A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

EUROPEAN CIVILIZATION'S SUICIDE - A baby boomer's lament - Europe, a place of both enchantment and horror - again chooses horror - How Europe's fate is regarded as poetic justice

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By Zbiegniew Zwgstkstwig

I grew up in the post World War II years.  We did not talk about that war during the fifties and sixties, so my view of faraway Europe was initially one of enchantment.  There were fairy tales, romantic cities, great classical music, stunning art, and good pop culture.   
Later on, as a visitor to western Europe, I enjoyed just about everything about it.  It seemed to have overcome its dark past of war, hate, and persecution.  Holocaust remembrance sites still lingered as a warning, more than an indictment.  After all, this was a  new generation of people:  peaceful, tolerant, optimistic, compassionate.  Or so it seemed to my youthful eyes. 
The other half of Europe was a victim under the Soviet yoke.  We felt sorry for them.  But then came their liberation.  The Soviet Union simply unravelled, not with a bang but with a whimper. 
The eastern and western parts of Germany were united once again, and Soviet block countries regained their independence.   (Ironically, now they want to build new walls to keep infiltrators out.) 
Everything was just like the happy ending of a fairy tale.  The evil characters had lost, and the people of Europe faced a bright future of freedom, friendship, and prosperity.
But it couldn't last.  The dark forces that have inflicted so much evil on the world were only laying in wait, not gone. 
Instead of armies, tanks, or hateful rhetoric, those forces tried honey instead.  Their sinister plan started with something called the European Union. 
It sounded so seductive.  Nations that had been at war for centuries now would become one big happy family.   Borders would come down.  There would be full freedom of movement.  Trade would flourish.  Notice the enticements:  freedom and wealth. 
And Europeans fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.  Individual countries gave up a considerable part of their sovereignty for the siren call of greater peace, freedom and wealth.
Fast forward to 2016.  Having had their male population decimated during two World Wars, Europeans did not get busy making babies.
On the contrary.  They saw their peace and prosperity as an opportunity for personal growth and hedonism.  Raising kids would only get in the way of fun and success, so population numbers further declined. 
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Government solutions?  Financial incentives for larger families?  No.  A cultural drive to strengthen the idea of the traditional family?  No.  Europe decided to import people from other parts of the world instead.  
Military coup in Chile - 1973
And look at the sinister nature of this plan.  They did not choose migrants who could easily blend with the existing population in a generation or two. 
Chilean refugees fleeing a repressive dictatorship became successful Europeans in the 1970s.  They came from a Christian background and admired Europe.   There were also other nationalities that could have happily assimilated into Europe.  

But the dark forces still pulling the strings of power in Europe chose people with the most culturally backward, the most violent, the most troublesome and unassimilable ideology in the world:  Islam.  
Turks arrived in Germany as
guest workers years ago
They proceeded with care.  In Germany they were introduced as "guest workers" from Turkey. 

Authorities assured the population that the Turks would not become German citizens, but would eventually go back to their country.  That was the deceitful script sold to German citizens.
ditib mosque
Turkish mosque in today's Cologne
Authorities in other countries such as France and the Netherlands were less subtle.  They just allowed millions of people from their former Muslim colonies to immigrate and become citizens.
Made to feel guilty for their colonial and racist past, the native population was forced to accept this situation. 
The Labour Party of Britain, with Tony Blair at its helm, concocted a stratagem where they introduced what at first appeared to be a small number of migrants from Asia and Africa.  Good for "diversity". 

Soon after they had conditioned the population to their presence, they opened the gates wide open to millions more. 
Their ultimate plan was to create an ever growing voting base for the Labour Party.  They trusted that government benefits would ensure this dependent population would remain faithful to Labour.
Muslim Welfare
The plot thickens.  Impervious to the horrors being perpetrated in the name of Marxism in the Soviet block, European youth erupted in an explosion of leftist uprisings in the late 1960s.  
In the meantime the leftist welfare state grew firm roots, particularly in Scandinavian countries, and leftist political correctness became the new European Gospel. 
The educational system was taken over by the left, and used as a tool to mold a couple of generations into becoming passive, guilt-ridden, shame-ridden populations with no pride in their own culture.
These new generations of Europeans have been compared to the Eloi.  These were the physically beautiful but passive and mindless remnants of a war, as told by H.G. Wells in his 1895 novel The Time Machine. 
The 19th century man who travels into the future is stunned to see how humans have devolved into two very different races, and how submissively the beautiful Eloi go to their own demise, perpetrated by the underground-dwelling Morlocks. 
The Time Machine - The ELOI walk passively to their doom
But that fictional time traveller didn't need to go so far into the future (year AD 802,701).   He could have simply descended into 2015 or 2016. 
Right now, in the early 21st century, we witnessed blond girls who looked just like the Eloi in the Time Machine film, holding "Refugees Welcome" signs, as hordes of Muslim men descended from trains in an invading force that would soon be raping women and children, and engaging in the systematic destruction of European culture.
Europe welcomes Muslim migrants

