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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Sunday, February 19, 2017

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE UNITED NATIONS? Here is the answer in a short and fact-filled VIDEO by Anne Bayefsky at the Oxford Union Debate on the subject of the UN as a failing institution

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The United Nations has failed its mandate.  It is rife with corruption, and it has allowed itself to become ideologically weaponized by an alliance of despotic states that vote in unison in favor of an agenda promoted by oil-rich Arab countries.

As part of the Oxford Union Debate on the subject of "This House Believes the UN is a Failing Institution" last November, Professor Anne Bayefsky succinctly described exactly why it is true.

Welcome to 2017 at the United Nations, where the following regimes are among those chosen to define, promote and protect human rights for the world: 
A SCANDAL:  UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency servicing Palestinian refugees, has continued to stretch its “temporary” existence for 66 years. This distinct refugee agency for Palestinians manages virtually no refugees anymore, but instead handles services for 5.4 million children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of people who left Palestine in 1948.
The UNRWA staff stands at 30,000, or 3.5 times the staff that the rest of the world gets for actual refugees. It services only 13% of the people that UNHCR assists helping all other world refugees.
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 Amid Tsunami of Scandals, UN Ignores Massive Corruption

Excerpts from extended article of July 25, 2016 by Alex Newman for The New American

Caption reads: We hereby approve the declaration "Zionism is racism"!  Also the declaration "War is Peace," "Terrorism is freedom," and "Dictatorship is democracy". 

The findings of the UN Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) highlighting widespread fraud, corruption, and impunity across the UN system, among other problems, represent another devastating blow to the embattled global organization.

In short, it sounds like the UN does not care how corrupt the bureaucracy becomes or how much of your money is stolen by criminals with immunity.
Making matters worse, the revelations about pervasive and unaddressed corruption come even as the UN is demanding vast new powers and resources in its quest to become what UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon refers to as the “Parliament of Humanity.”
The UN is even pushing what it calls its global “Declaration of Interdependence.” The scheme, better known as UN Agenda 2030, calls for empowering the UN over everything from education and health to planetary wealth redistribution.
The global body is also trying to expand the size and scope of its scandal-plagued “peace” armies even as they are exposed in countries around the world for ruthless predatory behavior, including widespread rape and abuse of children.
However, as the UN demands more power and money, a major backlash is brewing. In the United States, the U.S. Congress has been holding hearings into UN abuses, and even threatening to cut off funds for child-raping UN “peace” troops.
The recently released report outlining widespread fraud and impunity is likely to further inflame anti-UN sentiment among a global population that is increasingly rejecting the establishment and its corrupt institutions.
Still, as serious as the latest corruption and fraud revelations are, they pale in comparison to other problems plaguing the UN — oftentimes systemic problems that have sparked a growing movement in the United States for an American exit, or “Amexit,” from the global so-called “dictators club.”
While other scandals may be more serious, the condemnation of the UN's widespread corruption by its own internal investigators is serious.
“Much more needs to be done to combat fraud in the United Nations system,” the report acknowledges in its executive summary.
The document also blasts the “inability and/or unwillingness to acknowledge and deal with” the fraud and corruption, saying multiple UN organizations “continue to remain in a state of near denial with regard to fraud.”
The probe ends by recommending that the UN and its agencies implement proper anti-fraud procedures, instead of its current non-approach. It also blasts what it refers to as an “environment of impunity.”
In fact, the UN system seems almost designed to encourage fraud and impunity.
Incredibly, the report says that the UN does not even have a “system-wide definition of the term 'fraud,'” making the crime rather difficult to address.
“In some cases there is lack of a common understanding of what fraud is even within the same organization,” the report says, noting that UN staff and managers might not even know what constitutes fraud, much less how to stop it.
Because of those and other problems, the scope of the fraud and corruption within the UN remains largely concealed. Indeed, as this magazine and many other sources have documented, that is exactly how top UN officials like it.
In short, even the UN's investigators realize impunity reigns at the UN — as do the UN's employees. In a survey conducted by the investigators, some 60 percent of UN employees polled said fraud “goes unpunished in my workplace.”
As far as anybody knows, the other 40 percent might be involved in the fraud. The report also explained that “there is a perceived sense of impunity for fraud perpetrators within the United Nations system organizations.”
And top UN leaders seem to like it that way, as revealed in leaked documents from top UN officials conspiring to destroy whistleblower Anders Kompass, who sought to stop the abuse of children by “peace” troops in the Central African Republic.
Of course, the sense of impunity goes way beyond just impunity for fraud, as this magazine and other sources have documented. As just one example, consider that in a 2008 survey in one African town occupied by UN troops, eight out of 10 underage girls admitted to being regularly raped and sexually abused by UN troops.
Virtually none of the rapists are ever punished. Similar horror stories have emerged from practically every country occupied by UN troops in history, along with the slaughter of innocent civilians from Mali and the Ivory Coast to Congo and Haiti.  
As is the case with the sexual abuse of women and children by UN “peacekeeping” forces, the problem of fraud, theft, and corruption are severely under reported.
According to the JIU, the lack of systems and anti-fraud detection mean that only a tiny fraction of the fraud within the UN may actually be reported — and when it is detected, practically nothing is done, as impunity and immunity reign supreme.
“Under-reporting and/or non-detection [of fraud] in the United Nations system could be significant and endemic,” the JIU investigators concluded.
One of the most recent shoes to drop is a book by Rasna Warah, a journalist and former UN staffer, entitled Unsilenced: Unmasking the United Nations’ Culture of Cover-ups, Corruption and Impunity.
Among other problems, the book “reveals the web of lies, cover-ups, corruption and impunity within the United Nations that has allowed wrongdoing to continue unabated.”
According to Warah, much of the wrongdoing occurs because, instead of protecting whistleblowers, the UN persecutes them, and most “experience severe retaliation.” The book also takes aim at the immunity provided to UN officials, “and the conflict of interest inherent in the UN's internal justice system” that allows criminals and unethical officials to go unpunished.
The situation has become so bad that some academics have concluded that it is time to shut down the UN's out-of-control bureaucracies. A paper by Sonoma State University Professor Emeritus Jamal Munshi published by the Social Science Research Network, for example, makes a solid case for ditching the UN environmental bureaucracy.
Under the headline "The United Nations: An Unconstrained Bureaucracy," the June 2016 paper concludes that "unconstrained and undisciplined public sector bureaucracies do not serve the interest of the public" and that "such UN bureaucracies can safely be dismantled without any harm to the public interest.”
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How the United Nations is in full partnership with terrorists through its UNRWA agency


