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Saturday, October 22, 2016

FRENCH POLITICIAN ACCUSES PRESIDENT HOLLANDE AND OTHER GOVERNMENT LEADERS OF HAVING BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS - Philippe de Villiers says they have failed to protect French citizens from terror by keeping borders wide open, and by allowing the Muslim conquest and colonization of France

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  • If you think that Donald Trump is too outspoken and politically incorrect, watch the video interview with Philippe de Villiers, a French author, historian, and politician.
  • The France he is talking about is how America will be if globalists take power through Hillary Clinton.
  • De Villiers says that president Hollande, former president Sarkozy, and other French politicians have allowed the conquest and colonization of France. 
  • And by keeping France's borders open, even after repeated acts of Muslim violence and terror against French citizens, those same politicians have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. 
  • There are now countless enclaves of conquered territory (No-Go Zones) where Muslims live according to Sharia Law, not the laws of the Republic.
  • Several governments of the left and the right have disarmed the French borders and kept them open in disregard of the safety of the French people. 
  • They have allowed the settlement of a "super-nation" into the heart of France, called the Umma, which believes itself to be superior to all other societies.  Thus there is no hope for Muslims to integrate into French society and culture.  Islam's goal is to eventually outnumber and subjugate the kuffar (non-Muslims).    
  • Islam is incompatible with French civilization and society, deVilliers says.  Islam is incompatible with fundamental French values such as the equality of men and women, freedom of expression, and much more.  
  • He notes that French politicians do not read the Koran and  Hadith.  He has, and so he explains how Islam is a religion, a political ideology of conquest, and as a system of law - all inseparable from each other. 
  • Muslim law is that of their god Allah.  French law is made by legislators who represent the people of France.   That's a big and incompatible difference. 
  • Muslim law tells the faithful that they have to kill the kuffar (non-Muslims) and that explains the latest firebombing attack on several police officers. 
  • There are moderate Muslims, says de Villiers, but not moderate Islam. 
Muslim youth riot in the summer of 2014 in the Paris suburb of Sarcelles (Photo: © Reuters)
  • We are now faced with a demographic conquest, he warns.  He denounces a nefarious program by the elites to import cheap labor, and at the same time to replace the indigenous European population with migrants from the Middle East and Africa.  The program is indeed called Migration and Replacement.  In the meantime the French people are being acclimatized to live with Islam (under the guise of multiculturalism).   
  • Complete secularism that bans all expressions of Christianity would leave a void that would quickly fill with Islam, he says.  France needs to keep Christian traditions such as Christmas displays as part of its own national secularism.
  • As part of his list of solutions de Villiers says that Muslims who do not love or respect France should be repatriated. 
  • He has no hope of seeing a nationalist party win power in the future because both the left and the right form alliances during elections to keep them out of power.
  • His latest book, Les cloches, sonneront-elles encore demain?  (Will the Bells still ring Tomorrow?) on the Islamization of France has sparked great interest and controversy, as he expounds on many politically-incorrect ideas, such as the ones outlined above. 

Philippe de Villiers: “We Are Faced With a Demographic Conquest.  President Hollande has blood on his hands”

 VIDEO INTERVIEW in French with subtitles
You can read the transcript further on this page

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When French entrepreneur, politician and novelist Philippe de Villiers published The Mosques of Roissy in 2006, he was vilified as an Islamophobe and right-wing extremist.   The book revealed how Islamic radicals had infiltrated Charles de Gaulle airport and its publication led to the immediate closure of six illegal prayer rooms. 

A decade later Villiers' accusations were totally vindicated following the November 2015 attacks, when the Paris Airport Authority withdrew 70 airside security badges from Muslim employees and 4,000 staff lockers were raided by police as the employees were considered a security risk. 

Villiers has turned out to be something of a prophet in a land that is now in the front line of the war against Islamic radicalism. "I am the only politician who is telling the truth about the Islamization of France," he declared in April 2006 while running in the French presidential election.

Continue reading and read transcript for the VIDEO posted above, plus watch three more VIDEOS with Philippe de Villiers (with transcripts)

Philippe de Villiers. Face à "l'islamisation" de la France, son livre est "le début de la Reconquista"

