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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, May 9, 2016

HOW THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT ENABLES PALESTINIAN INCITEMENT AND TERROR by allocating them radio and TV frequencies which they use to incite hate and genocide against Jews - Israeli legal organization is threatening to take the government to court

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  • BETRAYAL IN ISRAEL - There has been a trend among Israeli politicians for many decades to allow the undermining of Israeli security and sovereignty.  It would be nearly impossible to ascertain what is behind this. 
  • It is not only the Israeli left that openly advocates in favor of Arabs and against Jews.  Any politician or government official who reaches a certain degree of authority - big and small - seems to come under some kind of influence that makes him support policies that weaken Israel. Here are some examples.   
  • BRITISH TAXPAYERS OUTRAGED at EU spending their money building ILLEGAL ARAB SETTLEMENTS in IsraelThe Israeli government has turned a blind eye to the massive Arab illegal building in Israel on both sides of the Green Line for years!  Arabs build entire villages, the European Union builds Arab towns, all without government authorization and with complete impunity. 
  • But if a Jew dares to build an extension to his house in Judea, Samaria (West Bank) or Biblical Jerusalem, authorities raze it in a flash because, contrary to propaganda, there has been a freeze on Jewish construction for years in Judea and Samaria and parts of Jerusalem.
  • With very few exemptions, Jews don't get permits to own firearms in Israel.  That means that whenever they are attacked by Arabs in the streets or when driving on the road, they are completely helpless. 
  • However, some Arab towns, own actual arsenals.  There are weapon factories in the Palestinian Authority.  Arabs shoot in the air in celebration all the time.  The Israeli government looks the other way.   
  • Although the government will reiterate how sacred Jerusalem is to Israel, authorities have allowed Arabs to build illegally in Jerusalem and expand their control over the city -through construction and violence - to the extent that it is hardly an Israeli city anymore. 
  • Authorities also repeat that sacred Temple Mount - where the ancient Jewish Temple used to be before it was razed by the Romans - is Judaism most sacred site.  However, since Muslim invaders had built a mosque on top (as Muslim conquerors usually do), the Israeli government gave full control of the area to the Jordanians as a conciliation gesture after Israel's liberation of the site in 1967. 
  • Today, afraid of Arab riots, the government severely limits visits by Jews to Temple Mount, and arrests any Jew who seems to move his lips in prayer.   Photo on the right shows police arresting Jew who sat down to pray.
  • The Israeli government funds films, theatre, and various art forms that denigrate Israel and the Jews. 
  • The Israeli government has allowed anti-Semitic and anti-Israel non-governmental organizations (NGOs)  - usually funded by Europe - to operate freely in Israel, undermining the rule of law and inciting Arabs to riot and to attack Jews.
  • Although there is solid LEGAL and historical evidence for Israel's right to the disputed land of Judea and Samaria, successive Israeli governments have REFUSED to even mention this key documentation, or use it in any way to debunk claims that Arabs - the descendants of Muslim conquerors -  have any rights to it.
  • The list of betrayals is very long, and very tragic, because tiny Israel is the last refuge for Jews in a world that is erupting in a new wave of vicious and violent anti-Semitism. 
When you look aghast at the way Angela Merkel's open borders policy is systematically destroying the security and sovereignty of Germany and other European Union countries, you are seeing the approximate European equivalent of the Israeli betrayal of the people by their own governments.
Israeli border police officers carry a right wing protester after he attempted to block a road during a demonstrationSo why do Israeli politicians do this?  Some commentators have suggested that leftist Israeli authorities' ambiguous or passive-aggressive attitude against Jews is part of an insidious long-term plan.
They say that politicians know that partition and the outright mass surrender of land to Muslims would result in a popular revolt.   Most Israelis no longer believe in the Land-For-Peace hoax. 
So politicians cleverly allow the gradual erosion of sovereignty, the ongoing demonization of Jews by the Palestinian Authority, and the establishment of Arab facts on the ground, hoping that all those factors will some day reach a tipping point when Jews will no longer hold control of the situation, and Israel's defeat by a thousand cuts will be a fait accompli.  

