A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Thursday, December 18, 2014

ISRAELI POLICIES DETRIMENTAL TO ISRAEL AND THE JEWS - Pro-Arab and anti-Jewish bias among leftist authorities - Influence from foreign governments - Recurrent cases of corruption.

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A couple of days ago this blog posted an article about Israeli police covering up Arab terror against Jews, and showing ongoing reluctance to take measures against terrorist road gangs operating on a daily basis.   But there is a larger picture, much of it hidden from view.
The tacit government policy in Israel is:   Go easy on the Arabs, empower them, allow them to create facts on the ground in order to facilitate the partition of the country.  The left is quie open about it.  The right wing talks tough to get votes, but once in power it implements leftist policies. 

What kind of influence is at work to make the Israeli leadership act this way?  There are many, all of them nefarious in one way or another.

It is uncanny how this tiny piece of Jewish land inspires so much greed in the world.  Everyone wants a piece of it, everyone wants to control it, many want to own it.  This has been so for thousands of years.

Following is a column by Italian (non-Jewish) journalist Giulio Meotti, denouncing former top officials in Israel who make startling pro-Arab and pro-partition comments that are truly incomprehensible in a tiny and besieged country such as Israel.
As you read it, keep in mind that for decades the State Department has been holding a great deal of influence on Israel.
The State Department can influence not only foreign government policies, but sometimes also key individuals with current or former connections to those governments. 
Israeli military and intelligence agencies have an extremely close relationship with their counterparts in the United States, with frequent visits, exchange of information, and the cultivation of personal friendships.   One country is a giant, the other a tiny state, barely hanging on to its land.  This disparity alone is indicative of who calls the shots.
American intelligence services can use information as a lever to influence people and events.  Many top military officials who deserted their governments during the Arab spring did so under the threat of having their bank accounts in the US confiscated.

And that's not all.  Aside from political interference, there is also the human factor.  Anyone can be vulnerable to material enticements.  
Police attacking and expelling Jews from their homes
Business has influence on government policy.  Many political and military bosses take industry management jobs upon retirement. 
Israeli business also profits from the trade of goods with Gaza and the Palestinian Authority.    These companies want to keep their Arab customers happy.  They don't like it when Israel clamps down on terror.
The Israeli government authorized a large Israeli cement company to keep supplying construction material to Hamas, even after it was public knowledge that Hamas was using it to build terror tunnels.
Photo above shows Israeli police violently attacking and expelling Jews from their homes in Amona. 

(Find links to the articles mentioned above and more by scrolling further down the page.) 
The following column barely touches on a few individuals and events.  The daily news of Israel is full of accounts of the implementation of suicidal policies and authorities' puzzling lapses in judgment that appear to be inexplicable.
The fact that Israel won impossible wars and still endures in spite of its leadership can only be attributed to a miracle.
What makes ex Mossad chiefs and IDF generals run?

By Giulio Meotti

Secret service and army officials have just one mission: to protect Israel at any cost. But it is amazing to observe the growing phenomenon of former Mossad and Shin Bet chiefs and army generals who suddenly take on the most dangerous positions in Israel's history. They are a mix of  inflated ego and estrangement from Israel's brutal reality. 

Former Mossad chief, British-born Efraim Halevy, has released an interview to Israeli media asking Israel to commit suicide and withdraw to the pre-1967 "Auschwitz borders". 

Last year former top IDF Intelligence official Brigadier General (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser said that the Shin Bet (security agency) "fell in love" with the Palestinians. 

These generals all propose a land withdrawal from biblical Israel - a preemptive surrender to the Arabs.  The expulsion of Israel's most loyal citizens from their homes could provoke a civil war

Those statements have the effect of giving Palestinians excuses for horrible attacks against the Jewish population.  

In the last two years, former Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin called again and again to destroy Jewish life in Judea and Samaria. Diskin believes that Yitzhar (a Jewish town) in Samaria is a far more dangerous threat than ISIS or Iran. 

Continue reading.


