A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Sunday, October 8, 2017

FEMINISM and the liberal elites - NOT PLAYBOY AND HUGH HEFNER - mostly to blame for the tragic resuls of the sexual revolution - The rate of STDs is skyrocketing - The current WAR ON MASCULINITY - Sex education's destruction of children's innocence and morals, and its damage of their mental health

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With the recent passing of Hugh Hefner, Playboy's creator, some media has blamed him for the depredations of the sexual revolution.  This is unfair. 

The true source of the sexual revolution and its trail of misery is women's liberation, which believes that women have the same right to sexual promiscuity as men - completely ignoring the fundamental differences in biology, psychology, and historical social roles in both sexes.  And then the Pill made it all possible.  
While Hefner profited from a male population eager to escape into his Playboy fantasy world, the real social catastrophe was unleashed by women's lib.  Women's lib not only changed the relationship between men, women, and the family, but women's political ideology and voting patterns have resulted in irreversible changes to society with welfare states gone mad.   
Women vote for political parties that render the need for a husband's financial and parental contribution obsolete.  Women can have babies out of wedlock, or divorce their husbands, and then count on the government to support them and their kids.  As the state replaces husbands, a shocking number of children grow without a father.  
Feminism does not stop there.  It has been waging a vicious war against men and masculinity.  Boys sense this negativity in their female teachers, their mothers, and the liberal media and entertainment.  Men are criticized, ridiculed, and even demonized.  "Down with the patriarchy" - whatever that means.
Feminists see boys as defective girls.  They are too active, too curious, too heroic, eager for power, playing fantasies of conquerors and superheroes - all of that being denounced by women and the leftist media as "toxic masculinity".  What women want is feminized males and masculinized females, and that's the depraved and abusive way they are raising their kids.   
The new generation is growing confused about their gender, even in kids as young as five or six, who are repeatedly encouraged to believe that they can be "anything they want" - not meaning doctors and astronauts, but of any sex they choose, while throwing the science of biology into the trash.
Many men in their twenties and thirties are still with their parents, playing video games and watching porn because (1) they are scared to death of women's meanness and aggressiveness, and (2)  they have no jobs due to increased participation of women in the work force, and the mass arrival of migrants from the third world.

Schools are indoctrinating children as young as six into sex-ed that includes depraved sexual practices that previous generations did not learn about until they were teenagers or adults.   These kids' minds and morals are being damaged, and their innocence destroyed - all in the name of 'inclusivity,' and tolerance of diversity.  
The following article is one of several that blame Hugh Hefner for the sexual revolution's trail of social and individual tragedy.  This blame on Hefner is exaggerated, but the information presented here is factual, as it focuses, among other items, on the growing number of people infected with STDs.

Romance, as it was presented in movies in the 50s and 60s, is dead.  Over.  When you meet the beautiful prince or princess of your dreams he or she is quite likely to be carrying at least one type of STD.  If not, the high incidence of adultery will make you worry about what infection your unfaithful spouse may be smuggling into your bed.  
A few samples of what women's lib and the sexual revolution have brought into our society:  
  • One third of the US population suffers from a sexually transmitted disease.  That's 110 million Americans.
  • Men who engage in homosexual activity are 100 times more likely to contract anal cancer than HIV-negative men “who exclusively have sex with women.”
  • Females who engage in anal sex - an activity now endorsed and encouraged by media such as Teen Vogue - are suffering from incontinence, due to damage to their colon.

By Trevor Grant Thomas, The American Thinker
A timely and stunning statistic befitting the recent death of America’s patriarch of pornography: a shocking 110 million Americans—over one-third of our population—are saddled with a sexually transmitted disease. According to The New York Times,
The incidence of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis is increasing, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. An estimated 110 million Americans now are infected with a sexually transmitted disease
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Chlamydia is the most common S.T.D., and the number of cases rose 4.7 percent from 2015 to 2016… Adolescents and young adult women have the highest rates of chlamydia: one survey found that 9.2 percent of girls aged 15 to 19 were infected… The rate of primary and secondary syphilis in 2016 is the highest it has been since 1993, and it increased among both men and women from 2015 to 2016. Men account for almost 90 percent of cases, and most are among men who have sex with men. 
Rates of syphilis increased in every age group and all races, and they were highest among people in their twenties.
Additionally, more than one out of every six people aged 14 to 49 has genital herpes. (Thus the rise of all of the Valtrex commercials on TV.)
Among many other tragic outcomes, the rampant rate of STDs in America is the real legacy of notorious sexual provocateur, Hugh Hefner. Thanks to the desire to make our own rules when it comes to sex, following the lead of Hefner and his like-minded moral deviants, we find ourselves with STD rates in the U.S. at an all-time high. According to the CDC, there are more than 20 million new cases of STDs in the United States every year. As CNN recently reported,
“STDs are out of control with enormous health implications for Americans,” said David Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors. The coalition represents state, local and territorial health departments who focus on preventing STDs. 
“If not treated, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis can have serious consequences, such as infertility, neurological issues, and an increased risk for HIV,” said Harvey.
Also among the “serious consequences” of many of these STDs: cancer. In addition to cervical cancer, which is caused by certain types of the STD, Human Papilloma Virus, just days ago, the Los Angeles Times reported on (surprise!) the “anal cancer epidemic” that exists among homosexual and bisexual men.
The article notes that men who engage in homosexual activity are 100 times more likely to contract anal cancer than HIV-negative men “who exclusively have sex with women.”
The article also declares that, “Some in the medical community have identified anal cancer as the next big crisis among HIV-infected gay and bisexual men.” I have breaking news for the medical community: there will always be a “next big crisis” looming for men who treat the human septic canal as a vagina.

