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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Friday, March 17, 2017

US STATE DEPARTMENT A SERIAL BLUNDERER IN MIDDLE EAST POLICY - Its bias has been so intense that it does not mind going against common sense and even the interests of the American people - It encouraged and supported the now disastrous ARAB SPRING. - After World War II it knowingly hired NAZI CRIMINALS to help fight the Cold War

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  • If the State Department were an employee, it would be fired.  And with such a horrendous record it would be unable to get a job anywhere.
  • Rather than clueless, the State Department has deliberately exercised outright deceit to encourage deleterious acts and policies that facilitate its long-term agenda, regardless of the best interests of the United States.
  • The State Department is infamous for having hired Nazi criminals after the Second World War.  Their anti-Semitic ideological heritage is felt to this day.
  • The State Department maintains a consulate in the Arab populated area of Jerusalem to help and service Arabs almost exclusively.  American Jews find it hard to avail themselves of services there.  The US does not recognize Jerusalem as being part of Israel.  
  • The following column lists some of the State Department's most egregious blunders in its Middle East policies. 

The State Department – A Systematic Blunderer         

A review of the mistaken analyses and erroneous conclusions of the US State Department with respect to the Middle East region.

1. THE ARAB SPRING - In 2011, the Department of State welcomed (and encouraged) the Arab tsunami which has displaced millions of people and murdered hundreds of thousands – and keeps raging – as an Arab Spring, youth revolution, Facebook revolution and a transition towards democracy.
2. LYBIA'S REGIME CHANGE - In 2011, the State Department recommended the toppling of Gaddafi in Libya, in spite of Gaddafi’s transfer of Libya’s nuclear infrastructure to the US in 2003, and irrespective of his fierce battle against Islamic terrorism. The toppling of the ruthless Gaddafi transformed Libya into the largest, lawless platform of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East, spilling over into Africa, Europe and the rest of the world, severely undermining the US national and homeland security.

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3. ONGOING MISREPRESENTATION OF THE PALESTINIAN ISSUE - The State Department has severely misperceived the Palestinian issue as if it were a core cause of Middle East turbulence, but none of the volcanic events from Iran to Mauritania are related to the Palestinian issue. The State Department considers the Palestinian issue a crown-jewel of Arab policy-making, but most Arab policy-makers shower Palestinians with talk, but not walk, considering the Palestinian leadership a role-model of treachery, back-stabbing, intra-Arab terrorism and corruption. Palestinian leaders are welcome in Western capitals by red carpets, but in Arab capitals by shabby rugs. In 1991, Kuwait expelled almost 300,000 Palestinians due to their collaboration with Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait.
4. TACIT SANCTION OF ANTI-JEWISH ARAB TERRORIST YASSIR ARAFAT - In 1993, the State Department endorsed Arafat as a Nobel Laureate, embracing him as a messenger of peace, in defiance of Arafat’s 40-year-old trail of terrorism against Jews and mostly Arabs in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait, and regardless of Arafat’s status – from the 1970s – as a role model of anti-Western international terrorism.
5. TACIT SANCTION OF ANTI-JEWISH ARAB TERRORIST MAHMOUD ABBAS - In 2016 the State Department embraces Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) as a messenger of peace, in defiance of his track record: a graduate of KGB training, who coordinated PLO ties with the Soviet Bloc; expelled from Egypt (1955), Syria (1966) and Jordan (1970) for subversion; co-planned the murder of eleven Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympic Games; collaborated with Saddam Hussein’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait, which triggered the First Gulf War; a 70-year-trail of terrorism against Jews and mostly Arabs; a repressive and corrupt rule of the Palestinian Authority, exacerbated by the establishment of an anti-Israel, anti-US and anti-Semitic Palestinian hate-education, which is the most effective production-line of terrorists.
6. SHOWERED SADDAM HUSSEIN WITH MONEY AND TECHNOLOGY - During the 1980s, the State Department considered Saddam Hussein an ally in the confrontation against Iran, ignoring the fact that the enemy of my enemy could also be my enemy. Until the August 1990 invasion of Kuwait, Iraq received from the US dual-use commercial and defense technologies, $5BN loan guarantees and vital intelligence, assuming that a well-fed Saddam would be less of a threat.
7. GAVE SADDAM HSSEIN GREEN LIGHT TO INVADE KUWAIT - On July 19, 1990, on the eve of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, the US ambassador to Baghdad, April Gillespie, told Saddam Hussein: “an Iraqi invasion of Kuwait would be considered, by Washington, an inter-Arab issue,” providing a green light for the invasion of Kuwait, and planting the seeds of the first and second Iraq Wars and their devastating ripple effects.
8. EXCORIATED ISRAEL FOR DESTROYING IRAQ'S NUCLEAR REACTOR - In 1981, the US Administration punished Israel for the bombing of Iraq’s nuclear reactor. Ten years later, then Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney, thanked Israel publicly “for eradicating the Iraqi reactor in 1981, which spared the US a calamitous nuclear confrontation in 1991.”
9. FACILITATED THE FALL OF THE SHAH OF IRAN AND HIS REPLACEMENT BY VIRULENT ANTI-AMERICAN AND PRO-TERROR AYATOLLAHS - During the late 1970s, the State Department was actively pursuing the downfall of the pro-US Shah of Iran, supporting Ayatollah Khomeini, who was perceived as a human-rights warrior in defiance of an oppressive ruler. Thus, the Department of State facilitated the transformation of Iran from “the US policeman of the Gulf” to the worst enemy of the US, terrorizing pro-US Arab regimes, sponsoring global Islamic terrorism, collaborating with North Korea in the pursuit of nuclear and ballistic capabilities, supporting anti-US countries in Latin America, and brainwashing Iranian youth to fight “the modern-day arrogant crusader, the Big American Satan.”
10. DISCOURAGING REGIONAL ISRAEL-ARAB ALLIANCES - In 1977, Israel and Egypt conducted direct negotiation, focusing on Israel-Egypt issues, in defiance of State Department’s pressure to join a futile international peace conference, which was supposed to focus on the Palestinian issue and Jerusalem. Following a futile pressure, on Israel and Egypt, to abort direct negotiation and join an international conference, the US jumped on the successful Israel-Egypt peace bandwagon.
11. HISTORICAL (AND ONGOING) PRESSURE ON ISRAEL TO SURRENDER GOLAN HEIGHTS TO SYRIA - Until 2011, the State Department considered Hafiz, and then Bashar, Assad reliable leaders, pressuring Israel to concede the historically and militarily critical Golan Heights. Syria’s track record, in particular, and the tectonic Arab Tsunami, in general, highlight the recklessness of the State Department. 
*  Israeli PM Netanyahu was secretly amenable to the surrender of this critical territory separating Israel from Syria - and allegedly engaged in secret talks until interrupted by the Arab Spring.  
*  The PM is now openly amenable to the surrender of the Jewish heartland - Judea, Samaria - for the creation of an Islamic Palestinian terror state. 
*  Israel withdrew from Sinai and handed it over to Egypt.  The Sinai is now swarming with terrorists, including ISIS. 
*  PM Ariel Sharon withdrew Israel from Gaza, thus unleashing the Hamas dictatorship and ongoing terror against Israel.
*  Most of Israel's problems are self-inflicted, as the population has allowed the betrayal of the country by its own government leaders.  Blogger)