Carmi Gillon, who failed to stop terror in the '90s, uses the alleged "price tag" (vandalism) to target the entire hilltop youth in Judea and Samaria, young heroes who populate empty and remote hills.  Never mind that police have never proved that these youths are the perpetrators. 
(Arabs routinely accuse Jews for acts they themselves commit.  Read article about a recent fire on a mosque that was determined to have been caused by an electrical short circuit, but was initially blamed on Jews.)
Meir Dagan (former Mossad chief) orchestrated the most impressive public campaign against his own government in the plan to disarm Teheran. He also called for the adoption of the Saudi partition plan that would lead to a second Holocaust. 
Ehud Barak (former minister and Prime Minister) agreed to hand over the Temple Mount and Judea and Samaria to Arabs in 2000 for a hudna (temporary truce).
Former prime minister Ariel Sharon's legacy is the unilateral Israeli withdrawal of Gaza, which led to ongoing terror against Israel. He was like a character of Fyodor Dostoevsky's novels, the one who creates and then destroys.. 
The Judea and Samaria region is guarded by commanders such as Nitzan Alon, who compares right wing Jews to Hamas terrorists. For people like him, Jewish graffiti and Arabs murdering Jews are the same.
A few days ago former Mossad spy-master Rafi Eitan confessed he refused to shelter the Jewish hero Jonathan Pollard, whose handler he was, in the Israeli embassy in Washington. And he is proud of what he did.  (Pollard, who provided key survival information to Israel, has languished in an American jail since.)
If it would have been up to these security officials,  Israel would have surrendered the Golan Heights to Syria, and biblical Jerusalem to the Arabs.  Now Israel would have missiles on the edge of Lake Kinneret (in the north), and Jerusalem would be a war zone.
I always wonder what has made these former spies and generals act this way. It is a pity that Israel's establishment is in hands of Jews who are so morally bankrupt as to not stand up courageously for what is right and oppose that which is wrong.
They are all affected by the virus of the same malady: they did not do enough to protect Israelis during the '90s and the Second Intifada, they've all drunk the poison of Oslo (agreement that empowered the Palestinians), and above all, they can't face the truth of Arab hatred and anti-Semitism, so they all collect their pensions and release interviews to a media that hate Jews. 
And as long as they spout suicidal ideas, former spies and generals are guaranteed lucrative speaking engagements and writings. How coincidental.
(Edited by blogger)

The writer, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a twice-weekly column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book "A New Shoah", that researched the personal stories of Israel's terror victims, published by Encounter. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and Commentary. He has just prblished a book about the Vatican and Israel titled "J'Accuse: the Vatican Against Israel" published by Mantua Books. 


Israeli authorities' dismissal and coverup of Arab terror

December 17, 2014
And how the Israeli left erodes security, justice, and the viability of the country.

Jews blamed for mosque fire.  Report reveals short circuit as a cause.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) judge dismisses rock throwing by Arabs as merely "mischievous"
although they have injured and even killed Jews this way. That's the Israeli left for you.

Police coverup of terror
This article too has numerous links to shocking information that will open your eyes to the fact that the most dangerous enemy of Israel is not the Arabs but the Israeli left. 


Negligence, self-interest and corruption

Nobel laureate says the leftist Supreme Court is corrupt and represents the greatest danger to Israel
The Supreme Court is self-selecting - an extremely left-wing enclave that has arrogated legislative powers onto itself, and dictates what laws the Knesset can or cannot pass.  

The Supreme Court Dictatorship in Israel explained

By Professor Steven Plaut

Treason in Israeli academia
Read more -

Can Israel survive the (leftist) Jews in power?
By Martin Sherman, Jerusalem Post
The vindictive, borderline treasonous malevolence of the Left and the inept, borderline imbecilic impotence of the Right are emerging as the gravest threat to the sustainability of Jewish political independence.
Read more of this article as it deals with particular individuals in the Israeli Jewish elite that are undermining the very existence of Israel.  It may be a bit detailed for those not familiar with Israeli politics, but it is lucid and factual, and by one of Israel's top thinkers.

