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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Saturday, August 27, 2016

BERLIN A FAILED CITY says German national newspaper - VIDEO: LIVING IN MULTICULTURAL GERMANY as Merkel's government warns citizens to stockpile emergency supplies and prepare for catastrophe - VIDEO: Intolerable Muslim violence in German schools

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FOR DECADES GERMANY and other European countries have been generously funding Muslim Palestinian insurrection, racism, and terror in ISRAEL - under the guise of "humanitarianism". 
POETIC JUSTICE:  Now it's time for Germans to experience personally some of the fear and terror that Israeli Jews have been enduring for so long.  
The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 ended decades of tensions in Germany during the Cold War
 November 9, 1989 - A time of hope.  Germany squandered the last opportunity to remake itself into a prosperous, democratic, peaceful state, by importing millions of intolerant Muslim migrants who hate Europeans and their values.
In only a handful of years Germans have plunged from a mood of optimism and prosperity into a state where they can already see the end of the German nation. 
MUST WATCH VIDEO - Merkel's Migrant Crisis One Year on - The horrors after only ONE YEAR of Merkel's Open Borders - Will Germany survive? -
Must watch because what it's happening in Europe,
is beginning to happen in America
Back in 2014, before the explosion of Merkel's migrant invasion, before the epidemic of rapes by migrants, before acts of Muslim terror against the population, Die Welt, one of the top newspapers in Germany, called Berlin a "failed city". 
Things have gone from bad to worst since then, not only for Berlin but for the rest of Germany.  If history teaches us anything is: Beware of unhappy Germans, they are capable of anything to try to put things right again.
And even the German government has recently warned citizens to stock pile food, water, money, medicine "in case of attack or catastrophe" -  meaning both a major terror attack when people have to hunker down in their homes, or outright civil war.  Another reason, some observers note, could be the instability of major German banks.  A crisis could prevent people from accessing their accounts.

Merkel and the Flag
The German Flag Strikes Back
The following is an article by The Local - Germany.  As with most German media, it tiptoes around the big gorilla in the room:  the out-of-control Muslim migration that has resulted in rising welfare costs, and extra billions in police costs to try to control the Muslim wave of criminality and terror.
Muslims have brought back open and virulent anti-Semitism.  Jews are fleeing Germany once again, fearing for their lives.   Authorities look the other way.
Muslim migrants have not become Germans.  Not even third generation Turks have become true Germans.  Their loyalties are with Turkey and with Islam, and they say so openly. 
Weeks ago thousands of Turks waiving huge Turkish flags demonstrated all over Germany in support of tyrannical president Tayyip Erdogan who, since attaining power, has endeavored crush the opposition.  He has actively eroded the secular nature of that country to replace it with Sharia law and dreams of a Caliphate. 
This is what Turks, most of them with a German education, love.  Not democracy, not secularism, not equal rights for all.  They want an Islamic dictatorship in Turkey.   Recently arrived Muslims from other areas of the Middle East are even more radical, and that's why jihad thrives in Germany.
Turks living in Germany did not have the privilege of citizenship until rather recently, so they tended to behave themselves.   This has changed now, and Muslims in Germany are engaging in an orgy of lawlessness and violence.   No German is safe anymore.
Muslims in Germany, and in much of Europe, are not equal to others.  They are more equal than others and have become a government-protected and privileged class. 
They enjoy privileges that indigenous Europeans don't.  They can engage in crime and receive at most a slap on the wrist.  They express racial hatred, particularly a virulent type of antisemitism, and that too is tolerated.  And they get benefits that are denied to white Europeans.  Most of them live on generous welfare payments. 
Some of them can't resist supplementing those payments with criminal activities.  Why not, since police turns a blind eye to Muslim crime.  Most criminal gangs in Germany are now Muslim.

ARAB CLANS NOW IN CHARGE OF BERLIN CRIMINAL UNDERWORLD SAYS REPORT, while North Africans turn BERLIN's Kreutzberg Kottbusser Tor into a NO-GO ZONE filled with crime 
Die Welt:  Berlin Now a Failed City.
By Max Bringmann and Verity Middleton, The Local
BERLIN is struggling with poverty, unemployment, poor infrastructure, a floundering education system, debt, and the refugee crisis and crime.  Its chronic problems led national newspaper Die Welt to label it a “failed state” in 2014. Here are a few reasons why Berlin has earned this uncomfortable moniker.
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Cultural enrichment in Berlin
Cars are routinely set on fire, to express a political point

(1)   In comparison to Germany as a whole, Berlin is swimming in debt.
While debt is increasing in other Bundesländer - with Hamburg's debt rising from €26 billion in 2014 to €26.7 billion in 2015 - it is decreasing in Berlin, with the capital's debt dropping from €59.8 billion in 2014 to €59.2 billion in 2015.
Despite this, Berlin's debt still overshadows that of other states, towering above Bavaria's €36.9 billion.
While capitals are often the economic power houses of their respective countries, Berlin is heavily reliant on the rest of the Bundesrepublik. In fact, it is the only European capital which is a drain on its country's overall economy, a study by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research demonstrated.
Germany has a system of fiscal equalisation which tries to eliminate financial inequalities between states. Berlin is the largest recipient of payments, receiving over €3.6 million last year. By contrast, Bavaria is the biggest contributor to the scheme, providing over €5.4 million.
(2) Berlin’s crime rate is higher than in all the other German states.
(Please bear in mind that the government has instructed police AND THE MEDIA to cover up crimes perpetrated by Muslims.   This was exposed by whistleblowers.  The actual number of crimes, particularly rapes, is vastly underreported by police.  Blogger.)

GERMAN GOVERNMENT'S SINISTER PLAN TO COVER UP MIGRANT RAPES - Minister told police to remove word "RAPE" from Muslim migrants crime reports - If governments are the first to break the law, what can we expect from criminals?

