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Sunday, May 15, 2016


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Exposed: Investigation materials of Israeli police officer Ben Deri now beginning trial for allegedly killing an Arab rioter in 2014 Nakba Day prison assault. 
Nakba Day riots at Ofer Prison, May 15, 2014
In the incident of May 15, 2014, at least 150 other Arab rioters besieged Ofer Prison and hurled rocks, firebombs and burning tires, in an apparent bid to break terrorists out of jail. Officers used rubber bullets and tear gas to keep them at bay.  Two Arabs were shot and killed, in still unclear circumstances. 
  • May 15, 2014 - It was just another day, another Arab riot in Israel. But on Nakba Day in 2014 two Arabs were killed.  The circumstances of their deaths are suspect.
  • Nabka Day is an Arab commemoration of the date when Arab armies invaded Israel but failed to destroy the country and massacre the Jews.  To Arabs that is still regarded as a "catastrophe".
  • Videos show Arabs carrying their bodies away, but there is no visual evidence of blood on the ground. 
  • Was this initially a typical Pallywood operation that led to sinister developments after the 'victims'  had left the scene? 
  • Pallywood is the word denoting recurrent staged Arab victimhood operations played for the media.  (See article on Pallywood further on this page.)
VIDEO - This is Pallywood:

  • When were the two Arabs involved in the riot outside the prison actually killed, and by whom? 
  • Autopsy (by Arab authorities) of one of the bodies shows no wrongdoing on the part of Israeli police, and led to exoneration of the accused. 
  • Officer Ben Deri has consistently asserted that only rubber bullets were used, and that half of the investigation confirmed it. 
  • Now leaked investigation materials reveal once more how Israeli authorities go out of their way to condemn police or IDF suspected of killing or injuring an Arab.
  • It is different when this happens in the process of stopping an Arab from murdering a Jew.  Several Arabs have been shot dead while stabbing Jewish men, women and children. 
  • But when an Arab is killed in a confrontation with Israeli police or soldiers, government orders are to refrain from killing or injuring Arabs even if they have to put their own lives at risk to do so.
  • The details on how this judicial procedure is being carried out in cases when an Arab death or serious injury happens during a confrontation are disturbing, involving extreme pressure, sometimes aiming at forcing false confessions on the part of the forces of order.
  • Extreme interrogation procedures, allegedly involving torture, have been revealed by Jewish teenagers arrested on suspicion of vandalism against Arabs - or of simply having a nationalist ideology.  
  • Jewish teens can be held in custody indefinitely (administrative detention), with no access to lawyers, and subject to harsh interrogations.  One of them was recently rushed to hospital after collapsing during interrogation.
  • The way accused military and police officers are treated by authorities is meant to induce demoralization and self-doubt among those whose responsibility is to fight terror.  Just another way of weakening the country. 
  • Although the political left is a small minority in Israel, it has enormous clout in the media and the Supreme Court (that selects its judges , all from a pool of extreme leftist candidates). 
  • Politicians too implement left-leaning policies.  It is a long-running joke how voters elect right wing politicians, only to see them turn leftist once in power.
  • Those same politicians appoint left-wing administrators and top commanders in the IDF - so that the whole country is under the control of the leftist minority.
  • In the case of officer Ben Deri, two years later the investigation continues on the second killing.
VIDEO - Useful Idiots for Palestine - Pat Condell

Continue reading about the Nakba killings and watch CCTV video of the incident, where the shooting victims apparently do not bleed