Muslims from the Arabian peninsula invaded the land of Israel in the seventh century.  It had been Jewish land for thousands of years.   Counting on world anti-Semitism, now the Arabs call the Jews "occupiers".
Help Refugees: Shut the UNRWA, Fund the UNHCR
The Fleeing Refugees
There is a mass migration occurring in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). People are fleeing their home countries due to turmoil and are crossing land and sea to escape to more stable societies.
The new host countries are attempting to find solutions for the flood of new people, many which do not speak the language and lack professional skills. The United Nations is working to assist these countries handle the millions of new people who need shelter, food, clothing and education for an indeterminate amount of time.
The UNHCR, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, is currently staffed with 8600 people handling 34 million refugees from 125 countries.
The number of refugees continues to swell each day and hundreds of others die before they even reach safety.
In 2014 alone, an estimated 2900 refugees died in transit. In 2014, UNHCR estimates that it will assist over 41 million people. Its biennial budget is $5.3 billion.
The Swell and Permanence of UNRWA
Meanwhile, the UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, has continued to stretch its “temporary” existence for 66 years. This distinct refugee agency for Palestinians manages virtually no refugees anymore, but instead handles services for 5.4 million children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of people who left Palestine in 1948.

The UNRWA staff stands at 30,000, or 3.5 times the staff that the rest of the world gets for actual refugees. It services only 13% of the people that UNHCR assists.

Unlike the refugees serviced by UNHCR, the Palestinians speak the language and have skills. The UNRWA infrastructure and systems have been established for decades. Yet, the UNRWA biennial budget is over $2 billion, or $370 per person serviced compared to $130 for each UNHCR refugee who needs real and immediate services and infrastructure such as shelters, medical facilities and schools.
Almost every UNRWA worker is a Palestinian. The few Europeans that occupy the senior positions and act as the face of the organization mask the reality that the organization is simply an employment agency for Palestinians that runs schools and medical facilities in Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.
As UNRWA writes“Staff costs constitute the bulk of UNRWA’s budget. This is because the day to day direct delivery of services requires a large number of staff (some 29,000). Efforts to maintain parity with host authorities’ public sector salaries render the Agency’s financial sustainability susceptible to economic volatility”. (In other words, when Jordan gives its public sector unions a 5% raise, the entire world gives the Palestinian UNRWA workers a raise too.)
UNRWA continues to extend its life and grow its mission. Per the UNRWA documents, the agency “has evolved over time in response to developments in the operational context, extends at present to providing education; health; relief and social services; microfinance and emergency assistance to refugees; infrastructure and camp improvement within refugee camps; and protection.”
The mission of the agency, in short, is no longer to have temporary workers in temporary hospitals assist a defined number of people for a temporary period of time. It has become a conduit for the global community to pay generations of Palestinians to care for themselves.  As Queen Rania of Jordan put it elegantly “UNRWA is a way of living.