Villiers seems to subscribe to the “Great Replacement“ theory put forward by Renaud Camus and others, which asserts that European big business is seeking to substitute a diminishing and aging European workforce with immigrants.
Patriotism has all but disappeared, to be replaced by a globalist ethic where the sole civic duty is to save the planet.
The state no longer exists as the source of public well-being.
People no longer have any roots and have become nomads in a world where mobility is the great absolute. Hence, the moral obligation of Europeans to welcome the arrival of millions of migrants from Africa and the Middle East.   
He attributes the exponential growth of Salafism over the past 40 years to interference by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who pumped vast sums of money into France to build up a network of mosques and associations to promote radical Islam. 
(Please remember that both Saudi Arabia and Quatar have been extremely generous contributors to the Clinton Foundation. -  Blogger.)
Villiers considers that the threat is coming not just from terrorism but from what is seen as “moderate” Islam.
He cites Dalil Boubakeur, CFCM president and rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, who recently said, “We have 2,200 mosques and we need to double that number within two years.”
Villiers condemns the arrogance of mainstream Muslim leaders who “arrogantly enjoin us to rewrite French history in light of the contribution made by Islamic civilization, without which modern Europe would never have seen the light of day.”
Villiers blames weak and complicit politicians over recent decades for what he sees as the present-day fear and frailty of the indigenous French population.

 “France is now inhabited by two peoples: the newcomers who are settling in with pride and a debilitated native population no longer aware of the conditions necessary for their survival.  One by one, towns are sliding into a Halal  (Arabic word for "permissible" under Islamic law - Sharia).   Oyonnax has become Turkish, Avignon is no longer the Papal City but a city of Salafists.”

Villiers’ thesis is at least partially corroborated by recent opinion polls of Muslims and the latest figures from the UCLAT (Anti-Terrorist Combat Coordination Unit).
According to the report, there are over 15,000 identified Islamic radicals throughout France, of which 18% are minors, the youngest being 11 years old.
The greatest numbers are located in the industrial basins of Paris, northern France, the Rhône valley and the Mediterranean coast, where immigrants from North Africa settled in the 1960s and 1970s. They are also present in thinly-populated rural areas and small towns such as Lunel, from where 20 jihadists departed to fight for Islamic State in Syria.
It remains to be seen whether Villiers’ latest book will portend France’s future or whether the president elected in 2017 will be able to stop the country’s Muslim youth from veering further towards radical Islam.
Cliquez sur la photo pour ouvrir le dossier. Crédits photo : STEPHANE LAVOUE

Philippe de Villiers is a French author, historian, and former politician. He is an anomaly in Modern Multicultural France: an intellectual who is also a conservative Catholic. 
The following interview with Mr. de Villiers was conducted recently by the French commercial radio network RTL on the occasion of the publication of his new book Les cloches sonneront-elles encore demain? (Tomorrow, will the Bells still toll?).