Arutz Sheva, Israel National News, reports:  Investigation materials from the case of Ben Deri, a Border Police officer accused of manslaughter in the death of a Palestinian rioter during Nakba Day riots exactly two years ago on May 15, 2014, were revealed on Sunday and expose what the officer has undergone 
The materials were published by Walla in time for Nakba Day; Nakba, meaning "catastrophe" in Arabic, is a term used by the Palestinians to lament how the Arab armies failed to destroy the nascent state of Israel in 1948 and slaughter its civilians.  
May 15 is an annual day of protests against Israel's very existence.
An indictment was submitted against Deri in November 2014 accusing him of killing Nadim Nuwara (17), and the hearings on his case are to continue next week. 
Mohammed Abu Taher (22) was also killed in the same riots, but recently it was decided to close the investigation into his death as the evidence clearly showed no wrongdoing. 
An autopsy (by Arab authorities) on the two was held in Ramallah (Palestinian Authority government center), after which military police conducted an investigation with the case later passed to Judea and Samaria district police.
In the incident back on May 15, 2014, Nuwara died in Bitunia to Jerusalem's north while taking part in a violent attack with at least 150 other Arab rioters besieging Ofer Prison and hurling rocks, firebombs and burning tires, in an apparent bid to break terrorists out of jail.
Officers used rubber bullets and tear gas to keep them at bay.
Deri's trial remains in the stage of presenting evidence, with the trial extending so long due to the complicated investigation. He was arrested in November 2014, half-a-year after the incident.
"They think they caught some Nazi"
The materials from the investigation revealed by Walla! News (Arab website) show that Deri, who was 20 at the time of the incident, was angry at being tried for his activities to defend the state.
Police likewise recorded his phone calls with his comrades to try and divulge a backhanded admission from him.
In investigation, he said, "an injustice has been done to me, this has gone out of proportions."
"I know I didn't shoot with live ammunition, I don't believe that I'm here. I'm like any soldier who contributes to the state, I've been through life-threatening danger in my military service from Palestinians."
A phone conversation from November 2014 between Deri and another Border Police officer who was investigated with him was revealed along with the rest of the materials.

