of the Jordan River. It varies in height, rising from an altitude of 1,020 meters above sea level in the south at Mount Hebron, to as much as 400 meters below sea level in the east.
Within Judea are three distinct geographical areas, namely the Judean Wilderness in the eastern valley, the Judean Hills in the center and the Coastal Plain, which extends west to the Mediterranean Sea.
Samaria extends over a distance of 1,000 square miles. It begins 15 miles east of Tel Aviv and stretches to the hills overlooking the Jordan Valley. Samaria makes up 10% of the Land of Israel.  The Jordan Valley is 120 kilometers long and about 15 kilometers wide. It forms the border between Israel and Jordan in the north.

Source -
Palestinian militia making Nazi salute
If you only have time for one of these items, please watch the 15 minute video at the top of this list.
Photo shows the Amin Al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, meeting with Hitler.  The Mufti was an important participant in the planning of the Final Solution for the extermination of all Jews, and worked hand in hand with top Nazis in Hitler's circle.
He was the creator of an SS Muslim Division guilty of gruesome crimes in Europe.  He should have been tried at Nuremberg.  Instead, he managed to return to the Middle East to train a younger generation of Muslim Nazis, among them Yassir Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas.
One cannot understand today's turbulent world without knowing more about the following:  
Radical Islamic Jihad and pan-Arabism in its violent form find a common root in Amin Al Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. He is the vector of European fascism into the modern Islamic world, both religious and secular.
Not surprisingly, today's Mufti of Jerusalem has vociferously called for the killing of Jews.
PA's highest religious authority, the Mufti, at Fatah event:   Muslims' destiny is to kill Jews -  Resurrection will come only after Jews are killed by Muslims
Read more -
PA Mufti Hussein defends his speech citing Hadith (basic Muslim doctrine) about killing Jews
On Jan. 9, 2012, PA Mufti Muhammad Hussein, delivered a speech presenting the killing of Jews by as a religious Islamic goal.
Map of Arab Countries vs. Israel
The red sliver of land is Israel, which the world wants to partition to give Arabs another state.  The countries in green on the map are all Arab countries.  Why would they need more land?

No, it is not land that they want.  It is the destruction of Israel.  Just look at how much trauma they have caused with their terror, their rockets, and their infiltration tunnels. They think that a smaller Israel would be easier to defeat. 
But it's not mere Arab political opposition to a Jewish state in the Middle East.  Their opposition is based on religion.  Muslims believe that once a land has been under their domination, it belongs to them forever, and it is their sacred duty to retake it.  Thus you sometimes hear of Muslims' goal of retaking Spain, for example, where once they ruled.
So no matter how much Israel tries to appease Arabs with the offer of "Two States for Two Peoples", as the Prime Minister unfortunately announced only a few years ago, that will never be enough.  Their ultimate goal - as evidenced by their speeches and writings - is to capture all of Israel and to destroy all Jewish presence on the land.
Palestinians envision a world without Israel
Palestinian Media Watch news archive
Muslims call for retaking Spain

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