In 2015, Berlin experienced the highest crime rate of all the Bundesländer, according to the Federal Interior Ministry’s crime statistics.
The capital reported 16,414 cases per 100,000 people, above Hamburg’s 13,839, Bremen’s 13,784, Saxony’s 8,893, and the national average of 7,797.
Berlin’s overall crime rate increased by 4.9 percent between 2014 and 2015.
During this period, while murder and manslaughter decreased by 14.5 percent and robbery fell by 5.1 percent, shop theft increased by 14 percent, bag theft rose by 25.8 percent and basement break-ins increased by 34.6 percent, police crime statistics for the capital showed.
(3) Unemployment and poverty are very real issues.
In 2015, the capital had the second-highest unemployment rate of all the German states, with 10.7 percent of the working-age population jobless, while the overall national rate was 6.4 percent. In Hamburg the rate was 7.4 percent of Hamburgers and in Bavaria it was 3.6 percent.

While only 4.3 percent of people in Baden-Württemberg and 3.6 percent of people in Bavaria receive Hartz IV welfare benefits, 16.4 percent of Berliners receive this funding.
6 reasons why Berlin is now known as 'the failed city'
But not only that: 20 percent of Berliners are classified as "in danger of poverty" (receiving less than 60 percent of the median national income for private households), compared to Bavaria’s 11.5 percent and Baden-Württemberg’s 11.4 percent.
A Berlin branch of the Catholic welfare organisation Caritas e.V. reported that between 2014 and 2015, the number of treatments given to homeless people and people without insurance increased by a third at their local treatment centre.
And those who aren't sleeping on the streets of the capital still earn less than people in many other German states.
In 2014, the disposable income in private households per inhabitant was €18,594 in Berlin, in comparison to Bavaria’s €23,080 and Hamburg’s €23,596.
(4)  The capital has the worst education system in the Bundesrepublik.
(Again, the politically correct German media fails to point out that the educational system is overwhelmed by the number of migrant students who, even when they master the German language, lack the discipline to do the work necessary to compete with German students.  See how The Local focuses on statistics, while avoiding the fact that a large percentage of students are migrants.  Germans almost stopped having children long ago. 
Worse, brutal violence by migrant students against other students and teachers is now a crisis.  Watch the following excellent short video as it exposes extreme violence in multicultural German schools.  Some of the kids look Europeans, but are most likely Muslim Albanians. 
No German child can learn in a climate of fear.   No migrant child can learn without showing a minimum of respect.  No teacher can give his best when he fears for his life if he dares to discipline Muslim children.  It's a desperate situation.  - Blogger.)
One of the reasons behind the city's plight may just be its poor education system.  Berlin's education system trailed in last place in the Bildungsmonitor 2016, an analysis by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research for the think tank New Social Market Economy Foundation.  Saxony and Thuringia took the top spots in the survey.
In 2014, the dropout rate in Berlin schools was 8.1 percent compared to the national average of 5.5 percent, and 39.7 percent of students did not complete their vocational training compared to the national average of 27.7 percent, the survey demonstrates.
(5)  Berlin is struggling to provide adequate care for refugees.
At the height of the refugee crisis last year, 500 asylum seekers were arriving daily at the capital’s main registration centre, known as LaGeSo, but only 200 could be given an appointment on a given day, an employee told the Berliner Zeitung last December.
“Our leadership is completely overwhelmed”, the employee said.  “The files we’ve put on hold are mounting up in boxes. We store them in several rooms. There is no system to it, which is why we have come up with a job called 'the seeker' - someone whose only task is to find the necessary file,” said another.
Refugees have queued outside LaGeSo in temperatures as high as nearly 40C and as low as -8C in recent years.
Antje Kapek, leader of the Green Party in Berlin, talking to the city parliament in June described the situation as “disgraceful”.
(The sixth point listed by The Local is rather bewildering.  With all the signs of social and cultural disintegration, this magazine chooses to focus on failure to complete the building of an airport.   Blogger.)
(6)  Six years behind schedule, the airport still hasn’t been opened.

Berlin is hardly unique in Germany when it comes to embarrassing mega projects. Anyone acquainted with Stuttgart's underground central station or Hamburg's new concert hall knows that cliches about German efficiency hold little water.
But there is something spectacular about how Berlin has failed to open the Berlin-Brandenburg airport. Its launch has been postponed repeatedly since 2011 due to planning failures and amid corruption accusations. Few people believe the city's claim that it will open next year.
Upon his resignation in 2014, former mayor Klaus Wowereit described the fiasco as the biggest failure of his 13-year term in office.
The original projected costs of the airport have more than doubled. By 2017, some estimate the taxpayer will have forked out over €5 billion for it.
To pick just the most recent of years of negative headlines, this week a former senior employee admitted to taking €150,000 in bribes from a subcontractor.


German Government Urges Citizens To Stockpile Food, Water
"In Case Of Attack Or Catastrophe"

JULY 2016 - Shocking List
A Month of Multicultural Rapes and Crime in Germany 
Compiled by Soeren Kern, for the Gatestone Institute


ARAB CLANS NOW IN CHARGE OF BERLIN CRIMINAL UNDERWORLD SAYS REPORT, while North Africans turn BERLIN's Kreutzberg Kottbusser Tor into a NO-GO ZONE filled with crime


Silvester-Bilanz: Hunderte Täter, 118 Anzeigen, 0 Verdächtige
GERMAN GOVERNMENT'S SINISTER PLAN TO COVER UP MIGRANT RAPES - Minister told police to remove word "RAPE" from Muslim migrants crime reports.  - If governments are the first to break the law, what can we expect from criminals?

Europe’s Muslim rape epidemic: ‘Cologne is every day



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