More by Martin Sherman -


By Stephen J. Norwood.
The Communist Party’s support for the horrific Arab pogroms against the Jews across Palestine in 1929 set a precedent for the new left’s endorsement of Palestinian terrorism in the late 1960s.

I have been struck by how the far left’s virulent anti-Zionism – laced with anti-Semitism – has been given a platform and increasingly legitimized on contemporary American campuses, just as many American universities proved receptive to Nazi apologetics and anti-Semitic propaganda during the 1930s.


While Israeli officials knew it was being used to build tunnels - 
How business influences policy.
And the personal financial reasons that may have motivated former PM Sharon to expel Jews from Gaza in 2005, thus unleashing a disaster

Israel among the most corrupt developed states, study finds
Report finds 79% of Israelis consider political parties corrupt.  Former state comptroller calls for greater government transparency

Will corruption undo Israel? 
Editorial by Daniel Doron on the Washington Post 
The six-year prison term for corruption handed down to Israel’s former prime minister Ehud Olmert caused Israelis great consternation.  In the past decade a former president, several ministers, mayors, high officials, bankers and others were incarcerated for the abuse of power and for corruption; not exactly cause for celebration. 
Read full article at the bottom of this page. 

And the corrupt motives that may have led Israeli PM Ariel Sharon to surrender Gaza to terrorists in 2005

What motivated former PM Sharon to expel Israelis from their homes.
It has been alleged for years that the withdrawal from Gaza was done as a result  a secret deal with leftist and pro-Arab judicial authorities as the price to pay to keep Sharon and his two sons - who had been embroiled in corrupt financial practices - from going to jail.

November 2014:
Former PM Ehud Olmert, who has been embroiled in charges of corruption, told an aide in a taped conversation that former PM Ehud Barak had taken millions in bribes


The anti-Jewish left in Israel

Working to destroy Israel from within

The insidious influence of the Israeli left and the erosion of Israel from within.

Anti-Jewish discrimination in Israel. 

Read more and access numerous links for further information.

The Israeli left perverted and treasonous nature

Anti-Jewish discrimination in Israel
The silence about anti-Jewish and pro-Arab bias among Leftist Jewish media, judiciary and government
The use of administrative detention (unheard of in Western democratic societies)
Mass expulsions of Israeli Jews from their homes

Ariel Sharon expelled Jews from Gaza.
His successor, Ehud Olmert (convicted of fraud and corruption) violently expelled Jews from Amona, in Israel.
GRAPHIC VIOLENCE of the brutality with which the Israeli government expelled Jews from their homes in Amona.   
These pictures are from Israel.  Not from some Eastern European country under Nazi control.  This is a pogrom perpetrated by the Israeli government against Israeli citizens, just because they were Jewish.
How Israeli police and army were indoctrinated in brutality by a team of psychologists prior to the expulsions of Jews from their homes.
 FOR CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of Israeli politics and the wicked role played by the Israeli left, please read The Jewish State, by Yoram Hazoni.   It presents a shocking and heartbreaking history of treason and self-hatred among Israel's Jewish traitors and enemies.
 Jerusalem Post editorial - Will corruption undo Israel?
A historical perspective of the legacy of the left
by Daniel Doron
The six-year prison term for corruption handed down to Israel’s former prime minister Ehud Olmert caused Israelis great consternation.

In the past decade a former president, several ministers, mayors, high officials, bankers and others were incarcerated for the abuse of power and for corruption; not exactly cause for celebration.

Some Israelis felt pride that their lenient, liberal judges had finally started imposing severe sentences to stem increasing corruption in high places. Others resisted charges that their governance is increasingly corrupt by arguing that other nations also have corruption problems, but that they are ignored.

Even the law-abiding USA, they added, has a huge lobbying industry misallocating astronomical amounts to powerful interests. The recent scandals in the Veteran’s Administration health services illustrated again that no government are immune to serious corruption.  Yet no one considers America corrupt.