The British were in charge of the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine aimed at the reconstitution of the State of Israel based on its original historical land.  To ingratiate themselves with the Arabs, the British betrayed this mandate and illegally partitioned Jewish land to create the state of Trans-Jordan, today's Jordan.  Today the British government, along with the EU and the USA, clamor for the further shrinking of Israel and the creation of another Islamic state on what everyone knows is the ancient Biblical Israel. (Blogger)
12. THE STATE DEPARTMENT HISTORICAL OPPOSITION TO THE EXISTENCE OF ISRAEL - In 1948, the US State Department was convinced that the establishment of the Jewish State would trigger a war, which would result in a second Jewish Holocaust; that the Jewish State would be a strategic burden upon the US, and it would join the Communist Bloc. In order to dissuade Ben Gurion from declaration of independence, the State Department convinced President Truman to threaten Ben Gurion with economic sanctions, and to impose a military embargo on the region, while Britain supplied arms to the Arabs.
13. THE STATE DEPARTMENT'S RELENTLESS PRESSURE AGAINST ISRAEL AND STRONG SUPPORT FOR PALESTINIANS, WHICH HAS ENCOURAGED THEIR RADICALIZATION - In 2016, the State Department plays an active role in Israel-Palestinian negotiation, prejudging the outcome, by pressuring Israel to reckless retreat to a 9-15 mile-wide sliver along the Mediterranean, over-towered by the mountain ridges of Judea and Samaria. The State Department’s involvement has radicalized the Palestinians who expect the US to extract more concessions from Israel.

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More videos by Ambassador Yoram Ettinger on his YouTube Channel

The Ettinger Report   -  C.V.

