A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Saturday, July 8, 2017

HAMBURG RIOTS - Violent mobs take over the city during the G-20 Summit demanding an end to Capitalism and its replacement by murderous Marxist oppression - Watch VIDEO on "The End of Germany" with Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern, who had to run for her life from angry leftist mobs

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  • Demonstrators climbed scaffolding during a protest last night as world leaders gathered in Hamburg for the G20 summitThe following images are shocking.  How can civilized individuals resort to such destructiveness and violence to make a point? 
  • Perhaps Europe has never been truly civilized.  A few inspired individuals advanced civilization with their philosophical writings and scientific discoveries, while the rest indulged for millennia in almost non-stop slaughter  in the name of territory or religion.   
  • Only a couple of generations ago Germans and their other European accomplices  were enthusiastically rounding up Jews and sending them to gas chambers. 
  • Our grandparents witnessed Europe's descent into savagery. 
  • What will our kids and grandkids see now that the new European demographics include millions of  migrants who will not refrain themselves from using extreme violence to make a point, as they do in their home countries? 
  • Capitalism is far from perfect, but it's better than the other alternatives.  Europe never had it so good as in the decades after World War II.  There was peace, prosperity, and hope for an even better future. 
  • All that now is irretrievably gone because of two generations of spoiled, violent, hateful youth bent on destroying their very own society for its replacement with a utopian Marxism that has NEVER worked in any country in the world. 
  • Hundreds of human beings were murdered in the name of Marxism, mostly by Stalin, Mao, and other dictators.  And let's not forget the DDR, Germany's own Communist East Germany, where people were imprisoned for decades behind a wall.  How soon they forget! 
  • Today political leaders such as Angela Merkel do their own part in destroying Europe through the importation of millions of Middle Eastern and African migrants who are too fundamentalist to ever integrate into European society.

UPDATE - VIDEO - Lawyer for the Black Block sanctions the burning and looting of Hamburg but not in his neighborhood
40 second video in German with English translation

SEE IMAGES of mobs in Hamburg, Germany during the G-20 summit:  assaulting police and random people, burning cars, breaking store windows, looting, and demanding an end to the capitalist system and its replacement with Marxist oppression. 
Protesters march during the "G20 Not Welcome" protests with banners reading 'Capitalism kills' and skeleton make-up
The alternative:  the same Marxist system that murdered millions in the Soviet Union, Cambodia, China, Cuba, and other Socialist paradises.
Continue reading and see more images
ALSO:  Watch VIDEO "The End of Germany",  a conversation between Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern. Lauren has been video reporting from the riot zone.  UPDATE:  Watch VIDEO of the aftermath of destruction: like a war zone.

VIDEO - The End of Germany: G20 Violence | Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux

The American leftist media downplays leftist violence in Europe. 

More videos by Stefan Molyneux
More videos by Lauren Southern

DAILY MAIL -  Nearly 200 police have been injured in two nights of clashes, officials have revealed, and authorities say around 10,000 thugs were involved in last night's chaos. 
A 27-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after allegedly using a laser pointer to try and blind the pilots of a police helicopter. 
Yesterday police bosses in Hamburg were forced to admit they had been overwhelmed, and requested reinforcements. Thousands of officers from across Germany have flooded the city's streets, and were pelted with Molotov cocktails and targeted with lasers last night.
Members of the anarchist Black Bloc group - which wants to overthrow capitalism - split throughout the city, setting alight cars and looting shops while groups fight riot police.

Protesters attempted to blind police officers shining incredibly powerful lasers directly at them - the protesters have even used the lasers on police helicopters flying above the city trying to monitor the movements of anarchist activists 

Officials estimate around 10,000 rioters were involved in last night's chaos, and revealed that nearly 200 police officers have been injured in the past two days

Pictured: A ransacked shop in Hamburg after protests against the G20 summit Hamburg 
Looting.  Unhappy about the West's abundance of goods.  How about a trip to socialist Venezuela or North Korea, where many people are literally starving?
Masked protesters  plunder and destroy a Rewe supermarket in the Schanzenviertel district  in Hamburg last night
Anarchists would not last a day without the capitalist system feeding them, clothing them, providing them with health care and other benefits.  These people are literally parasites.  
Police say riots were extremely violent in the early hours of Saturday in the city's Schanzenviertel neighborhood
DAILY MAIL - Even migrants from war zones are shocked. 
Small groups of hooded anti-capitalist Black Bloc militants scuffled with police after two days of violent clashes which marred the G20 summit.
Arab refugees watching the riots from the relative safety of a falafel joint said the rioters were insane for destroying their tolerant adoptive city and were astonished by what they saw as the police's restraint.
'If people did this in Egypt they would be shot,' said Ibrahim Ali, a 29-year-old Egyptian who came here in 2011. 'The state provides everything: housing, unemployment benefits and education. Yet those people are not happy. I don't get it.' 
'They are crazy. I can't believe my eyes,' said Mohammad Halabi, 32, a Syrian who arrived in Germany as a refugee some 18 months ago. 'They have such a beautiful country and they're destroying it.'   