This is why they don't seem to mind the massive Palestinian anti-Israel propaganda campaign abroad, and their indoctrination in hate and murder using TV and radio frequencies provided by State of Israel.
If you want to follow news of Israeli authorities' betrayal, here are two websites that will completely change your view of Israel, whether you are a critic or a supporter:
Israel National News - Arutz Sheva -
Jewish Press -

‘Israel, stop distributing TV and radio frequencies to Palestinians’
Shurat HaDin Legal Organization demand government to stop PA frequency allocation due to incitement to murder Israelis.
It is inconceivable that the Israeli government will continue to allocate TV and Radio frequencies for Palestinians, who advocate killing Jews. In Rwanda, heads of television and radio which called for incitement to genocide were convicted of war crimes, but the Israeli government ignores this and does not take the obvious steps to prevent this,” 
The Israeli NGO Shurat HaDin, the Israel Law Center, on Sunday addressed Prime Minister and Minister of Communications Binyamin Netanyahu, demanding an immediate stop to the allocation of radio and television frequencies for Palestinians, due to incitement to murder Israelis and Jews.
Nitsana Darshan-LeitnerAccording to a letter sent by Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner (photo on the right), director of Shurat HaDin, the Israeli government distributes said frequencies under the Oslo Accords.

However, radio and television broadcasts are used by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to encourage the current wave of terrorism and incitement to murder.

Incitement to murder is a violation of the PA’s commitments under the Oslo agreements, and incitement to genocide is an offense under international law. Shurat HaDin are threatening to take the government to the High Court (Supreme Court) if they do not stop allocating frequencies immediately.
The letter further stated that a significant portion of terror in the recent wave of attacks is being incited directly by official PA radio and television, with leaders encouraging such attacks.
This was illustrated when Murad Bader Abdullah Adais, the 16-year-old Arab terrorist who stabbed to death Dafna Meir at her home in Otniel, admitted that he was inspired to launch his murderous attack by Palestinian TV. 

“It is inconceivable that the Israeli government will continue to allocate TV and Radio frequencies for Palestinians, who advocate killing Jews.

"In Rwanda, heads of television and radio which called for incitement to genocide were convicted of war crimes, but the Israeli government ignores this and does not take the obvious steps to prevent this,” said Darshan-Leitner.
“US and European Jewish communities successfully fought to close the Muslim propaganda broadcasts on radio and television (there), and only Israel lets it go. The government must adopt a zero tolerance policy for incitement to murder Jews and stop the allocation of frequencies immediately.”
Continue reading, read the latest column by Daniel Greenfield on the Israeli elites' hate for Jews, and see more images

Source for the above article
Visit Palestinian Media Watch (PMW)
All about Palestinian Authority media war against Israel
Watch Videos showing indoctrination of youth, and incitement to murder Jews on TV programs, particularly on children's 'educational' programs.



Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement broadcast a music video on its television channel that called on Palestinians to “drown [Israelis] in a sea of blood, kill them as you wish,” Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported.
Read more


Fatah Knives and ISIS Knives: Palestinian Child-Sacrifice

  • Instead of educating our children, as they do in the West, to be part of the Startup Generation, we follow the lead of darkest Africa, where children are armed with assault rifles and sent out to kill other children.
  • If the Palestinians really want to pick a fight with Israel, why do they send children to fight a "holy war" instead of fighting it themselves, like men?
  • The only difference is that the members of ISIS go out themselves to kill; the Palestinians send their young. Why are these not "war crimes"?
  • We sacrifice our sons and daughters in the name of Allah, as though Allah were a pagan statue with an altar and had to be appeased with the blood of children.
  • Here, the Islamists want to "liberate" Jerusalem from the infidel Zionist-Crusader occupation. Next, they want to "liberate" occupied Spain, once Muslim Andalusia, and return it to the bosom of Islam. After that, they want to occupy the Vatican and establish the Islamic Emirate on the ruins of Christianity.

Read more
Interviewed Palestinians oppose child terrorism and blame TV for inciting




May 8, 2016 - MAHMOUD ABBAS ADMITS HE LIED when he said he did not pay salaries to the killers of Jews.


Chief of 'moderate' Fatah faction,
and the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas



Monday, March 14, 2016


- Europe murdered 6 million Jews and today it labels and BOYCOTTS Israeli products, and funds illegal Arab construction and anti-Israeli organizations that undermine security and the law in Israel
 - EU illegal construction has been going on for at least SEVEN YEARS while Israeli authorities have done almost nothing to stop it because of an ongoing semi-secret agenda of surrender. 
Video link -
and here:
Facebook -
Twitter -
And - #regavim
Outrage as EU claims diplomatic immunity after using OUR aid money to 'meddle in the

