A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Sunday, December 13, 2015

ALBERT EINSTEIN AND FRANK SINATRA - TWO BIG ANNIVERSARIES in 2015 - The time when immigrants loved their country and contributed in a positive way - Now Muslim migrants in America launch lawsuits against their employers or massacre innocent people

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Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty ImagesYesterday, December 12, was Frank Sinatra's 100th birthday.  His voice, his songs, his acting, his personality, his legend - they still shine and give pleasure to millions of people all over the world.    A child of humble Italian parents, Sinatra made it big in America and paid back with his immense talent to the country he loved.   
I've Got You Under My Skin (Your blogger's favorite song by Frank Sinatra)
This year celebrates another anniversary.  November 25th, 2015 was the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity - without which you would be literally lost, says a Daily Mail writer, and will explain why.  
Albert Einstein's famous theory of General Relativity, which he presented 100 years ago today, is one of the world's most famous equations and underpins much of modern physics. Without Einstein (pictured), however, many  technologies and our understanding of the universe that we take for granted today may not existThese two apparently unrelated events have one thing in common:  Sinatra was the child of Italian immigrants, and Albert Einstein migrated into America fleeing from Nazi persecution in Europe.  He too became a proud American citizen and did his part by teaching and doing physics research at Princeton University. 
There was a time when immigrants felt gratitude to their new country, and were proud to contribute in any way they could. 
They were not expected to become Nobel Prize winners.  Millions of immigrants did what they could to earn a living while helping in the growth and development of their country - whether as construction workers, shopkeepers, or street cleaners.  No job was too humble for them, as long as their children could have an opportunity to receive a proper education and escape poverty.
Slum Life In New York City During the Nineteenth Century's Gilded Age
Nineteenth century immigrant children salute the flag at Mott Street Industrial School, New York City.   Today's immigrants find the US flag offensive, and teachers oblige by removing it from school premises.
Slum Life In New York City During the Nineteenth Century's Gilded Age
A poor immigrant Jew observes the Sabbath in a coal cellar in a 19th century New York City slum.  His children or grandchildren probably became doctors or academics.  Hard work and education were a key to success, in spite of university quotas against Jewish students and widespread anti-Semitic discrimination. 
Today non-white students demand and feel entitled to the benefit of affirmative action at universities and the workplace - regardless of personal merit. 
Slum Life In New York City During the Nineteenth Century's Gilded Age
A sweatshop.  Everyone had to work under all kinds of difficult conditions.  There were no welfare payments then.  But social injustice did not elicit vengeful hate and violence against society.  People worked, took care of their family, and persevered.    
These days immigrants from the Middle East come with an attitude of entitlement and animosity against America. 
That animosity is too often expressed in angry grievances, demands for accommodation to their religious and cultural beliefs, lawsuits for discrimination, hate speech against Jews and other non-Muslims, a refusal to assimilate (how could they, when their religion forbids it), and every once in  while in acts of violence and even mass carnage against innocent people.
That is their contribution:  division, hate, a Muslim supremacist world view that contradicts every single positive value on which America was built, and too often violence. 
So, as we celebrate Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein, we look back with sadness and a sense of foreboding.  We are not importing people like them anymore.  Not only that.  Our leaders are engaged in a conspiracy of deceit by proclaiming that Islam is a religion of peace, although Islam's true nature is for all to see in the words of the Koran, the Hadith, and in the chilling speeches of reputable imams all over the Muslim world, including in the West. 
Daily Mail:  How you'd be lost without Einstein 
The basis of general relativity describes how mass and space are related to each other and states that matter can bend and warp the fabric of space and time due to the effects of gravity.  