Palestinian youth are brainwashed since early childhood
to hate and kill Jews.  Countless young lives have been lost on both sides
due to this Muslim indoctrination of hate.
The Arabs don't mind dying because - according to the Koran - they have been promised
paradise with 72 virgins for their eternal enjoyment.
Deri's comrade said of the investigator: "He thinks that he is investigating war criminals, that he caught some Nazi. ...We didn't take bribes, we didn't do...all (we did) was an operational mission, and you ask yourself, is this what I deserve? What a country, what a world."
In response, Deri said, "I'm not hurting for myself, I'm hurting for my parents who have to go through this again," in reference to his brother who was arrested in the past. He added, "I don't believe that I'm here."
In another conversation secretly recorded by police later the same day, after the investigators began investigating another combat soldier who was at the incident, Deri's commander spoke with him.
"We're in the same s*** in the end. You look back, you say, how much you gave of yourself, and you initiated and you went out...(all for) nothing, you see treatment like...," said the commander, at which point Deri interjected, "it's not worth a damn thing."
Security camera footage raises questions
The investigation materials also included CNN footage recorded during the riot, as well as security camera footage, and an (Arab) autopsy report indicating Nuwara was killed by Deri's weapon.
However, the state expert in the ballistics investigation of the incident found two possible angles for the lethal gunfire - one from where Deri and his comrades were stationed, and one from another location further away.
Regarding the security camera footage, an investigation of them raises great question marks as to what actually occurred.
The CCTV footage of the riot was released by blogger Elder of Ziyon (see article and photos further down on this page) showing the two Arabs who died in the riots falling - but not a drop of blood was left behind, despite the claims that they were shot by bullets that went through their bodies. In both cases the collapsed rioters were removed, and left behind perfectly clean pavement.
Palestinians shot by Israelis don't bleed
"We were in life-threatening danger"
In investigation back in November 2014, Deri argued his innocence.
"I don't understand why I'm here at all," he said. "I carried out my role as well as possible, I acted according to the regulations and I worked under an officer."
He noted that at the location he was stationed at there were two other Border Police officers, as well as a soldier from the IDF Spokesperson Unit who documented the event and asked to try shooting one of the rubber bullets being fired at the rioters.
"He fired just one rubber bullet, not at the protesters but rather at the wall in front of the 'porch,'" he said, referring to where they were stationed.
Deri denied that he fired live bullets at the protesters, even when presented with the (Arab) autopsy reports that claimed he fired live ammunition.
"As far as I'm concerned it didn't come from my weapon. I didn't fire live (ammo). Within me I'm certain I didn't fire live."
In his investigation in May 2014, he confirmed that he fired several rubber bullets during the riots, but argued that he checked each time that he had loaded rubber bullets and not live ammunition.
Deri also described the imminent danger presented by the hundreds of rioters, saying, "as far as we were concerned a firebomb is life-threatening danger, and that day firebombs were thrown at the force I was part of on the 'porch.'"
"Some of the firebombs reached the 'porch' and caught fire mere meters from the force."
Emotional phone call with his parents
How investigators try to break the accused.
The investigators also recorded a conversation between Deri and his concerned parents on November 11, 2014, and a transcription of the talk was revealed by Channel 10.
"I can't take these investigations anymore," an emotionally worn Deri can be heard saying, to which his father replied, "hold on."
"I can't. It's being made complicated. And that's it, it looks as if I'm guilty," he said.
"Leave it, it's okay, it will pass," his father said, trying to encourage him. "A day or two and it will pass for you. Hold on."
The young officer reiterated that he was reaching the end of his strength due to the intense interrogations, and his mother advised him to exercise his right to stay silent, at which he said, "they're showing me here videos, and it all looks as if it was me, as if I shot."
"Okay, so they're showing. They show you what they want to see," said his father, and his mother added, "they want to accuse you by force."
When asked by his father if he's eaten, Deri replied that he has no appetite, at which his mother told him to eat and drink so as not to collapse.
"What?," replied an emotionally tense Deri, who could then be heard crying on the line. "What will I do, what? What, I'll sit in jail now? They say that I'm suspected of murder."
"Ignore them, tell them that they're murderers and not you. Because you are defending the state, and this is the 'thank you very much' that you're getting," his mother said.
Investigation report exhonerating Deri refused by Supreme Court
Through his lawyer Tzion Amir, Deri asked to receive the military investigation conducted by the Binyamin Brigade Commander mere hours after the incident.
The request reached the Supreme Court where it was rejected by Judge Yitzhak Amit, who said that the eight-page report "includes relevant details to the incident, but they are well known to the appellant, and they appear in the investigation material."
Judge Amit added that "it is known that the conclusions of the investigation are that live ammunition was not used," noting how it supports Deri's case.
In his decision, given in December 2014, Amit noted that another investigation by the company commander also exists, but said the two were conducted before the autopsy that claimed the bullet that killed the rioter was shot from Deri's gun.
Deri's lawyer Amir said, "an investigation of the evidence materials does not remove the doubts and the serious question marks in the case."
"Precisely the failures of the investigation - actions that the authorities were expected to conduct and they did not - knock the legs out from under the indictment," he added, slamming the convoluted autopsy process.

A legal organization that defends Jews from Israeli police ILLEGAL and abusive treatment.

Samples of Honenu's current News

Administrative Detention/Expulsion:
Selective Enforcement Against Jewish Nationalists

Administrative detention/expulsion orders aim to achieve political results under the guise of national security interests. Jewish nationalists peacefully opposed to the partition of their country are subject to (indefinite) detention/expulsion orders to intimidate, frustrate and hamper them and their political views.





Illustration: Israeli border police stand overlooking Jerusalem
 Israeli border police on watch near Jerusalem.
Article by Elder of Ziyon blog points to a possible case of Pallywood  
 Pallywood again? IDF denies using live fire during "Nakba Day" demonstration
 (with updates)
EOZ - May 20, 2014  -  Yesterday, a security video was released that seems to show the two Palestinian Arabs being shot and killed during "Nakba Day" demonstrations near Ofer Prison in Bitunia:
The second one shot was Mohammed Udeh, wearing a green Islamist flag. Here are some close-up photos of him before and after the event, plus a video of him throwing rocks beforehand: (These photos are from AFP.)