READ MORE about Israeli authorities allowing the EU illegal Arab construction  in Israel and additional important information
Israeli authorities allow Arabs to gradually take over Jerusalem, says municipal councilman.
In the meantime Arabs riot and kill Jews
Councilman Aryeh King King has long warned that PM Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat's policies of allowing rampant illegal Arab construction, expanding Arab neighborhoods, neglecting law enforcement and freezing Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem, are leading to a de facto division of the capital.
Read more
-  Columnist denounces both prime ministers for their anti-Jewish policies
- The unshakeable grip of leftist pro-Arab authorities on Israel 
 - The pogrom by Israeli police against Jews in Amona, and the ongoing war of the Israeli left against the Jews 
 - Videos exposing the truth behind the leftist pro-Arab agenda.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

THE GAZA NETWORK OF TUNNELS BUILT WITH ISRAELI CEMENT - While Israeli officials knew it was being used to build tunnels

 - How business influences policy

  - And the personal financial reasons that may have motivated former PM Sharon to expel Jews from Gaza in 2005, thus unleashing a disaster

Post-script:  As of May 2016, the Israeli government continues to provide cement to the Hamas terror government of Gaza
Thursday, December 18, 2014


- Pro-Arab and anti-Jewish bias among leftist authorities 

 - Influence from foreign governments -

Recurrent cases of corruption.

BETRAYAL - The Two States Final Solution
This is what Israeli politicians propose for Israel: 
Partition of the country leaving it only 9 miles wide at its narrowest point, and split in two in order to give contiguity to the Palestinian terror state.
The following column is from December 2014, but it gives you an idea of the bizarre pro-Arab bias among top officials in the Israeli government
What makes ex Mossad chiefs
 and IDF generals run?
By Giulio Meotti

Secret service and army officials have just one mission: to protect Israel at any cost. But it is amazing to observe the growing phenomenon of former Mossad and Shin Bet chiefs and army generals who suddenly take on the most dangerous positions in Israel's history. They are a mix of  inflated ego and estrangement from Israel's brutal reality. 
Former Mossad chief, British-born Efraim Halevy, has released an interview to Israeli media asking Israel to commit suicide and withdraw to the pre-1967 "Auschwitz borders". 

Last year former top IDF Intelligence official Brigadier General (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser said that the Shin Bet (security agency) "fell in love" with the Palestinians. 

These generals all propose a land withdrawal from biblical Israel - a preemptive surrender to the Arabs.  The expulsion of Israel's most loyal citizens from their homes could provoke a civil war

Those statements have the effect of giving Palestinians excuses for horrible attacks against the Jewish population.  

In the last two years, former Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin called again and again to destroy Jewish life in Judea and Samaria.

Diskin believes that Yitzhar (a Jewish town) in Samaria is a far more dangerous threat than ISIS or Iran.  
Carmi Gillon, who failed to stop terror in the '90s, uses the alleged "price tag" (vandalism) to target the entire hilltop youth in Judea and Samaria, young heroes who populate empty and remote hills.  Never mind that police have never proved that these youths are the perpetrators. 
(Arabs routinely accuse Jews for acts they themselves commit.  Read article about a recent fire on a mosque that was determined to have been caused by an electrical short circuit, but was initially blamed on Jews.)
Meir Dagan (former Mossad chief) orchestrated the most impressive public campaign against his own government in the plan to disarm Teheran. He also called for the adoption of the Saudi partition plan that would lead to a second Holocaust. 
Ehud Barak (former minister and Prime Minister) agreed to hand over the Temple Mount and Judea and Samaria to Arabs in 2000 for a hudna (temporary truce).
Former prime minister Ariel Sharon's legacy is the unilateral Israeli withdrawal of Gaza, which led to ongoing terror against Israel. He was like a character of Fyodor Dostoevsky's novels, the one who creates and then destroys.. 
The Judea and Samaria region is guarded by commanders such as Nitzan Alon, who compares right wing Jews to Hamas terrorists. For people like him, Jewish graffiti and Arabs murdering Jews are the same.
A few days ago former Mossad spy-master Rafi Eitan confessed he refused to shelter the Jewish hero Jonathan Pollard, whose handler he was, in the Israeli embassy in Washington. And he is proud of what he did.  (Pollard, who provided key survival information to Israel, has languished in an American jail since.)
If it would have been up to these security officials,  Israel would have surrendered the Golan Heights to Syria, and biblical Jerusalem to the Arabs.  Now Israel would have missiles on the edge of Lake Kinneret (in the north), and Jerusalem would be a war zone.