  • We use them everyday to find our way around cities, to track objects and even to time financial transactions. 
  • But GPS systems owe a debt of gratitude to Einstein and his thought experiments, without which they would not exist at all. 
  • The highly precise clocks have oscillators that function not on springs or pendulums, but atoms. 
  • The level of precision required for satellites is down to this atom clock, whose ticks must be known to an accuracy of 20 to 30 nanoseconds. 
  • Because the satellites are constantly moving relative to the Earth, effects predicted by Einstein's theory must be taken into account. 
  • In particular, the pull of gravity is stronger on Earth than in the satellite's orbit, meaning time is passing marginally faster in the latter than it is in the former. 
  • The precision of atomic clocks makes the desired accuracy achievable and GPS technology corrects this discrepancy to make the location accurate. 
Continue reading, including articles on Muslims launching lawsuits against employers and schools.  One of their ways of saying thanks.


DONALD TRUMP WAS BASICALLY CORRECT WHEN HE SAID MUSLIM-AMERICANS were celebrating while the World Trade Center Towers were burning:

See multiple evidence from news reports and from government authorities at the time, including VIDEOS of news interviews with reputable witnesses - Also watch video of PALESTINIANS happily celebrating 9/11


New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik confirms Trump’s claim that on 9/11/01, Muslims in the NYC/NJ area were cheering* the attacks on the Twin Towers. There might not have been “thousands” as Trump claimed, but there were at least hundreds according to several reports that the media is trying to hide.


See more journalistic evidence and statements by authorities at the time, confirming what Donald Trump said about New Jersey Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attack when it occurred.



Muslim lawsuits, now commonplace, are a way to instil fear and to pre-empt their new country from objecting to the Muslim cultural - and eventual political -  takeover. 

The Clock-Boy who sued

Ahmed Mohamed's homemade clock which was mistaken for a bomb
Yes, it looked like a bomb
Muslim boy who put together clock pieces and brought the ticking item to school, where teachers naturally did their duty of protecting students and called police, sued for $15 MILLION dollars.

A law firm representing Mohamed sent letters Monday demanding $10 million from the city of Irving and $5 million from the Irving Independent School District, according to the news agency. The letters also threaten lawsuits and seek written apologies.

Ahmed took his clock to school in September, and an educator thought it could be a bomb. Ahmed was arrested but never charged, though he was suspended from school.

He later visited the White House  on the invitation of President Barack Obama, who invited the teenager after word of his suspension got out on social media.


(The lawsuit was later dismissed in court.  The boy is now living in the terror-financing country of Qatar, and apparently misses America and wants to come back.)

Catholic University crosses

offend students says lawsuit

Crosses in every room at Washingon D.C.’s Catholic University of America are a human rights violation that prevent Muslim students from praying.  That’s the complaint to the Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights filed by a professor from rival George Washington University across town. 

GWU Law School Professor John Banzhaf takes the Catholic institution to task for acting “probably with malice” against Muslim students in a 60-page complaint that cites “offensive” Catholic imagery all over the Catholic school, which he says hinder Muslims from praying.
Baffled Catholic University officials say they have never received a complaint from any of the schools Muslim students.
Banzhaf, who already has a pending lawsuit against the university over ending its policy of allowing mixed-gender dormitories and has a history of filing civil rights suits on such topics as childhood obesity and smoking, filed the complaint alleging that Muslim students are not given their own prayer rooms.
He alleges that the university, “does not provide space – as other universities do – for the many daily prayers Muslim students must make, forcing them instead to find temporarily empty classrooms where they are often surrounded by Catholic symbols which are incongruous to their religion,” according to the Tower, Catholic University’s student newspaper.
The complaint further objects that Muslims must pray at the school’s chapels “and at the cathedral that looms over the entire campus – the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.”



There have been countless lawsuits against employers who object to an employee making demands for religious accommodation AFTER being hired.
Some examples:
Feds get Muslim truckers $240,000 after getting fired for refusing to transport alcohol
The Obama administration helped two Muslim truck drivers working for an American company in the U.S. get a nice settlement after being fired for refusing to transport alcohol because it violates their religious beliefs.
The lawsuit was filed on the woman’s behalf by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces the nation’s workplace discrimination laws.
The EEOC, which has made it a mission to go after businesses that don’t accommodate Muslims in the workplace, also sued on behalf of the two truck drivers.
The unbelievable case comes out of Peoria, Illinois, a community of around 113,000 located 166 miles from Chicago. The Somalian Muslims, Mahad Abass Mohamed and Abdkiarim Hassan Bulsha, worked for a trucking company called Star Transport based in Morton, Illinois.
In its lawsuit the EEOC accused Star Transport of violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination on the bases of religion. The EEOC’s district director said that the agency took legal action after an investigation revealed that the trucking company “could have readily avoided assigning these employees to alcohol delivery without any undue hardship, but chose to force the issue despite the employees’ Islamic religion.”