1. Executive Director of "Second Thought: A US - Israel Initiative," dedicated to education through well-documented, out-of-the-box and politically-incorrect thinking on US-Israel relations, Middle East affairs, the Palestinian issue, Jewish-Arab demographics.
2.  Professional Background: diplomat, researcher, writer, lecturer, consultant; expert on US-Israel relations and Mideast affairs.
3. A Consultant to Israeli and US legislators – and a lectureron US-Israel relations, Middle East politics, the Iranian nuclear threat, the Palestinian issue, the Jewish-Arab demographic balance, etc.
4. Publishes a weekly column (Hebrew and English) on Israel and US national security issues and their bi-lateral relations.
5. Frequently interviewed by Israeli and US media.
6. Co-founder of the America-Israel Demographic Research Group, which has documented a 1mn gap in the number of Arabs in Judea & Samaria.
7. (1989-1992) Minister for Congressional Affairswith the rank of Ambassador - at Israel’s Embassy in Washington, DC.
8. (1988-1989) Director of Israel's Government Press Office, coordinating relations with overseas journalists.
9. (1985-1988) Israel’s Consul General in Houston, Texas, furthering ties with politicians, businessmen, oilmen, ranchers, evangelical, Hispanic, Black and Jewish leaders and organizations in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and New Mexico.
10. President of "US-Israel Opportunities, Ltd", a consultancy on US Mideast policy, focusing on Israel’s relations with the US Congress, as well as on US investments in Israel.
11. (2003) Lecturer on US politics - Hebrew University Executive MBA Program.
12. (1997-2000) Alabama Trade Representative in Israel.
13. Editor of Straight from The Jerusalem Cloakroom and Boardroom newsletters on national security and US investments in Israel, which is disseminated to 10,000 movers &  shakers in the US.
14. (1976-1985) Editor of the Contemporary Mideast Backgrounder, a newsletter, disseminated to policy-makers and public opinion molders in Hebrew, English, Spanish, French and German.  The newsletter dealt with Mideast politics, US policy in the Mideast, international terrorism, the Palestinian issue, etc.
15. (1984) Lecturer on Mideast Politics, Hebrew U. School of Overseas Students.
16. (1975-1976) Deputy Director, US Cultural Center in Jerusalem.
17. (1971-1973) Info. Officer, Israel’s Consulate General L.A.
18. Educational background:
*M.S. in International Management, UCLA (1971).
*CPA (Certified Public Accountant), California (1970).
*B.A. in Business Administration, Univ. of Texas at El Paso (1969).
19. Personal background:
Married to Ora with three daughters, Tal, Adi and Deganit and three grandchildren – Noga, Roni and Guy.


Obama State Department: “Palestinians” who throw molotov cocktails at Israelis are not terrorists

 Washington Free Beacon, October 27, 2014 
The Obama administration insisted Monday that a Palestinian killed by an IDF while attempting to throw a Molotov cocktail at Israeli civilians is not a terrorist.
The Palestinian, a teenager with U.S. citizenship, was shot Friday and buried wearing a green Hamas headband. The Obama administration said in a statement on Friday that it “expresses its deepest condolences to the family.”
At a State Department briefing today, Associated Press reporter Matt Lee asked spokesperson Jen Psaki whether it is appropriate to offer “deepest condolences” to the family of someone killed while attempting to carry out an attack on civilians.
“There are reports … that [the Palestinian teenager] was throwing Molotov cocktails at cars on a highway, and I’m wondering, if that is the case, would you still have been so speedy in putting out a statement and offering your condolences to the family?” asked Lee. “The argument that is being made by some in Israel is that this kid was essentially a terrorist, and you don’t agree with that, I assume,” Lee continued.
“Correct, we don’t,” Psaki said. Lee then asked whether the fact that the teenager was buried wearing a Hamas headband was “of concern at all.” Psaki replied, “I just don’t have any more on this particular case.”

The US State Department says that Palestinians throwing firebombs
Ayala Shapira, victim of the attack
Since a Palestinian firebomb attack last December, Israeli 11-year-old  student Ayala Shapira has been hospitalized suffering from severe burns to 40% of her face and upper body. 
At first she was in a coma and doctors were not sure she was going to survive.  
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

OUTRAGE IN ISRAEL AFTER US CONSULATE ARMED CONVOY WITH ARABS VIOLATES SEVERAL LAWS, trespasses on a farm, and uses guns to threaten Israeli farmers 
US Consular staff said they were on an "inspecting" mission following Arab complaints about trees.
Years ago the Obama administration set up an apparatus to closely monitor Jewish construction in Jerusalem and the strategic West Bank to the point of watching Israeli moves house-to-house in certain key neighborhoods .


- THE ORIGIN OF THE ISRAELI OCCUPATION MYTH, by legal expert Dr Howard Grief
 - The problem of national BETRAYAL by the Israeli elite



U.S. spy agencies hired at least 1,000 ex-Nazis during the Cold War, journalist and author Eric Lichtblau wrote in a new book, “The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men.”
It was excerpted Monday in The New York Times and alleged that the CIA and other American agencies employed large numbers of Nazis as spies and informants and through the 1990s protected from deportation and prosecution some who were living in the United States.
Citing newly disclosed records and interviews, Lichtblau reports that the FBI and CIA knowingly recruited officials who had occupied high positions in Nazi Germany, including some known to be guilty of war crimes.
One such spy was involved in the Lithuanian massacre of tens of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust; another worked closely with Adolf Eichmann. Several spies were rewarded with U.S. citizenship.
On several occasions, the book notes, U.S. intelligence officials refused to cooperate with the Justice Department’s Nazi hunters and urged them to drop investigations for fear of exposing their ties to American spy agencies.
Many of these Nazis were actual mass murderers. 
In the 1950s, at the height of the Cold War, longtime FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and CIA Chief Allen Dulles were in agreement that these former Nazis would be more helpful to the U.S. as Soviet spies than in prison.  


However, the records also showed that many of these former Nazis ended up not being effective spies, and some were even double agents.



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