The Abuse of UNRWA
UNRWA’s evolving mission has distanced itself from core relief operations (as offered by the UNHCR) and the tone and tenor of the organization has come to mimic Palestinian society at large.  For example, UNRWA has come under repeated fire for its actions related to Jews and Israel.
During Operation Protective Edge, UNRWA schools extended the meaning of their new mission of “protection”.
  • It handed those missiles to Hamas while it was in active combat;
  • It watched as Hamas fired rockets into Israeli civilian areas from its courtyards.
Long ago, UNRWA stopped being an independent relief agency, but has morphed into a Palestinian agency with its own agenda, courtesy of funding by the global community.
Ending UNRWA
The Palestinians and the global community have been co-conspirators in a permanent welfare situation for over six decades. Meanwhile, there is a true humanitarian crisis around the MENA region which is underfunded and understaffed. It is time to transition to a new paradigm for each area in which UNRWA operates.
Lebanon and Jordan: Each country has been over-run with actual refugees from Syria and Iraq. These refugees sit in squalor and receive a fraction of the aid that the Palestinian permanent residents receive. It is unfair and outrageous. The UNRWA should hand over all of its operations to the host countries of Lebanon and Jordan.
The incremental cost of carrying these facilities should be carried by each country, with a UN contribution made at the country-level which declines over time. At the same time, additional monies should go towards infrastructure for the new actual refugees.
Syria: As the country is still engaged in a civil war, the UN should still maintain operations until hostilities end.
West Bank and Gaza: If the UN truly considers Palestine a country, by definition there can be no Palestinian refugees or SAPs (Stateless Arabs from Palestine) in Palestine. And whether it is or isn’t, all UNRWA facilities should be handed over to the government. The UN will likely give monies to the government as part of establishing and stabilizing the country, which would help cover the cost of the former UNRWA facilities.
The world’s focus on the descendants of Palestinians who left their homes 66 years ago has hurt millions of refugees from around the world. In today’s particularly violent and unstable situation in dozens of countries, the United Nations must transition from spending billions of dollars in welfare checks to capable young SAPs, and direct funds to the millions who are fleeing their home countries due to war and violence.

Dying in transit:
Syria refugee count:
Libya refugees:
UNHCR staffing:
UNHCR budget:
UNRWA budget and mission:
Queen Rania on UNRWA:
Missiles in UNRWA schools:

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U.N., United Nations,
SATIRE - UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL VOTES TO EXCLUDE BEHEADINGS FROM LIST OF H.R. VIOLATIONS, as well as other brutal actions by Muslims - The UNHCR wants to continue to focus on Israel instead
SATIRE by PreOccupied Territory website
Geneva, September 17 – The United Nations body tasked with monitoring and addressing human rights violations around the world voted today to remove beheading and other brutal forms of murder from its purview, saying that the member nations did not consider those acts in and of themselves worthy of attention.
Palais des NationsHuman Rights Council Resolution 4411, adopted by majority vote, calls on the various organs of the Council to exclude reports of beheading, Nazi-style mass shootings, and the starvation of besieged civilians from reports, as those acts are no longer categorized as violations.
Thirty nations voted in favor of the measure, twelve opposed, and one, Britain, abstained. The United State representative was not present.
Council representatives expect the measure to make their work more efficient, as they can focus more intensely on the issues that really matter, such as Israel.
The resolution, introduced by Council member Sudan, explicitly calls for the establishment of several investigative commissions into Israeli crimes, in addition to the Schabas Commission, using personnel now made available through the new limitation of the Council’s mandate.
Recommended areas of investigation include blatant Israeli disregard for the Palestinian political and civil right of killing as many Israelis as possible, and the illegal use of deadly force in combating Palestinian use of deadly force.
Diplomacy experts note that the language of the resolution does not comprehensively define beheading, mass shooting, and starvation as acceptable. Instead, the resolution instructs investigators to take into account certain specific circumstances surrounding those acts.
Under most circumstances, says Dutch commentator Kan Garouwkort, those brutal acts would not be counted as violations of human rights, but certain situations might render them so nevertheless. “For example, if anyone accused Israel of such actions, that would automatically qualify,” he explained.

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