00:04 7:46 Elisabeth Martichoux talked to Philippe de Villiers this morning.
00:08 Good morning, Philippe de Villiers. —Good morning. —Thank you for being with us this morning
00:12 in the studio. You published a new book today, a pamphlet against Islam.
00:16 Three hundred pages, entitled “Tomorrow, Will the Bells Still Toll?”
00:20 by Albin Michel. This question contains all your anxiety
00:24 about our churches being replaced by mosques. But first the luck
00:28 of the calendar: we discover this morning François Hollande talking about Islam,
00:32 and in the excerpts from the book of the journalists Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme
00:36 from Le Monde [quotidian] I’m citing:
00:40 “There’s too many arrivals by immigrants who shouldn’t be here; there’s a problem
00:44 with Islam, it’s true, because Islam asks for an acknowledged place; it wants
00:48 to assert itself as the religion of the Republic.” Does it surprise you,
00:51 coming from François Hollande? —He also says the future Marianne… —We’ll talk about it later.
00:56 …will be a veiled woman, well. —Not exactly, but we’ll talk about it later.
01:00 François Hollande is a part of the political generation
01:04 that accepted the conquest, the colonization.
01:08 And which has before its eyes now — because they have
01:12 as much intelligence as we do, and perhaps more, more no doubt —
01:16 which has before its eyes a France, where the French sometimes feel
01:20 like foreigners in their own country, with more and more numerous patches of territory…
01:24 Well we’ll talk about it, it’s all the demonstration…—Wait!
01:28 The more and more numerous populations that have separated and are separating themselves,
01:32 that live with their religion, with their customs,
01:36 with their ideals, with their heroes, who aren’t our heroes,
01:40 a people within the people. —Well, you anticipate a bit of the questions that I wanted to ask you.
01:45 but does it surprise you, coming from François Hollande, making such a confession?
01:49 Is it a taboo that he broke? —Well, I don’t know
01:53 what he wants to say, because he said the contrary a little earlier,
01:57 before; but what is certain:
02:01 this political generation,
02:05 Sarkozy, Hollande, since Giscard [d’Estaing] in fact,
02:09 for me they have blood on their hands —Well, that’s what
02:13 you wrote… —Because, for two reasons. First because
02:17 they disarmed the borders, and then, despite warnings,
02:21 warnings of the attacks, they kept the Schengen
02:25 rather than protect the French people. And second, because
02:29 they installed in the heart of our nation
02:33 a super-nation called the Ummah, meaning the community of believers of Islam
02:37 and now we are confronted with a counter-society,
02:41 the Islamic counter-society, that is of course causing serious problems.
02:45 —Your, accusations are very grave, but you’re saying that François Hollande is saying
02:49 “a veiled woman will be the Marianne of tomorrow.” It’s not exactly in the sense you said it,
02:53 and — no doubt — all the difference lies with you: what the president wants to say is,
02:57 that if the Republic manages to offer conditions
03:01 that allow those women who are veiled today to blossom, then she’ll free herself from the veil.
03:05 The Republic, in other words, says François Hollande,
03:09 has to help her to leave what he recognizes as being servitude.
03:13 “We need to extend a hand towards her” he says. Do you agree?
03:17 But I thought that Islam is incompatible with the Republic, incompatible with
03:21 French civilization, incompatible with equality, for example.
03:25 Equality between men and women.
03:29 incompatible with freedom, with freedom of changing one’s religion…
03:33 Should we extend a hand…? —…incompatible with fraternity, because in history…
03:37 Forbid the Shariah, in Islam, wait, in Islam fraternity stops inside the community of
03:41 the believers, meaning Muslims themselves, so… —You say that
03:46 as a religion, Islam as religion…—In Islam there are three key elements.
03:50 Alas, the politicians don’t read the Qur’an and
03:54 the sunnah. I did. There’s jihad, so that
03:58 all of humanity will submit to Allah.
04:02 There’s the Ummah, the famous community of believers, meaning
04:06 a nation that is superior to all other forms of nationalities. And there is the Shariah,
04:10 meaning the law, the law that is of divine origin.
04:14 The difference between the Republic and Islam is
04:18 that in the Republic it’s the representatives of the nation that make the laws,
04:22 and in Islam it’s God, it’s Allah who’s imposing his law.
04:26 So in your book you’re trying to demonstrate that France is Islamized.
04:30 Today the voice of the muezzin, Philippe de Villiers, isn’t reverberating in French villages.
04:34 We’ll therefore try to see and understand where your anxiety is coming from. For you there is,
04:38 you said it at the beginning, there are already patches of France, neighborhoods,
04:42 towns, that are Islamized. —I’m going to tell you why I am so anxious: it’s because —
04:46 No, but tell me, on that question: which ones? —Of course, but they’re everywhere, because…
04:50 I’m citing them. —Which ones? —But it’s not me who says it, it’s Mr Kanner, the minister,
04:54 the minister, when he said there are a hundred… —Kanner?
04:58 a hundred Molenbeeks, Viry-Châtillon, it’s what? [suburbs of Paris]
05:02 They called them “wildlings”, those aren’t “wildlings” they are savages, colonizers,
05:06 little colonizers, and who applied the principle
05:10 of the assassin of the police officers in Magnanville, who said
05:14 they have to start the “taff”, meaning the work of elimination; they will eliminate the kuffar,