Historical Israel, 6th century BCE,
the kingdoms of Israel and Judah
Muslims arrived as conquerors in the 7th century AD
They call the Jews "occupiers"
I always wonder what has made these former spies and generals act this way. It is a pity that Israel's establishment is in hands of Jews who are so morally bankrupt as to not stand up courageously for what is right and oppose that which is wrong.
They are all affected by the virus of the same malady: they did not do enough to protect Israelis during the '90s and the Second Intifada, they've all drunk the poison of Oslo (agreement that empowered the Palestinians), and above all, they can't face the truth of Arab hatred and anti-Semitism, so they all collect their pensions and release interviews to a media that hate Jews. 
And as long as they spout suicidal ideas, former spies and generals are guaranteed lucrative speaking engagements and writings. How coincidental.

Israel’s anti-Israel’s elites
and their hatred of Israelis
The truly sick society is that of the left   
 The Jewish State is fundamentally divided between two groups, its people and its leaders. Israel’s population is defined by a diverse mix of Middle Eastern and Russian Jewish refugees along with large numbers of Orthodox Jews.
By Daniel Greenfield, FPM
 Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center,
is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.
President Rivlin
Last year, Israeli President Rivlin denounced Israel as a “sick society” and accused Jews of having “forgotten how to be decent human beings.” 
Now Major General Yair Golan, the military’s deputy chief of staff, accused Israel of resembling Nazi Germany in a speech delivered on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Israel is a sick society only to the extent that, like a fish, it rots from the heads of men like Rivlin and Golan.
It is a sickness comes from members of the political elite whose views are fundamentally at odds with those of the people.
The hatred that Rivlin and Golan, the beneficiaries of privilege and protektsia, feel for ordinary Israelis is unrelenting in its ugliness.

Orthodox Jews are increasingly joining the military, as they see their lives and their country threatened by Muslim Arabs - not only by Arabs within Israel, but by those all around in the Middle East.  Theirs is not an "Israeli-Palestinian" conflict, but a Jewish-Muslim conflict involving the world's 1.7 BILLION Muslims.  Iran repeatedly swears to destroy Israel.
The Jewish State is fundamentally divided between two groups, its people and its leaders. Israel’s population is defined by a diverse mix of Middle Eastern and Russian Jewish refugees along with large numbers of Orthodox Jews.

These groups tend to have more conservative views and their influence makes it very difficult for the left to win elections the way that it once used to.
Rather than adapting to Israel’s changing demographics, its elites have poured on the hate.

From Dudu Topaz to Yair Garbuz, a Labor rally can’t seem to pass by without slurs aimed at Middle Eastern Jews.
At last year’s election, Garbuz ranted, “How did this handful quietly become a majority?”

Mizrahi Nation
Middle Eastern Jews arrived as refugees from Arab countries in 1948.  Many were poor.  Those with some wealth were never compensated for the property they were forced to leave behind.
There was nothing quiet about it. But inside a leftist bubble of power and privilege the revelation that the majority of Israelis have very different views than they do has been deeply traumatic and shocking.
Prime Minister Netanyahu is on his third straight term, but the Deep State of the elites is unwilling to be dislodged by mere democratic elections.
And the Deep State controls leadership roles across the government from the military through the judiciary, not to mention academia, non-profits and culture.
It’s been a long time since this elite has been optimistic. Instead its rhetoric is divisive and nasty; it’s marked by paranoid suspicions about the ordinary Israelis who have left them behind.
Hostile remarks, like those by Rivlin and Golan, express an undemocratic distaste toward the average Israeli.
The majority of Israel’s Jewish population now consists of refugees from the Middle East.
This is a population with fundamentally different views when it comes to fighting back against the Islamic supremacism which they and their ancestors had lived under and eventually fled. It feels no guilt over the death of terrorists.
It does not mourn the Jihadists of the Nakba (the flight of Palestinian Araabs when Arab armies invaded Israel) who headed for the border in the expectation that the Jews in Israel would meet with a final Holocaust at the hands of the five invading Muslim armies, not to mention the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead it feels a moral pride.
Israel’s political elites, like their Western counterparts, take pride only in their shame. They know that Israel is a sick society and that Jews are terrible people.
And they know that this makes them superior to the rabble, the cockroaches, blacks, parasites, prostitutes and other affectionate slurs that they bestow on the rest of the country.
Like many liberal elites, they take pride in their contempt for ordinary people.
It’s not hard to find rhetoric in Israel resembling that of Nazi Germany. But it comes from members of the sick society of the elite who have forgotten how to be Jews, not to mention human beings.
A not atypical example of that foulness was Peace Now co-founder Yigal Tumarkin saying “When I see the black-coated Orthodox Jews with the children they spawn, I can understand the Holocaust” and “My true contribution would be if I grabbed a sub-machine-gun, instead of a pen and pencil and killed them.”
Tumarkin, originally Peter Heinrich Hellberg, had family members who had served in the Nazi SS.  (He co-founded Peace Now, an anti-Israel organization disguised as pro-Palestinian and pro-Two-States, that is funded by Europe, the continent that murdered more than six million Jews.)
But that’s not the sort of rhetoric that Israel’s elites are worried about. Instead they’re furious that Middle Eastern Jewish teens from working class families think that Islamic terrorists should be shot instead of coddled.
But while their daughters protest Israeli soldiers in between studying for degrees in philosophy at Hebrew U, it’s those horrible Jewish teens who actually serve in the army.

