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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Sunday, October 19, 2014

THE "PEACE" HOAX - THE LIES THAT ISRAELI POLITICIANS TELL THE COUNTRY - Policies based on those lies cost Israeli lives and put the country's survival in jeopardy - Nixon got kicked out for much less.

People everywhere were shocked to read that a French Jewish girl had not only become a radicalized Muslim ready board a plane to join ISIS, but had planned to carry out a terror attack against her parents.
About the same time Israelis saw one of their own academics - a long-time harsh critic of Jews and Israel - make a statement where he basically disowned his heritage. 
Shlomo Sand.jpg
Schlomo Sand (Wikidpedia)
Shlomo Sand:  "I wish to resign and cease considering myself a Jew." 
There are others like him in Israel, often in academia, in pro-Arab advocacy organizations, in the media, in the courts, and other positions where they can exert influence. 
The seed of self-loathing that drove many European Jews to convert to Christianity and to desperately try to assimilate, sprouted in Israel as well. 
In the case of European Jews, their efforts did not spare them anti-Semitism or the gas chambers.  
In the case of Israel, those self-loathing Jews are trying to weaken and destroy Israel from within - in the irrational hope that their efforts will turn them into "honorary non-Jews". 
There was the case of a vociferous Jewish pro-Arab journalist - Amira Hass - who along with Jewish pro-Arab academic Ilan Pappe,  was recently kicked out of a conference at an Arab university in Israel just for being a Jew.   That won't dissuade them from attacking "Israeli apartheid," however. 

Events such as that French Jewish girl turning potential jihadi, and activities by writers such as Shlomo Sand, and other pro-Arab Jews - including those by some Israeli politicians - are all connected, and should not surprise anyone.

Incidentally, if you check the Middle East section of your local bookstore, you will find a row of books written by Jews, most of them Israeli themselves, with a heavy anti-Israel and anti-Jewish slant, all disguised under the rubric of serious scholarship.
The strange phenomenon of Jewish self-loathing has been affecting Jews for some time.  We know of famous Jews who have denigrated and rejected their own Jewishness (Karl Marx comes to mind), but this affliction exists to some degree among some influential Israelis as well.
There are, for example, some Jewish pro-Arab advocacy groups that cross the line into outright treason.   Israeli politicians seem to be extremely tolerant of them, which raises questions about their own motivations. 
Israeli political issues can be delicate, so they are too often covered with a variety of deceptive camouflage tents using the appearance of "peace" or "toughness", when in fact they mean neither.  
Like politicians everywhere, Israelis  use an appealing sales pitch in order to acquire power.  Once they are able to exercise that power, they invariably turn "peace" into surrender, and "toughness" into appeasement.
Many Israeli say that they keep electing right wing politicians, but invariably it's the left that keeps running the country.  Or perhaps more accurately, it's the State Department through their Israeli allies.   There is even talk of an invisible conspiracy where the puppet masters have means to turn even the toughest hawk into a leftist-compliant chicken once in office. 
The following article focuses on only one individual, the current Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who for many years, and under different governments, has been in charge of "peace talks" with the Palestinians.
But just as commentators to this column when it appeared on Israel National News correctly point out (see below), the relentless task of undermining the security and viability of Israel has been shared by a number of politicians from the left, center and even the right wing (or so-called right wing). 
This task of weakening Israel through empowering the Arabs at the expense of Israel has been perpetrated under the euphemism of that ever elusive "peace". 
And as we well know, there is not even peace between Arabs.  Palestinian factions are at odds with each other, and have resorted to violence and murder on many occasions.  The Middle East itself has the blood of millions of Muslims killed by other Muslims.  

How can they ever make peace with Israel?
Real peace for Israel can only exist if the country is strong enough to prevent being attacked and obliterated by its enemies.   And Israel cannot become stronger by partitioning its land to create a Jihadi state.
The White House, Europe, and pro-Arab Israelis use the word "peace" to soften what is essentially blackmail:  keep giving Arabs what they demand, and maybe they will not kill you.  And maybe the boycotts of Israel and the murders of Jews everywhere will stop. 
Israeli politicians have given away - so far - the Sinai, Gaza, and placed the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the most sacred Jewish site, under Arab control.
They also brought in the terrorist PLO from exile into Israel, and - instigated by the United States - signed a number of "agreements" which the Arabs have promptly and completely violated.  And then there have been countless other "gestures" of appeasement, too many to list here.
Tzipi Livni
Tzipi Livni
So as you read this column, please keep in mind that Tzipi Livni shares the blame with many ministers, Prime Ministers, parliamentarians, and Supreme Court Judges, who have been continually eroding the safety and security of the country in order to appease and empower the Arabs.
I have mentioned the disproportionate influence of the left in Israel, and excessive meddling by the United States in shaping Israeli policies on previous posts.  These are no mere complaints that can be dismissed as politics.
Israel is fighting for its life. 