05:18 and the kuffar, it’s first of all the police officers. —Is it possible to re-conquer
05:22 those neighborhoods, Philippe de Villiers, those are the stakes? —Yes, absolutely! —How?
05:26 Because if we’re following your scenario, and it’s a book of 300 pages,
05:31 and you are trying to demonstrate it, how long will the process of Islamization take?
05:35 Well, we are faced with a demographic conquest,
05:39 with a UN plan, applied by EurIslam, meaning a project of Europe,
05:43 applied by OECD [Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development]
05:47 in the service of large post-national companies, because the globalization
05:51 needs cheep labor, and this project, I unveil it in my book,
05:55 is what I’m calling “the secret project of the elites”, it’s called
05:59 the Migration of Replacement, that’s how it’s described.
06:03 And with the [unintelligible] I mean the acclimatizing
06:07 of France to Islam. This demographic conquest
06:11 is also an ideological conquest which
06:15 we don’t know how to stand up to today, because we refuse
06:19 the diagnosis. —Yes you make a list of the setbacks of the Republic, of Europe,
06:23 we will return to something very concrete, we talked about here,
06:27 you went back to the Christmas crèche story. When one reads your book, forbidding
06:31 Christmas crèches in the town hall or departments councils, means sucking up to jihadists!
06:35 What do you mean? —I mean that if we don’t defend our civilization,
06:39 our customs, our way of life, our vital heritage, nobody will do it for us.
06:43 Isn’t a bit of a short cut to say that…—A people —Yes, then…
06:47 Still about the Christmas crèches, I would like… —The state council is going to rule before
06:50 the end of the year, we said it… — I want to answer about the crèches. Either we have,
06:55 we choose a secularism
06:59 that is in accordance with our traditions,
07:03 and the Christian tradition is a tradition
07:07 of an old Christian land — it’s not, France isn’t the oldest daughter of Islam —
07:11 or we choose a secularism
07:15 that opens itself to a cosmic fraternity and that
07:19 wants to be a total neutrality, and in that case it’s
07:23 a secularism of the void and the void will be filled by the Islamists.
07:27 So you, I know that you will be awaiting impatiently the opinion of the state council
07:31 if they forbid crèches in this type of institution.
07:36 Moreover, to be more concrete, Gérald Darmanin, who is the campaign chief for Nicolas Sarkozy,
07:40 who knows Islam very well, is proposing
07:44 a concordat: redefine the rules to allow assimilation.
07:48 He’s looking for solutions, which your book is lacking, because you are diagnosing, but
07:52 how to overcome this difficulty,
07:56 true, sometimes, of living with Islam? —Well, I believe
08:00 you haven’t finished the book, but it’s normal, because you got it only recently,
08:04 because it’s the essential part of the book: I explain,
08:08 voilà, there are several solutions.
08:12 There aren’t a thousand solutions. There are those
08:16 among the Muslims who are on national territory and
08:20 don’t want to stay here, or despise us; those need to leave. —So…
08:24 but French Muslims… —and there are those who will be attracted… Muslims, we have to
08:29 deport them? They’re French, Philippe de Villiers! —Wait, wait, it’s not me who says that, it’s…
08:32 they are paper French … —But, I’m asking you… you need to be French in your heart. And I say,
08:37 I’m saying to… —They need to be deported to the land of their ancestors, when they are French?
08:40 — …and I’m saying to all the Muslims on French territory: you are in France,
08:44 so, you adopt France, you make her enter your heart.
08:48 This is why I am talking about a national novel
08:52 that would be a love novel, so that tomorrow every little French person
08:56 by origin or by desire, could enter life with imaginary luggage
09:00 that would embellish his dreams. —Philippe de Villiers, you said at the start of this interview:
09:04 Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande have blood on their hands. It’s a very serious accusation.
09:08 It’s extremely serious, but it’s the facts that are extremely serious,
09:12 because for years and years they refused
09:17 to see the reality, meaning to understand
09:21 that there is no possible compromise with Islam.
09:25 There are moderate Muslims; there’s no moderate Islam!
09:29 But blood on their hands is beyond just saying that they were possibly incompetent
09:33 concerning, for example, the protection of the borders; it’s beyond that.
09:37 —Well, listen, the attacks were caused by something. We let terrorists enter our country
09:41 together with the refugees. If we had closed the borders after the Bataclan,
09:45 we wouldn’t have… —But there are border controls again, since…
09:49 … Bataclan, when [Interior Minister] Bernard Cazeneuve…
09:53 But today the big doctrine is Schengen, they keep talking about Schengen,
09:57 which means that French border is protected by Greece.
10:01 It’s not serious. —Do you have a candidate for 2017 [for president] in one word?
10:05 No, I think that the election, alas, is an election for nothing, because in the evening
10:09 of the primaries the leading candidate on the right
10:13 and the leading candidate on the left will ally against Marine Le Pen.
10:17 Voilà , the alarm rang by Philippe de Villiers in this book: “Tomorrow, Will the Bells Still Toll?”
10:21 No possible compromise — with the moderate Muslims, yes, but not with Islam,
10:25 Philippe de Villiers just told us. The interview is on the site RTL.
Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Gates of Vienna