Here are photos of the first victim:


Now, the IDF has denied using any live fire that day:  
Last Thursday, several violent demonstrations took place throughout Judea and Samaria. In the Bitunia area, a violent demonstration of approximately 150 Palestinians began in which acts of violence took place including the burning of tires and rock hurling.
Security forces arrived to disperse the demonstration using rubber bullets and riot dispersal means.
During the day it was reported that two Palestinians were killed by security forces. An initial investigation revealed that no live fire was discharged during the day.  The incident remains under an ongoing investigation. 
The video which has been circulating online in the past hours has been edited and does not reflect the full incident, including the extent of the violence of the rioters in the demonstration.
One more thing: note that the demonstrators in the second video I show are throwing stones in the opposite direction of where the first person is supposedly shot in the CCTV video.
It is beginning to look like there is some serious Pallywood being done here. Where did the shots come from and where were the soldiers?
UPDATE: Another video that expands on the second one above:
Also, I asked DCI-Palestine (who released the CCTV video) if they would release the entire unedited version, They replied that they gave the unedited version to news agencies.
UPDATE 2: B'Tselem (an extreme leftist anti-Israel organization) released the entire video, along with the same scenes from the opposite angle. There is no apparent rock throwing at the time, only a burning tire in the street.
The fast reaction to the first incident, with the victim being carried away within seconds towards an ambulance that is only arriving  immediately after he is shot in the second CCTV video is very strange  

UPDATE 5: Found one more video taken that day, heavily edited. I'm still trying to figure out where the IDF soldiers were, there are no videos showing them at the same time as any protesters or obvious landmarks. We can see the direction that the stones are being thrown but no idea of distance.
Watch all the EOZ mentioned videos here:




 The following is an article by exposing another case of libel against Israel.
Latest Blood Libel:
Fake Israeli Police Brutality Edition

The following photo has been disseminated by the Israel hating crowd – including the ever (un)reliable Richard Silverstein – and is being passed off as Israeli policemen brutalizing a Palestinian woman.

Silverstein also includes it in this post:

dickie post

As is typical with such blood libels against Israel (and Silverstein’s posts), something seemed amiss straight away.

Read more about how those hats were traced to a children's costume photo, and watch video "Pallywood" by Richard Landes, exposing how confrontations with Israel and fake casualties are routinely STAGED and choreographed by Palestinians for the sake of "sight bites" of Palestinian victimhood that are then sold to the international media - and to you, the viewer.  Examples provided below.
For a start, the uniforms are not those worn by Israeli riot police, who look like this:

israeli police 1

Or this:

israeli police 2
The hats in the photo look similar to those of the regular Israeli police. But not quite.

israeli police 3

In fact, the hats worn in the photo seem to be from a kid’s costume!


costume 2

Because they are hats from a kid’s costume, the brims are too short, and the fake policemen seem to have extended them with real hats.


Then there’s also the matter of the gun in the photo not being Israeli police department issue.

In other words, this is fake.

Incidentally, Silverstein knew there were question marks regarding the authenticity of the photo and even asked for a source.

Despite not receiving a source nor proof it was authentic, he went ahead and posted it anyway.

Because spreading the truth is not his agenda. Damaging Israel is.

Help counter the lies by sharing this post.

Source -


The issue of Pallywood
How Palestinians routinely stage scenes for the international media.  Sometimes the scenes are based on a real event but distorted and dramatized for the cameras.  More often, they are wholly fabricated. 


Elderly Arab woman crying on cue for the cameras 

It was all choreographed.  Read more and watch video.

Watch 18 minute documentary "Pallywood" by Richard Landes
How Palestinians stage "sight bites" for the cameras.
You will never see TV reports from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
 the same way again

See how a "dead" Palestinians  suddenly resuscitate when they are mistakenly dropped on the ground as they are being carried by their cohorts. 