Jewish men and women of all colors of skin serve in the IDF
along with some Arabs and Christians
And that makes them even more of a threat to the dilettante artists and actors, the novelists whose books exist only to be translated, the generals who have no interest in winning wars, the spymasters and human rights activists who are spying for the EU, the jurists who make their own laws, the scowling journalists who issue nightly verdicts on the evening news and all the rest of the dwindling gang of the well-connected who are entirely disconnected from their own country. And who take pride in that.
Israel’s two populations exist in two different worlds.

Its leaders want to be Europe while its people just want to be Israel.

The former exist in a textbook in which Islamic terrorism is a moral and a philosophical problem. The latter live in a reality in which having a knife stuck in your back is a daily threat.
The elites think of the ordinary Israelis who just want to live in their own country without being shot, stabbed, bombed, barraged with rocks or forced to run to bomb shelters as Nazis.
Meanwhile ordinary Israelis view the entitled elites who lecture them from presidential forums and prestigious columns as an undemocratic cartel abusing the privileges that they earned with their last names.
Israel isn’t sick. But its elites are.

Israel isn’t turning undemocratic or fascist. But its elites are undemocratic and totalitarian.
Their accusations of fascism mask their casual willingness to censor, suppress and silence dissenting views. Like all oppressive systems at odds with the people they rule over, they are playing a totalitarian game that they are bound to lose. And they know it.
Their bitterness and hate is an acknowledgement that their dream of running everything their way is dying. They have no path toward victory. There is nothing waiting for them except oblivion.
The left has reacted to this revelation by literally trying to destroy Israel. When the editor of Israel’s left-wing paper Haaretz urged the Secretary of State of the United States to “rape” Israel, it was a blatant expression of the left’s destructive agenda for the Jewish State.
President Rivlin did not view the Haaretz editor as a sign of a “sick society”. Instead he eulogized him, saying that “it was a pleasure to be his friend”. Genuinely sick behavior of this sort is considered normative among Israel’s anti-Israel elites.
What offend them are not the calls for violence against Jews or the destruction of the Jewish State by members of their own class. Instead they are carefully attuned to denouncing even the faintest suggestion for strong action against Islamic terrorists by members of the country’s lower classes.
A call for the mass murder of Orthodox Jews or Middle Eastern Jews from a respected actor in Neve Tzedek will meet with wry smiles.
But a few Mizrahi soccer fans shouting that it’s time to strike back against Islamic terrorism after the latest brutal atrocity will occasion “democratic” alarms in editorial offices across the country.
This is a tale of two classes and two realities. It’s a fundamental gap between entitled human rights hipsters and working class teens whose grandparents were little better than slaves in Yemen.
It’s a division between an elite whose parental ties secured them a soft spot in the economy and working men and women who spent all their lives doing heavy labor. This division could not endure forever.
Prime Minister Begin had already broken the power of the left by taking on its arrogant privileges. But Islamic terrorism is rapidly accelerating the collapse of the Deep State of Israel’s entitled elites who have chosen the side of the terrorists over those of their Israeli victims.
The ordinary Israelis whom Rivlin views as “sick” and Golan as Nazis will be the ones to determine its future.

Daniel GreenfieldAbout Daniel Greenfield
You can read more by Daniel Greenfield on his personal blog:

 UK Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of forces in Afghanistan, talks about the Israeli Defense Forces



about the truth behind the anti-Israel propaganda


Muslim Arab girls are trained as soldiers by the IDF

Disproving the lie that Israel is a racist, apartheid state, Israeli-Arab Christian and Muslim girls are joining the IDF in increasing numbers, wanting to serve their country in a meaningful way. IDF service is only mandatory for Israeli Jews.




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