Philippe de Villiers:  I believe France will become an Islamic Republic
The following interview with Mr. de Villiers took place last fall. In it you’ll hear him discuss the Islamization of France and the coming destruction of Europe. It is his conclusion that France has already surrendered to Islamization, and the completion of the process is only a matter of time.
The interview is in three parts. After the final part is a full transcript.


Transcript video 1
0:00 The French political class was bought by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
0:04 Without a doubt? — As far as I’m concerned, no doubt.
0:08 Today we have no more right to talk about France. It is clear that they want to kill France,
0:12 because they say France is finished, it is a space in the cosmic market
0:16 — They make fun of France? — Yes. — They make fun of the French? — Yes, I am adamant:
0:21 They hate her. Because … France will become an Islamic republic …
0:25 In fact you go on the internet and you find everything about Bilderberg
0:28 and so on, Trilateral, I mean,
0:33 they are not conspiring! They have the power! Indeed Chirac,
0:37 Giscard (d’Estaing), Sarkozy, Hollande, to take four.
0:40 History — they don’t give a damn; history of France and world history.
0:45 Because these are marketing people, people of the moment.
0:50 — The history of France, they couldn’t care less, you say. Do they also not care about France?
0:54 Yes. — They couldn’t care less about France? — Yes.
0:57 They don’t care about the French, yes I am adamant.
1:00 They hate her. I’ll tell you, what they hate in her.
1:06 They hate Christianity.
1:10 Christian roots. Yes. That’s really it. You see?
1:14 Christian France is so present and so ancient,
1:21 and so it’s in its institutions, that it’s everywhere in the interstices,
1:26 including in Christmas crèches, we put into general council etc.
1:30 So it’s everywhere. You would have to eradicate all French literature and all the monuments,
1:36 for the stones to stop talking.
1:39 — A programmed Islamization of France?
1:43 Today we face two threats simultaneously:
1:50 The Americanization of the world, which is at the same time world’s commodification,
1:55 including the commodification of life. This is the venal body;
2:00 and the Islamization of the world.
2:05 Because France will become an Islamic republic,
2:10 for three reasons: the first is that Muslims are rediscovering the Koran
2:16 and the sunnah.
2:22 And so they come back to text.
2:26 In the text and in the history
2:33 the Islamic State is closer to the Koran than
2:37 the so-called moderate Muslims.
2:43 The Koran does not “moderate” you!
2:46 And in the Koran and in the Sunnah
2:51 the world is divided into two houses:
2:55 the house of Islam— Dar al-Islam —
2:58 and the house of war — Dar al-Harb.
3:03 The one who explained it best for me , the first one, for two and a half long hours
3:07 it was King Hassan II, who loved me very much and whom I loved.
3:10 In fact he said to me, “Oh I saw you on TV.
3:13 You are right about Maastricht. We are mare nostrum, [our sea, i.e. the Mediterranean].
3:17 It’s madness to take Europe to the north, because the more you pull to the north,
3:21 the more it will go west,
3:24 the more it will be Atlanticist. Because Anglo-Saxon Europe is Atlanticism.
3:28 It’s their tradition.” And then he told me:
3:32 “Do not believe for a moment that Moroccan Muslims
3:35 will become French Muslims!
3:40 No. Besides, I don’t want them to. I am the Emir of believers.
3:43 No. They belong to the Ummah.”
3:46 And he explained the Ummah, supra-nationality …
3:50 Not the super-, the supra-: there is only one nationality when one is Muslim.
3:54 “This is the Ummah. We belong to the community of believers.”
3:58 So detaching a Muslim from the community of believers is not easy.
4:01 Good. After that I met Magdi Allam, who was my neighbor in the European Parliament for five years.
4:09 He’s an Egyptian who converted to the Catholic faith.
4:15 and who was baptized by Pope Benedict XVI,
4:20 on one night in March 2008. There were four riflemen behind him for five years.
4:24 Four! Day and night . Four carabinieri. All right.
4:28 With guns at the ready, even in the bathroom.
4:32 And you know what happened? Everyone was turning their backs,
4:36 because we were… everyone was scared, actually. Because of him. And he told me:
4:39 “You know Philippe, the clash of civilizations I do not believe in it.”
4:42 I said: “Oh, really? Why?” “Because you’re going to roll over.”
4:45 So there was a fatwa on him. So I know what it is, someone who has a fatwa!
4:50 I’ve seen it, it was my friend, his name is Christiano in French, since he was baptized;
4:54 and he told me what Sharia was etc. He told me.
4:57 But a mosque is not a place of worship. It’s much more than that, of course!
5:00 So let’s not assimilate it with the Catho-centrism!
5:08 or a Catho-egocentrism, as if Islam were parallel to the Catholic faith.
5:15 It’s very different! And saying that, doesn’t mean criticizing Islam!
5:20 A mosque is not a church. Voilà!
5:23 Then after that I saw, ah, the famous Tariq Ramadan.
5:27 and I saw him, before me, exercising taqiyya.
5:32 The taqiyya this is actually the duty of Muslims to dissimulate the truth,
5:38 when they are a minority. Voilà!
5:43 And so we had a brief exchange before: at make-up and at the make-up removal.
5:47 and I said to him: “This is taqiyya.” Because he said the opposite of what he wrote, see?
5:51 But this is not a problem with respect to the Koran,
5:54 if you are a minority … voilà.
6:00 So the three reasons why I believe that France will become an Islamic republic:
6:06 The first reason is that it is the project of Islam;
6:10 That is to say that Islam is a peaceful religion AFTER the conquest, always!… not BEFORE!
6:18 — So it will obviously happen with the support of French politicians?
6:24 So the second reason is, that there is the fertility differential.
6:27 John Hume [ Northern Ireland Labour politician] said, speaking of Braudel [Fernand Braudel, historian],
6:31 he said: “You know, Braudel and I always thought that there’s only one thing that counts
6:35 in history, and it is the demographic waterline.” Voilà.
6:39 Here, in fact, they’re using demographic weapon.
6:43 I don’t remember who said one time,
6:46 and also Annie Laurent [French journalist and writer]. “Childbirth is the jihad of women”.
6:51 And then thirdly the spirit of dhimmitude:
6:55 making sure that we would have dhimmis here, yes, already!
6:58 So: we must explain that the dhimmis are semi-citizens.
7:01 There are Jews and Christians who are in the land of Islam
7:04 and who do not have civil rights and they pay a tax and are humiliated;
7:08 and they live like that. Yes. In order to survive. Voilà.
7:12 And so in fact, when I see Juppé [French politician]
7:15 for me, he’s not only physically incarnating a tax, but this guy,
7:19 he embodies the dhimmitude. When he said that scarves on buses, it’s fine with him, etc.,
7:24 halal menu and so on, anyway…
7:27 And one day he said: “I never read the Koran.”
7:32 So a French politician today,
7:35 with six or ten million Muslims, and who doesn’t read the Koran, is a fool!
7:40 Actually, what they want, is the Great Replacement [of people].