Political favoritism that breeds corruption has indeed become the norm even in better governed Western democracies, let alone in the developing world. Unlike past tiny governments, big, welfare-dispensing governments take today a large part of GNP in confiscatory taxes. They use it imprudently and with little accountability.

Governments have become huge employers and spenders with immense economic clout, a source of great wealth for manipulative special interests.

Government’s wasteful ways have also infected big business, especially firms that benefit from huge government contracts and from competition- suppressing regulations. Such enterprises, notably banks, which are allowed to create money, become too large to fail, an economic moral hazard, as the recent mortgage-derivatives crisis on Wall Street amply illustrated.

While it is true that growing corruption, tied to increasing wealth, is a worldwide problem, Israel seems to have a bad case.

As a young, rambunctious democracy (reminiscent of Elizabethan England) composed of so many different “tribes,” each with its own mores, Israel did not have a chance to develop the common traditions that fashion a civil society, and determine what is “not done.” It therefore lacks an effective tool for resisting corruption, namely vocal public revulsion.

Like some Eastern European countries, Israel has contracted the disease of a corrupting collusion of politics with big money because, ironically, of its Socialist anti-capitalist ethos.

Zionist leaders, blaming the devastating First World War on the failures of Capitalism, embraced, when Zionism was taking shape, what were fashionable Socialist and Communist ideas held by – who else? – intellectuals and cultural icons.

They also adopted the romantic adulation of “soul purifying” manual labor, preferably in farming; this, at a time mechanization and innovations were cutting sharply the need for farmers, while grain became much cheaper. Socialist Zionism established a politically dominated, anti-productive highly centralized economic system. It became inefficient and corrupt and virtually destroyed the labor collectivist sector which came to be the flag bearer of Zionism.

Under the British Mandate, the Socialist camp, assisted by the Jewish Agency, a government in the making, came to dominate Zionism. Financed by American Jewish (capitalist) contributions, Labor pushed for the nationalization of almost all land, labor and capital.
The heavily subsidized, economically failing Communist kibbutzim became Zionism’s settlement model. Urbanization and commercialization were despised and undermined. A nasty class warfare was waged against the small private sector that successfully pioneered the Zionist enterprise since the 1880s.

Labor took also control of education, health and welfare, as well as the media and cultural institutions, establishing a retrograde, centralized, inefficient economy that was highly politicized and corruptible.

After Israel’s independence in 1948, government and Histadrut control of the economy became near total. The state’s heavy-handed bureaucracies caused economic retardation and impoverishment.

In 1977, economic dysfunction and spreading corruption unseated Labor.

A Likud government that replaced Labor vowed to liberalize the economy.

But Begin and his ministers, who did not understand economics, strengthened the role of government in the economy by greatly expanding Israel’s lame welfare system. They launched a misguided privatization program that “sold” for a pittance bankrupted government and Histadrut assets to politically connected oligarchs and granted them monopoly rights. This led to their eventual control of the economy.

Twenty family-owned highly leveraged pyramidal business groups came to own half of Israel’s market share while one percent of lenders received 70% of loans from the semi-nationalized banks. Socialism was replaced by Statism, inflicting even greater harm on the economy.

Bureaucracy and regulation created insurmountable entry barriers, discriminating in favor of politically immune big business and destroying competition (It takes 10 years to execute a real estate project; for 60 years not a single bank was established in Israel). They caused low productivity, growing income gaps and widespread impoverishment.

Israel, with its exceptional human capital, should have become one of the wealthiest countries. Instead most Israeli workers earn monthly about $2,600 while prices of goods and services are double the USA’s.

Apartments cost 140 monthly salaries.

Young people cannot make it economically. They have few career opportunities in most tycoon-controlled firms that are rife with nepotism.

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have left Israel, a grave and present danger to its viability.

Gradually, under the stewardship of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel has successfully reformed some of its economy doubling its GDP in the past 15 years. But it is a race against time, since unless the laggard Israeli economy is reformed soon its problems, including its morally debilitating corruption, may threaten its future.

The author is the founder and director of ICSEP ( il) an independent public policy think tank.


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