Read more

Christians are not so lucky.  As you may remember, Kentucky Christian county clerk Kim Davis was incarcerated for refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexual partners.  No religious accommodation for Christians at the job.

MUSLIM applies for a job at a store that sells both pork and alcohol.  Gets hired.  Then sues.

Jean Camara applied for a job at Costco knowing the store sold both pork and alcohol. 
Camara was assigned to work as a cashier’s assistant when pork came across the conveyor belt. He refused to continue the assignment as it’s against his religious beliefs to touch pork or alcohol as a Muslim.
Costco promptly accepted his complaint and transferred him to a different department; Camara then worked outside to gather the shopping carts in the parking lot and return them to the store.
Camara felt he was being discriminated against and was demoted, even though his pay was not altered, and demanded yet another transfer. This time Costco did not change his job.
After weeks of continual complaints about working outside, Costco let Camara go due to his negative attitude and poor work ethics. Camara then threatened the company as he felt his termination was for his religion and being Muslim.

Bear in mind that Costco was completely reasonable. The Muslim cashier refused to check out people with alcohol and pork, and so they transferred him to another position. That should have been sufficient. But he is suing. Apparently he wants Costco to have to check-out lines, one for Muslims and one for kaffirs. These demands for special accommodation are everywhere.

Back in 2011 Hertz had was forced to suspend 35 Muslim workers because they were abusing their extra special “prayer break times” and refusing to clock out when praying. There was no way of knowing when their Muslim workers returned from their lengthy prayer breaks — five times a day. Muslim workers officially filed a lawsuit against Hertz.

Take for example, the Heinz company. Heinz has bent over backwards to accommodate these Muslim workers: they have prayer rooms, prayer times, etc. They just don’t want them leaving work to pray outside of scheduled break times. Mind you, they could easily pray before or after work, but no.   This imposes Islam on everyone else.
Now Muslim workers are suing Heinz, demanding to be allowed to say prayers in the workplace at the time of day specified by their religion. You’ll notice that big companies are always targeted. Costco and Hertz, as well as Heinz, Target, Wal-Mart, Disney, etc. Why? To set precedents. - 

In the case of the lawsuit against Costco, according to employee Camara, his superiors at the Brooklyn Costco never told him why he was reassigned — although it’s strange that he couldn’t figure that out on his own after complaining he couldn’t handle certain products.

Camara filed a human rights complaint against the company and was fired 16 days later for “insubordinate conduct,” according to ABC 7.  

Reports from:



The bar has been set so low for Muslim migrants, that terror activities are not considered good reasons enough for deportation. 

DHS rarely deports for terrorism  -  ONLY ONE THOUSANDTHS OF 1% OF CASES

In fiscal year 2015 only two of the 176,397 removal orders requested by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) were based on terrorism concerns, according the government figures released this month by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), a nonprofit university group dedicated to researching the U.S. government.


Slum life in 19th century New York City - Photos on this page



January 27, 2015  -  MUSLIM ANTI-SEMITISM, A Special Kind of Hate, Video by Pat Condell - Also: How Muslims have brought virulent and violent anti-Semitism back to the West - Why the Left refuses to talk about Muslim Anti-Semitism - And a summary of Muslim attacks against Jews in France

Read more

Muslim anti-Semitism
  By Pat Condell

Your new neighbors  -  And if you're afraid, they accuse you of being a racist.


October 2015 - Muslim beheaded 54 year old Christian grandmother in Oklahoma.  Another threatened co-workers to do the same.

Read more



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