  Transcript video 2
7:44 This Islamization of the country, Philippe de Villiers,
7:47 isn’t it wanted and programmed by the French elites?
7:52 It is wanted. It is intended by the French elites.
7:55 The French political class was bought by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
8:00 No doubt about it? — For me, no doubt.
8:04 This would be a topic, but there’s no time.
8:07 Otherwise we have no time to address your questions.
8:10 Yes, this is obvious. Yes. France no longer belongs to itself, is no longer independent.
8:14 The French ruling class is a class of subjects and dhimmis.
8:20 It is subject to America with NATO,
8:26 and tomorrow, to an economic NATO, with a future transatlantic treaty.
8:30 And so we were lied to, when we were told about “Europe-power” in Maastricht.
8:34 There is no “Europe-power”. The European power is America: the fifty-first star on the American flag,
8:39 and they [the French politicians] are a class of dhimmis, in fact they are collaborators.
8:44 [When Philippe de Villiers assists unwittingly … in a meeting of the Trilateral Commission in the European Parliament]
8:51 So first, actually, why I’m here, at the European Parliament, that day? Because I’m a candidate
8:58 [unintelligible], I must sign in, and I do not have my quota of days, so with one of my friends,
9:05 named Christophe Baudouin, who is a great friend,
9:08 who is a great thinker on sovereignist Europe,
9:13 we go there and we arrive in the VIP Lounge of the European Parliament.
9:18 I have nothing to do there, but, with my starry badge, I get in
9:23 and I find myself in a room full of bow ties and tuxedos.
9:27 I meet a lot of familiar faces, but also many unknown ones.
9:32 I meet… I see… I recognize Kissinger, for example
9:36 Brzezinski; So there are many Americans.
9:41 and then there’s the famous Sutherland, Goldman Sachs,
9:44 [Peter Sutherland, the UN representative for migration, wants the nations to abandon all sovereignty.]
9:47 and then there’s Anne Lauvergeon [French businesswoman, aka “Atomic Anne”],
9:50 there’s obviously the inevitable Jean-Claude Trichet [2003-2011 president of the ECB],
9:55 responsible for his apostolic mission of the Euro-bliss,
10:00 some journalists, and the big bankers, big business leaders…
10:05 no, not business leaders, I’m sorry: top managers,
10:09 and then Eurocrats, UN people, etc.
10:14 — There’s what, three-four hundred people? — 400 people
10:17 — You are in this room, to begin with, they don’t escort you out?
10:21 — … because you’re not invited? — No, but I entered with my badge,
10:25 and I am spotted at some point by Barroso [President of the European Commission, 2004-2014],
10:29 but he doesn’t dare! Because he doesn’t know exactly where he’s setting foot. He’s thinking to himself,
10:35 “What is HE doing here?” but at the same time, well, anyway… — But he doesn’t do anything? No, he doesn’t!
10:38 And I hear the speeches. And in fact, listen to me, at the beginning I did not know this is the Trilateral.
10:43 [Opaque Powers of the Trilateral. Executives of multinationals, governments of rich countries and supporters of economic liberalism quickly understood that they had to work together if they wanted to impose their worldview. By July 1973, in a then “bipolar” world, David Rockefeller launches the Trilateral Commission, which will mark the starting point of modern ideological war. Less publicized than the Davos forum, it is still very active, through a network of influences with multiple ramifications.]
10:44 And this is what I hear:
10:47 first, it’s the ideal of the fusion of economics and politics
10:53 Unbelievable! All right. Arrow on politics. No more politics!
10:59 Politics is what prevents societies from being happy. — That’s what you hear?
11:06 It’s time to become consumers! Second, the need to merge the two liberalisms:
11:09 economic and societal; and there they speak about the progress of gay marriage.
11:13 In the entire world. Bosses! Managers!
11:17 From large companies? — People who make the economy!
11:20 But, you see? They don’t forget that! All right.
11:23 Don’t forget that the European Parliament invited Conchita Wurst [transgender singing star]