Aided by traitors at the highest levels, the invasion wave continues with no sign of abating - in spite of growing public opposition. 

Who is pulling the strings behind those political leaders? 
In 2010 Angela Merkel and other EU government leaders officially admitted that the multicultural experiment has utterly failed.  After decades in Europe, Muslims continued to live in separate enclaves with no interest in becoming modern Europeans.  They utterly despise western culture.  
Inexplicably, five years later, Angela Merkel became the most ardent advocate of Muslim migration and empowerment, and the replacement of the European population with Middle Eastern migrants - no questions asked.  They are all called "refugees".  What made her change her mind?  It's a mystery.
Even after the ongoing tidal wave of Muslim criminality, rapes, murders, and the rising cost of supporting a semi-literate migrant population became public knowledge, Merkel is more adamant than ever in defending limitless Muslim migration into Europe. 
To impose her will, and as the most powerful leader of the EU, Merkel now supports the monetary punishment of any EU country that dares to defend its borders and culture against invaders.  The latest plan is to impose a substantial fine on individual countries for every migrant they reject.
The enslaved EU countries must now submit to Merkel and the EU dictatorial mandate or see their economies, so closely tied to the EU, suffer unpredictable disruptions.
Europe recovered from plagues, internecine wars, a First World War that decimated its population, and a Second World War that additionally razed many of its ancient cities. 
But it won't recover from this.  Even if Muslim migration stopped today, Europe is doomed.  There is already a sufficient number of Muslims in Europe for their eventual takeover.  They just need a few years.
Already outdated, these are
2013 figures. They have grown
by migration and births.
Europe now hosts a population of over 56 million Muslims (includes those in mostly Muslim European countries such as Albania, Kosovo, and others), many of whom want to turn the whole continent into one more Islam-dominated territory - one city at the time, one country at the time. 
And they could take over with only the population that they already have there.
Europeans are not reproducing at a replaceable rate.  Muslims have large families. 

Europeans are timid to assert their own rights.  Muslims are vociferous and often violent in their determination to impose their traditions and ideology. 
In a confrontation between the Eloi and the Morlocks, the Eloi are doomed.   Like the Eloi, Europeans will also be devoured.
Twentieth Century Europe inflicted one historical and cultural shock after another on us. 
Our parents were devastated at how civilized Europe had systematically murdered six million Jews - just because they were Jews.   
Later we, the baby boomers, grew up in fear at the destructive power of nuclear weapons - capable of annihilating life on the entire planet.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just the opening chapter of our new nightmare.
Then came another unexpected shock:  the dismantling of the Soviet Union and the reunification of the two Germanys.  Who could have predicted it?  It all happened so quickly, apparently over a period of weeks - not years.  Stunned historians and pundits were left speechless.   That was in 1989.
Less than a generation later we are witnessing the forced suicide of Europe. 
When I was a youngster I would have thought it downright impossible that western civilization would weaken and die in a single generation.  But it is happening.
Reactions to this vary.  The left is delighted.  Watch how Green Party politician Stefanie Von Berg tells Germans it is a good thing they will soon be a minority in their own country:
But most people are grieving.  There are several versions of the grief process, but here is one:  1.  Denial and isolation.  2.  Anger.  3.  Bargaining.  4.  Depression.  5.  Acceptance.
Most are still in the intermediate stages of denial and anger.  You can find their videos all over the web, denouncing European leaders' treason, and calling for measures to stop the plunge into demographic and cultural suicide - as if that was still possible.  Sorry, it is not
Most of their suggestions are painfully timid and ineffectual.  They go from banning the burka and minarets, to the right to draw Muhammad, to closing the borders, to monitoring mosques, and so on. 