How to expose Pallywood

Here is a graphic image of "horrific images of seriously injured as a result of Israeli shelling," with "Live Gaza" in the picture along with a reference to Al Jazeera. If you download this picture, or if you found it on Facebook or other social media, you can use Bing Image Search to locate similar images on the Internet.

If you do this with the referenced image, you will find that the "wounded man" is an actor in a movie called Sholay.
Read more

Pallywood and the pornography of death:
the Western media suckered again
Read more

Photos Of Dead Syrian Children Used
 for Palestinian Propaganda Sparks Outrage

The International Business Times reported that Australian MP’s across the board have expressed outrage at the manipulating tactics of the group (Australians for Palestinians) and condemned them, in no uncertain terms, for trying to pass dead Syrian children off as dead Palestinian children. 
The photos were accompanied with the caption: “some people may find the above photo disturbing, and we hope it is.” Yes, it is indeed disturbing to show pictures of dead children, especially when they are from a completely different country.

Read more -



Even the BBC is shocked at the deception 

Even the routinely anti-Israel BBC felt the need to clarify that some of the pictures being circulated as being from the 2014 Gaza war were from previous wars and even from other places in the Middle East.   

BBC:  Some of the images are of the current situation in Gaza, but a #BBCtrending analysis has found that some date as far back as 2009 and others are from conflicts in Syria and Iraq.


Using images of  Jewish children
 murdered by Palestinian terrorists,
and passing them as Palestinian victims of Israel
Palestinians even used pictures of JEWISH children slaughtered by Palestinians, and presented them as being Palestinian children killed by Israel.
These are the Fogel family children, who had their throat cut by Palestinian "militants" from the "moderate" Palestinian authority.  But see how they use them for Free Palestine propaganda.
The following links have images of extreme violence against small children.
The yellow bubble on the picture of the murdered Fogel children is a bit hard to read, but it says:  
This is what the medical personnel saw after the Israeli army left this house in Gaza. 
It shows tiny Jewish children with their throats cuts as they were murdered right on the beds as they slept.  The youngest victim just a baby, shown on this picture when he was the adored youngest member of the family.  
Read more and see photo of the Jewish children murdered by Palestinians, but with an advertisement for FREE PALESTINE!
*Warning - very disturbing scene. 

Read about the Fogel family massacre and see uncensored pictures here:
The murderers of the Fogel family were caught.  They said they were proud of what they did.


as exposed by former AP correspondent Matti Friedman

It's not just that the media make mistakes, or trust Palestinian stringers for information on what goes on in Israel and Gaza. 
The problem goes much deeper than that, and it reflects a deliberate effort to smear Israel's reputation as a means to achieve a political end:  Israel's partition and the creation of a Palestinian state. 
All news reports and commentary from the region must pass through the filter of the journalists' own biases and those of their bosses.  The mainstream media are notoriously pro-Palestinian. 
Read the insider's scoop, as journalist Matti Friedman tells of his experiences as correspondent for Associated Press.

Read article

The report at the top of this page about the latest blood libel against Israel came from a commentator on this interesting article on Israpundit.  So, hat tip to Bernard Ross.

Report: Hamas Misused International Law
 to Undermine Support for Israel
Read more

Bernard Ross also posted a link to this related article|

Top Investigative Reporters Assail Associated Press Story on Gaza Civilian Casualties

Two of America’s top investigative journalists, Richard Behar and Gary Weiss, have assailed a recent story by the Associated Press on Israel’s military action against Hamas in Gaza last summer.
Published in the The New York Observer, the Behar-Weiss report on the AP reveals a pattern of one-sided reporting, staged photos, and poor research. It also uncovers a departure from established ethical journalism, and contends that the AP story “was set into motion by slanted, politically biased non-governmental organizations.”
Read more
Media For Hamas
Link to the entire Pallywood article:

by allocating them radio and TV frequencies which they use to incite hate and genocide against Jews - Israeli legal organization is threatening to take the government to court


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