 Members of the anarchist Black Bloc set alight barricades across downtown Hamburg to disrupt the summit 
The morning after: The damage caused by a night of rioting was evident on the streets of Hamburg this morning, where world leaders are meeting for the G20 summit
Businesses were looted, cars were torched and fires were lit in the street as activists caused chaos in the German city
Police had made 70 arrests during the protests, which saw fires in the streets so large that they could spotted across the city’s skyline
 Businesses were targeted by looters, who smashed windows and helped themselves to stock, while fires burned in the streets outside
Police used water cannons to try and disperse anarchists running amok in the city, where world leaders are meeting for the G20 summit
At least a couple of hundred police were injured.  But their response to this savagery was restrained.  They used water canons.  In a Marxist dictatorship they would have used real bullets.
Riot police uses water cannons against protesters during demonstrations at the G20 summit in Hamburg
A man holds a beer as he tries to take a ride on a police wrecker in the Schanze district of Hamburg following the G20 summit
Violence also fueled by alcohol.
A bank machine damaged in the Schanze district after hundreds of violent demonstrators went on the rampage last night
What's left of a cash machine.   Only in the West rioters can get away with anything.
Socialist North Korea condemned American student Otto Warmbier to many years of hard labor for removing a poster from a wall.  He did not make it.  He suffered irreversible brain damage from torture at the hands of the Marxist regime.  That's how Socialist paradises deal with those who dare to break even the smallest of the dictatorship rules.
Pictured: A woman smiles and raises her hands in front of riot policeman as protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg continue 
Deluded idealists being used to help bring down the system. 
German girls like these ones held "Refugees Welcome" signs as thousands of Middle Eastern men descended from trains a couple of years ago, only to become victims of gang rape by those same refugees. 
A spoiled and naïve generation that knows nothing of the darkness of human nature.
Police protect a branch of a local bank in the Schanze district of Hamburg following the G20 summit as rioters have sprayed 'long live anarchy' on a shutter
DAILY MAIL - In the touristy Pferdemarkt area, known for its trendy cafes and nightlife, activists faced off against police in riot gear who were unable to put out fires, with billowing thick smoke dramatically reducing visibility. 
The radical Black Bloc movement had some success in disrupting the leaders' discussions despite the ring of security around them.
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble cancelled an appearance in downtown Hamburg on Friday morning due to security concerns. Police also declined to clear US First Lady Melania Trump's motorcade to leave her hotel for a tour of the city's historic harbour, her spokeswoman said. 
Marine police units intercepted 22 divers from the environmental pressure group Greenpeace who had also been trying to reach the concert hall, police said.
Police said they used water cannons to disperse protesters who broke into a riverside metro station that had earlier been sealed off. Nearby, two lorries were set ablaze. 
Businesses have been left counting the cost of last night's destruction, with staff at a convenience store in Hamburg surveying the damage caused
Shops were vandalised and looted by groups of hundreds of protesters in a night of violence last night
Riot police fired tear gas and water canons to disperse thousands of activists determined to soil the symbolic event
Pictured: A protester throws a bottle towards riot police during demonstrations at the G20 summit in Hamburg
German riot police detain the protester during the demonstration at the G20 summit in Hamburg
German police detain protester during a demonstration at the G20 summit where rioters have looted shops
Protesters show V-signs in front of riot police officers during demonstrations
BREITBART - As well as looting shops and burning cars, individuals appeared to be deliberately trying to injure — and even kill police officers.
Police said riots were extremely aggressive in the early hours of Saturday in the city’s Schanzenviertel neighborhood, which is only a few hundred meters (yards) away from the summit grounds.
Hundreds of officers went into buildings to arrest rioters wearing black masks from rooftops while being attacked with iron rods and Molotov cocktails. Thirteen activists were arrested when special units stormed one building.
About 500 people looted a supermarket in the neighborhood as well as smaller stores. Cars were torched and street fires lit as activists built barricades with garbage cans and bikes.
On Saturday morning, city cleaners took to the streets sweeping up rubble and using heavy construction equipment to haul away the leftovers of last night’s barricades and fires, while in other parts of Hamburg, peaceful protesters started new marches holding up red balloons and dancing through the streets to live music.