11:25 [Philippe de Villiers, a former secretary of state, former MEP, author of “The time has come to say what I saw” Éditions Albin Michel]
11:29 The man became … the bearded lady, etc., yes,
11:32 UN also, etc. And then they talk
11:36 about the need for preparing public opinion
11:40 for what would be called Trans-Oceania.
11:44 So I realized later that it was the famous Transatlantic Treaty,
11:50 which will make Europe an appendix market to the US market,
11:54 with the end of borders and customs,
11:58 The end of the controlled labels; and the Arbitral Tribunal
12:01 which they talked about on that day, as of 2007!
12:04 An Arbitral Tribunal allowing large non-national companies
12:10 to sue countries, to claim reparations, meaning
12:15 a private Arbitral Tribunal, above all public powers.
12:20 And that’s what’s being put in place. Who’s talking about it?!
12:24 So therefore there … then, there is the Bilderberger Group, born earlier,
12:29 in fact in 1964, and is a kind of vanguard,
12:35 where they are fewer, but equally offensive.
12:41 And then there is one thing that surprised me: one day I learn that Francois Fillon [PM 2007-2012],
12:47 French Prime Minister, and Alain Juppé, one year later, were approved
12:51 by the Bilderberg group. And when I asked Fillon: “How can you go to something like that?”
12:55 He said: “What do you want? They are the ones who govern us!”
13:00 Francois Fillon told you that? — Yes. The nice Fillon.
13:05 So yes, voilà! All right! Later I found out, in fact the European Parliament, much later —
13:12 because I’ve never been into this conspiracy stuff etc. —
13:18 and in fact, on the internet you have everything on Bilderberg, the Trilateral;
13:24 therefore, I say, they’re not conspiring: they have the power!
13:28 Voilà! And so you have the national political class
13:31 And above it, the invisible super-class,
13:35 whom the national political class obeys. Voilà.
13:39 And what you have to understand, is that it all started in 1968,
13:43 in May 1968, with the birth of “boboisme”. “Bobo” is a hybrid
13:48 that inherits from America a new economic and social model.
13:51 And societal, sorry, no limits, no boundaries.
13:56 Libertarian capitalism. And actually libertarian capitalism
14:03 prefers homosexuals over heterosexuals —
14:08 from the slogan “double income, no kid.”
14:13 Dual income, no kids, and starting in the 1970s, which was explained to me by
14:18 Cohn-Bendit [French-German communist] — This is what you say… — my neighbor in the European Parliament,
14:24 who was also at the center of the mysticism, symbolically,
14:29 emblematically, the center of gravity of the European Parliament;
14:34 True, he wasn’t denying it, the boboiste is the bourgeois-bohemian [like yuppies, lefties].
14:39 Actually, it is the alliance of liberal and libertarian,
14:46 meaning, the idea that the big companies
14:52 need new markets, new appetites, new clients;
14:55 so we need to transform the world into a planetary mass market
14:59 and transform the citizens into compulsive consumers.
15:03 And by the way: the political class ended up being swallowed up by the supermarkets
15:07 by the supermarket; I mean, I remember a socialist from marketing,
15:12 who was saying, in front of me, to Michel Noir [French pol], who was preparing “the moment of truth” [TV show]
15:17 “You have to be like a yogurt from the supermarket: a creamy heart, and the bottom close to cover!”
15:21 And the guy says: “Good, ah, yes, OK!” I mean, they actually asked a politician to be a yogurt, you see,
15:27 with the expiration date, bonus or reward points etc.
15:30 So, consumerism has brought hedonism,
15:35 and political hedonism took politics away from the people, voilà!
15:41 That’s where we are today.
15:45 So therefore the media system in fact, isn’t at all, not in the slightest,
15:48 a communication system; so if that’s your question, I will answer you:
15:51 This is a selection system; as you keep coming across lies,
15:56 You must understand that, and I address myself to your viewers,
16:00 as you keep coming across lies, you end up feeling contaminated
16:06 in people’s eyes; and you end up with a wounded soul.
16:12 At the end you are a kind of ambulatory lie by omission.