These are all pathetic attempts that amount to rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic.
For some time now a few people have expressed a mixed-feelings hope that a rapid surge in fascist political parties might get them elected so that they can take measures to repatriate disloyal, criminal, and violent migrants.  Democracy is too mired in humanitarian laws and political correctness, they say, to do the job.
However, far right groups remain a fringe in western Europe.  Even the French National Front has considerably mellowed. 

The new crop of anti-Islamization groups and political parties are a rather timid and politically-correct bunch.  They are not ideologically right wing.  Their members include center-leftists who favor socialist medicine and the welfare state.  Their only common link is their fear of losing their culture. 
But they are very careful with their language, and with good reason.  They risk being charged with hate crimes for any expression that could be interpreted as inciting hate. 

The laws are purposely vague and the net is very wide.  It can extend from legitimate and reasonable discussions on cultural issues, all the way to actual hateful language.  Everyone walks on tip toes, lest they might offend Islam. 

Islam has now - inexplicably - become a protected ideology, to the detriment of precious human and political rights for non-Muslims.

And it's not just dread of a fatwa (Muslim death sentence) that limits freedom of speech, as there are many European writers and activists already living in hiding after daring to protest the Islamization of their countries.  
It is the very European authorities who are openly collaborating with intolerant Muslims in limiting non-Muslims' freedom of speech and prosecuting them for anything that might be interpreted as anti-Islam. 
Notice how this censorship applies only to non-Muslims (or Kafirs).  Muslims - including the most radical of them - are free to express their hatred against Jews, the Kafir, and western civilization, and to even advocate for violent Jihad - with complete impunity.  It's their culture.
Europe is importing hatred, and its own demise.
Post-script:  Poetic Justice
The European war against the Jews did not end with the Nazi defeat.  It continued under the guise of pro-Palestinian activism.
It is quite possible that Israel will outlast white Europe, just as it outlasted the Roman Empire, that also made war on the Jews.
There is an element of poetic justice in the fate that awaits Europe.  The myth that Europeans feel guilty for their part as perpetrators of, and collaborators with the Holocaust is just that:  a myth.  
In reality European countries individually - and later the European Union itself - have been at the vanguard of an international movement fixated on scrutinizing and condemning Israel's every action, while supporting Palestinian terror.
In past decades European countries such as Italy and Switzerland made deals with the PLO - Palestinian Liberation Organization, an Arab terror group - giving them shelter, support and funding, in exchange for a PLO promise not to target their own citizens.  This has been fully admitted by European top government officials. 
Europe has also been generously funding organizations that promote anti-Jewish hate and terror in Israel - under the guise of "humanitarian work".

Map of ancient Israel - Europe says the land belongs to
Muslims who conquered it in the 7th century AD.

REMEMBER:  While Europe has steadily demanded the surrender of Israel's Biblical Jewish heartland (Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem) for the creation of an Arab terror state for the descendants Muslim conquerors - Europe itself has been re-colonized by Muslim invaders who arrived in the 20th and 21st century as migrants and refugees. (Muslim armies had already invaded Europe centuries ago, and were later expelled.)
Europe is not only being colonized but also unofficially partitioned, as EU countries have in fact lost sovereignty over large parts of their cities - the so-called No-Go Zones - where national law does NOT apply, and where police can only go heavily armed and in large numbers to confront a violently seditious Muslim population.
Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said the decision to keep Brussels on lockdown was based on 'quite precise information about the risk of an attack like the one that happened in Paris'
Police at a shopping mall in Brussels after a terror attack
A continent at war.  Their beloved Muslims don't love them back.
REMEMBER:   As Israel is besieged by Muslim Arab terror EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year, and tries to deal with it in the most humane way possible, Europe sends armies of "humanitarian" non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to spy on, to scrutinize Israeli military and civilian actions, to incite the Arab population to riot and break the law, and to fund terror.   
But now Europeans themselves cower in fear in face of recurrent acts of terror and violence by Muslims. 

European women and children walk their own streets in fear of Muslim rape and other violent acts.  And when they gather at public places they look around knowing that any Muslim in the crowd could detonate a bomb or start shooting at any moment.
Europeans should begin to understand what it's like to have Muslims as neighbors, and to live in fear as a result.  They should sympathize with Israel, but they don't.
REMEMBER - No such thing as European guilt for the Holocaust
The leftist ideology is so entrenched in Europe that the general population still sides with "Palestinians" and condemns Israel. 