So far, 114 have been arrested and 89 protestors have been temporarily detained.

Riot police charge forward towards protesters on July 8 in Hamburg,  as world leaders meet during the G20 summit
A protester (pictured) throws a bottle towards police as a van sprays water cannon. Black Bloc militants have been scuffling with police during the G20 summit
Police lines up in front of the Rote Flora in the Schanze district of Hamburg, with helmets on and shields in place
Refugees from Syria and Egypt looked on at the carnage from a falafel joint and said they 'couldn't believe their eyes' as rioters destroyed property. Pictured: German riot police move towards protesters in Hamburg 
Pictured: German riot police run towards protesters during demonstrations at the G20 summit in Hamburg
Protesters held up placards for the various world leaders advising them that they are welcomed to hell
More than 20,000 police have been deployed in the northern German port city to protect world leaders attending the G20 conference
Pictured: Flares burn as riot police deal with yet another night of violence in Hamburg 
 Lines of police protected key intersections in the city but the sheer number of anarchists was impossible to contain
Pictured: A riot police van fires water cannon at the front of the Rote Flora as G20 demonstrations continue 
Using water canons to disperse the violent mob.
Pictured: Riot police spray protesters in Hamburg after the G20 summit in the German city 
Pictured: A riot police officer lies on the ground as the protests went on in Hamburg earlier today
This is nothing.  In France they set police on fire. 
Special police forces with machine pistols patrol during clashes in the Schanzenviertel quarter
If Europe reverts into an oppressive dictatorship, people will have only themselves to blame.  Angela Merkel is busy creating a European Army, which will take its orders from the EU bureaucracy instead of individual countries.
The summit in Hamburg sparked fury and some have questioned why it was held in a city known for its left-wing views
Police have been mercilessly attacked for doing their jobs.  What goes through their minds, as they watch the mob threaten their lives?
Pictured: A riot police officer points his teargas gun at protesters as riots persist in the German city 
Photos and Daily Mail reports:

Photos also by Breitbart

Commentary at the top of the page and captions under the pictures by blogger.

VIDEO - The aftermath of destruction - HAMBURG:  BROKEN AND BURNT



The head of Germany’s Die Welt newspaper Ulf Poschardt has denounced the violence caused by left-wing extremists calling the rioting, “the new fascist violence of the left”.

Mr. Poschardt, who serves as the editor in chief of Die Welt, slammed the so-called “black-block” left-extremists in a new column likening them to the Blackshirts who committed acts of political violence under Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in the 1920s.

“Their black costume reveals that their aesthetic is inspired by Mussolini’s black shirts. They act like fascists.  They stir up fear and uncertainty.  The Black Block has been turning Hamburg into a civil war landscape since Thursday evening,” he wrote.

“In the run-up to the G-20 summit, there are always two kinds of protest: the one idealistic peaceful but over and over again – the hate-filled dream of a broken dystopia, as in the Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’,” he added.

Calling the members of the black-block, many of which are neither from Hamburg nor even Germany, “adventure tourists” Poschardt paints the average left-extremist as young men in “late puberty”  who have, “no more to offer politically than an archaic accumulation of rage and a regime of fear”.

The problem with left-extremists has been building up for years according to Poschardt. He said that in the past police and authorities had made mistakes by “confusing squatters with homeowners”, and allowing public spaces to be cleared of right-wing opinions by “antifascists with their fascist love of power”.

After the left-extremist left 130 police injured and caused massive damage to property Thursday night, Poschardt points out the left wing Green party has placed the blame on the police. “This is grotesque in the face of the articulated threats of violence and a motto such as ‘Welcome to Hell’,” he writes.

The Welt chief also notes the traditional idea of the left representing the working class is also largely a myth. He said that real working people were far more likely to be on the police side during a protest than the protestors who he describes as wearing expensive Northface jackets and “sneakers from the hipster shop”.

Poschardt is one of the few German media personalities to call out left wing extremism in such certain and blunt terms, though he has made controversial remarks in the past. No fan of U.S. President Donald Trump, Poschardt claimed that the best way for Germans to combat the ideas of the U.S. president was to bee “more gay”.



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