  Transcript video 3
16:18 François Hollande, “a plant without soil…”
16:25 He does what he can with the resources he has.
16:28 He’s an “énarque” [a graduate of the École Nationale d’Administration]
16:32 The ENA produces social engineers.
16:36 He passed the test, he succeeded.
16:41 He never learned anything anywhere. He really is a plant without soil.
16:48 I often feel sorry for him, because he has to realize that he’s overwhelmed.
16:54 You are saying it with a mixture of sadness and affection.
16:58 Yes. It must be very hard.
17:03 And at the same time he should have the courage to say to the country:
17:08 “I can’t.” — To conclude, Philippe de Villiers, you were saying before
17:13 that the Islamization of France would happen,
17:16 that Islam would come to power.
17:19 How you see things turning around?
17:23 If Islam were to come to power, is there any glimpse of hope after that?
17:27 Well, I will answer you, but first I need to say this,
17:31 because when I confide things like that, there’s always this lady, in the room, who stands up and says:
17:36 “Ah, it’s all very pessimistic! We really need hope!…”
17:41 I say “Come on! If we were in 1938,
17:45 I was told how it was, right? Well, we need hope, all right,
17:49 but there is Hitler, there’s all that!” So there you can see very well
17:55 what’s going on in the world. OK.
17:58 I observed the Manif for All.[French rallies against gay marriage in 2013] I have seen young people.
18:01 I saw their faces. I thought to myself “They are not the same!”
18:05 There are starting to understand that you can be in the right even if you’re in the minority.
18:11 Soon they’ll understand that we must fight
18:16 in the name of natural law and the survival of our country,
18:20 fight by becoming conscientious objectors.
18:24 we must revolt, we must become the resistance.
18:29 And this is where the conversation, which marked me so much, takes place.
18:33 With Alexander Solzhenitsyn, we’re in Tambov, we’re walking.
18:36 Suddenly he stops and says: “We, we will recover, [Eastern Europe and Russia] but you [the West], you’ll slip
18:39 into a deep abyss, because you have the disease of emptiness. You will experience an eclipse of intelligence.
18:45 You are at the last stage, the final stage of spiritual exhaustion.
18:50 And one day, fireflies will come out of that great catacomb,
18:54 carried by dissidents.” — The dissidents? I answered.
19:00 “Yes, the dissidents. Let me explain who the ‘dissidents’ are.
19:04 Dissident is like the ‘refuseniks’, [refused permission to emigrate from the USSR], under the cape,
19:08 they have samizdat, criticizing the Soviet system
19:11 they go to jail, the gulag,
19:15 and at some point, the prisons are too small.
19:19 and they save the honor and freedom of Russia.
19:23 Well, I’m telling you, today dissidents are in the East,
19:27 they will move to the West. “
19:30 I contemplated this sentence, and one day
19:33 I said: — “I am writing this book!”
19:36 Because I cited this sentence to a friend, a very close one,
19:40 I said, voilà, Solzhenitsyn told me: “Dissidents are in the East, they will move to the West”
19:44 he said: — “You must write this book!”
19:47 So what does that mean?
19:50 Two things: the dissidents, they will emerge,
19:54 out of the water, because they have two unique qualities:
19:59 the first is courage, and the second is lucidity.
20:05 The courage: they’ll dare to cross the hygienic perimeter:
20:10 forbidden words. At the risk of prison.
20:14 They’ll go to jail. But the prisons are too small.
20:19 Because they [the dissidents] will give such an example of so much strength
20:22 that everyone will want to go to jail:
20:25 to help them, to support them, to associate with their courage.
20:29 And the second thing, the second original quality is lucidity.
20:35 I say in my book, voilà, I saw politicians,
20:40 the globalized elites, tearing down the load-bearing walls.
20:44 It will be therefore necessary to rebuild the load-bearing walls: this is what the dissidents will do.
20:47 Load-bearing walls, it’s simple.
20:50 This is: 1. The sanctity of life,
20:53 2. Affiliation as a benchmark,
20:58 3. The nation as heritage, 4. The border as anchorage,
21:02 5. And there would be the French language as the window to the world.
21:05 Voilà. So Lenin, that Solzhenitsyn quoted often.
21:13 gave us the method. “Give me 1,000 men,” he said
21:18 So me, if I have a thousand readers,
21:21 Among the hundred thousand or two hundred thousand
21:24 who understand this book and use it as their handy guide,
21:29 a kind of indicator to go out into the light, I will have accomplished my mission.
21:35 Voilà. And as you could see, I hope.
21:39 There is no malice in what I said about politicians;
21:43 Rather, I have compassion for them.
21:50 First, because most of them are illiterate;
21:59 illiterate concerning France, even if they are highly educated,
22:05 and secondly, because it’s the system
22:08 that had placed in their chest a stone instead of a heart.


Imperfect as he is, Donald Trump is the only alternative to globalist Hillary Clinton, who will bring in millions of Muslims to the USA, and open the country's borders wide open. 



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