Time and again European leaders have shown that they don't consider the killing of Jews as acts of terror.

French President Francois Hollande welcomes Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the Elysee Palace before attending a unity rally “Marche Republicaine” on January 11, 2015 in Paris in tribute to the 17 victims of a three-day killing spree by homegrown Islamists. (Photo credit: AFP/ DOMINIQUE FAGET
France's President Holland greets
Palestinian terrorist Mahmoud Abbas at
the Paris anti-terror march in January 2015

In the aftermath of the January 2015 terror attacks in Paris against Charlie Hebdo and a kosher delicatessen, Europe rallied in sympathy with the cartoonists, but not with the Jewish victims.  
Worse:  As France invited heads of state from all over the world to an anti-terror march in Paris, the French government specifically told Israeli PM Netanyahu not to attend because it would make them "uncomfortable". 
He attended anyway, only to find that arch-terrorist Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority Chief and financial mastermind of the Munich Olympics massacre of Israeli athletes, was a guest of honor.
Don't buy from Jews.
No guilt - The European war against the Jews continues - Following the Nazi example, the EU currently labels products from the Jewish heartland in order to facilitate their boycott
Europe regards historically Jewish land as belonging to descendants of the Muslim invader.
Europe does not boycott goods from countries with egregious human rights abuses.  Only those from Israel.
Read more on the boycott
Italian government admits that they signed deal with the PLO
Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga revealed that the government of Italy agreed to allow Arab terrorist groups freedom of movement in the country in exchange for immunity from attacks in Italy.

Switzerland dirty deal with PLO terrorists
Switzerland and the terrorist Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) agreed on a secret deal back in 1970, whereby the latter would no longer carry out bloody attacks against the Swiss, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) reported
Europe funds terror and anti-Jewish hate
Read news archive on Palestinian Media Watch

Palestinians pay generous salaries to terrorists who kill Jews, all funded with European and American taxpayers' money



No other group in the world attracts so much generous international funding.  Maybe others would, if they would also target Jews.

 “47% of the Palestinian Authority budget goes to civil servants, prisoners (in Israeli prisons for committing deadly terrorist acts), and families.” 

The U.S. government alone provided the Palestinians with an amount of $408,751,396 in 2014.  The European Union contribution in 2014 was $139,402,221; the United Kingdom’s $95,328,127; Sweden’s $79,975,260; Germany’s $54,838,742 and Norway’s $35,911,782. 

Together, with other western governments including Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Italy, Belgium, Finland, and Ireland, the total came to over $1 billion.  

That amount reflects only government contributions and not non-governmental agencies (NGO’s).   Global Humanitarian Assistance reported that the international humanitarian response from 2002 to 2011 provided the West Bank and Gaza Palestinians with $6.7 billion.

Read more




- The machete attack against Kay Wilson and Kristine Luken. 
 - The murderers and all other terrorists receive salaries paid for by British, European, and US taxpayers through generous funding of the Palestinian Authority
Daily Mail:  British taxpayers pay Palestinian terrorists who left this British woman for dead and killed her friend £9,000 each every year - as a 'REWARD' 
 Listen to Kay Wilson's short testimony at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on the following VIDEO: 
Activist  arrested in the Netherlands for wearing a child's piggy hat. 
Pigs are particularly offensive to Muslims. 

VIDEO - With Open Gates
The forced collective suicide of European nations
(November 2015)


By the year 2020 there will be a MUSLIM MAJORITY in GERMANY in the 20 to 35 age bracket. 

READ MORE on treason and the Muslim takeover of Europe

Raping women at COLOGNE train station, stealing, terrorizing the public, torching hundreds of cars in PARIS, and plotting mass terror attacks at various European cities
Growing violent Muslim anti-Semitism in Europe.  
VIDEO of Muslims shouting Adolf Hitler in German city.  Germany tolerates this.

A match made in hell:
Germans and Muslims
VIDEO - The Nazi roots of the Palestinian nationalist movement - By Professor Francisco Gil-White

VIDEO - Muslim anti-Semitism,
A Special Kind of Hate
 - Pat Condell

about this and about the history of Muslim-Nazi collaboration in crimes against humanity during World War II  


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