Nevertheless, and no-doubt taking their cues from perverts like Hefner, this past July, Teen Vogue—a magazine whose target audience is teenage girls—took it upon themselves to instruct their young readers on the finer points of sodomy.
The article, entitled “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know” and subtitled, “How to do it the RIGHT way,” declares itself to be “anal 101, for teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk.” The garbage piece ends with this shocking admission:

That being said, yes, you will come in contact with some fecal matter. You are entering a butthole. It is where poop comes out. Expecting to do anal play and see zero poop isn’t particularly realistic. It’s NOT a big deal. Everyone poops. Everyone has a butt.

This, from a member of the “party of science.” Forgetting to floss one’s teeth every now and then is “NOT a big deal.” Hillary’s choice of pant suits is “NOT a big deal.” Global climate change is “NOT a big deal.” Choosing to engage in sodomy—even once—can have horrific life-changing—even deadly—consequences.
Of course, “anal 101” neglects to mention the rampant disease associated with such disgusting behavior. In other words, like Hefner’s Playboy magazine, Teen Vogue is an accomplice in the shocking rise of STDs among America’s youth.

In a sick attempt to justify promoting evil and dangerous sexual activity, just as they have with killing children in the womb, the left has now stooped to “normalizing(an STD is “pretty bad*ss; it’s like a sex wound”) and even celebrating (with a “#ShoutYourStatus”) STDs. The perverse gotta pervert, I suppose. As Matt Barber concluded, political correctness needs to be declared an STD.

Of course, one need not contract an STD to suffer as a result of the plague of pornography.
A 2015 UK Telegraph article on porn use among British youth contains a shocking revelation from a general practitioner (Sue):
“I’m afraid things are much worse than people suspect.” In recent years, Sue had treated growing numbers of teenage girls with internal injuries caused by frequent anal sex; not, as Sue found out, because she wanted to, or because she enjoyed it – on the contrary – but because a boy expected her to. “I’ll spare you the gruesome details,” said Sue, “but these girls are very young and slight and their bodies are simply not designed for that.”
Yeah, no one’s body is “designed for that.” The boys were “expecting” such from their young girlfriends because they had bought into one of the many lies of porn.
Instead of worrying over the condition of their skin or what earrings went with their new outfit, many of the young girls Sue was treating found themselves battling incontinence.
Imagine the shame of a youth—because they bought a favorite and common lie of the left (sex without consequences), the muscles of their rectum are stretched out such that they must live in daily fear of soiling themselves.

Furthermore, the porn saturation of America, along with most of the rest of the Western world, has resulted in longtime and widespread devastation that extends far beyond the physical. If you think “saturation” too strong, consider:
People watched 4,392,486,580 hours of porn on PornHub in 2015. Just to put that in perspective, that means that in one year, people around the world spent 501,425 years watching pornography—on one porn site. 
On PornHub, people watched 87,849,731,608 porn videos. As the porn site hastened to point out, that’s 12 porn videos viewed for every single person on the planet.
That, my friends, is the sad math of porn addiction. As a result, tens of millions of teens and adults worldwide have little to no idea what is a healthy sexual relationship, or, in many cases, how to have any type of a healthy relationship with those who share the gender of the objects of their sexual fantasies.
Any notion of self-sacrifice and service to another is abandoned, and sex becomes an end unto itself. Regular porn consumers (especially men) literally lust after porn-like encounters in order to be sexually satisfied. In the minds of many men, porn has reduced women to a commodity to be consumed and an object to be abused (e.g., 50 Shades of Grey Dismay).

Breaking the bonds of trust between husbands and wives, porn has destroyed millions of American marriages. Porn use within a marriage leads to a long list of troubling issues.

A recent study revealed that once porn enters a marriage, the chances of divorce double. Driven by lust that was born of porn consumption, millions of young adult Americans are shunning marriage in favor of the hook-up culture.

Thus, whether born out of wedlock, killed in the womb, or forced to witness the destruction of the most important human relationship in their lives, over the last six-plus decades, tens of millions of American children have suffered because of their parents’ selfish sexual desires. As I’ve noted before, if these children survive the womb, they face a wide array of difficulties.

Hugh Hefner was prince of the pimps. He was a destroyer of lives and cultures. The level of his destruction is so wide and deep that it will only be fully known in the light of eternity. If you are trapped in his world, turn and flee now. There is hope and healing, and there are those who can help.

VIA American Thinker
Trevor is the author of the The Miracle and Magnificence of America
Men still follow their heroic nature - in spite of vicious attacks on masculinity by women and the media.  This iconic image shows one of hundreds of volunteer men saving thousands of lives in the flood that followed the 2017 hurricanes in Texas.
During the recent massacre in Las Vegas MEN - not women (with maybe a handful of exceptions) - took great risks, and some even gave up their lives to save complete strangers.

Hero protected woman he did not know with his own body, as bullets continued to rain on the crowd.
Women can be heroic in protecting their children, but men feel compelled to save strangers as much as their own loved ones.  It is in their generous and self-sacrificing nature.  

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