And the enemy is often ensconced right inside the power institutions of the country itself.
The Israeli Justice Minister's Erroneous Security Premises
 Have Cost Lives
By Mark Langfan
Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni has declared “All options are on the table” to deal with Hamas.  But, the one option that is not on the table is for Livni  to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the national security crimes she and her fellow "peace" advocates have committed against the State of Israel by helping to create a Palestinian terror state.  
For an illegal break-in where no one died, US President Richard Nixon was forced to appoint a special prosecutor and resign.
But for 20 years, Minister Tzipi Livni and the left have engaged in a massive national security fraud to delude Israeli and American Jews that there was a “Peace Process” that would bring security and rid Israelis of the "sin" of “occupation.”
They have raised hundreds of millions of dollars to propagate what is a total, massive, and absolute fraud: The 2-State Solution. 
Now, more young Israeli soldiers have died to fix the evil terror-state that Livni and her ‘peace’ minions helped create.

What were some of Livni and the left's most egregious errors in their premises concerning national security?

1. Palestinian Arab Democracy will set Israel free from the “Occupation.”  
How exactly did “Palestinian Democracy” set Israel free?  The Palestinians “democratically elected” a Hamas genocidal government premised and bent on the liquidation of Israel. And unlike the 1930’s when Germany democratically elected Hitler, the Palestinians openly voted for a Hamas Government whose central policy plank was the annihilation of Israel.
The advocacy and empowerment of a Palestinian Arab “democracy” didn’t set Israel free, it laid the foundation for an attempt at a new Holocaust.  Instead of Israel being secured, Israel is now ‘occupied’ with thousands of rockets and missiles.

2. Without a Palestinian State in the 'West Bank' the world would boycott Israel and mainstream Israelis would suffer economically.
The truth was always, and is, exactly the opposite. Imagine hundreds of explosive-packed suicide tunnels from East Jerusalem into West Jerusalem, or from the 'West Bank' in the direction of Ben Gurion Airport.  What would have happened to the Israeli economy if the Palestinian Arabs had blown up West Jerusalem or Kfar Saba?
What will be the cost in Jewish lives and dollars for Israel to have undo the Hamas terror-tunnels we have today?  And the tunnels are only the tip of the military assets Israeli soldiers will have to defang in Gaza. 
Whatever the costs to Israel to fix Gaza, had Hamas been allowed to turn Judea and Samaria into a Gaza, the costs would have been hundreds of times worse (if that were at all reversible).  A 'West Bank' terror state would have been a fatal and irreversible blow to Israel's existence, let alone to its economy.

3. Abbas is a “Partner for Peace.” 
Mahmoud Abbas is an unrepentant master terrorist who probably has more Jewish blood on his hands than anyone alive (except for the Iranians).But  the deeper lie is that Abbas is a “partner” at all!  Abbas doesn’t control anything except some bank accounts for paying terrorists for murdering Jews, and for stashing away stolen donated public funds.  Hamas, and only Hamas, rules the Palestinian Arabs. 

4. The Jewish "settlers" of Judea and Samaria are "obstacles" to Israeli peace. 
The truth always was, and is, the Jewish settlers in Gaza and Judea and Samaria are the greatest heroes of Israel. Israel’s "settlers" are the rest of Israel’s first and last line of defense from being eradicated and murdered en masse.  These Israelis have put their lives, and the lives of their families, on the front line to protect the Jews of Tel Aviv. 
But, Livni and the left needed to falsely paint them as obstacles to peace in order to propagate the 2-State Solution Fraud.  When the true story is told, the Israelis living in Judea and Samaria will be recognized as the exemplary Jewish heroes they truly are.

That incessant and false demonization of Israeli "settlers" has legitimized virulent world-wide de-legitimization against all of Israel. Livni and the left’s “anti-peace” libel against Israeli "settlers" laid the groundwork for anti-Jewish attacks from France to America to India.

Minister Linvi should immediately recuse herself, and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the possible crimes of malfeasance leftist Israeli politicians have committed against the State of Israel by perpetrating the greatest fraud in the history of the Jews. 

Nobody died from Nixon’s Watergate, but nevertheless, Nixon appointed a special prosecutor.
Thousands of Jews have died from the Israeli Left “Peace-Gate.”  Despite the fact that Israeli leaders were well-meaning before the 1973 War, the Agranat Commission was charged with exposing any delusion, wrongdoing or negligence in the lead-up or conduct of the 1973 War.  

And, as a postscript, let’s give Livni the benefit of the doubt, and say she didn't realize that the 2-State Solution was national suicide. But such rank incompetency in national office is a crime of misfeasance that necessarily disqualifies her and her fellow leftists from ever running for office, let alone participating, in the Israeli Government.
About the author:
Mark Langfan, who specializes in security issues, has created an original educational 3d Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at
Mark Langfan's archive at Israel National News
Excerpts from readers' comments on original column: 
  • Why pick on Livni? (Former prime ministers) Rabin and Peres signed Oslo. 
  • Livni has lots of ideological and political allies, old and new, who help her in promoting the Palestinian State. Include them in your trials too.
  • For that matter, PM Netanyahu himself advocated a Palestinian State in his Bar Ilan speech a year and a half ago. He put lots of conditions, but the concept was still one which he pronounced in plain English. (or was it Hebrew? I don't remember).
  • Hey, I'm no fan of Zippi Livni, mind you, I just don't think its reasonable to make only her pay the price for a crime which was perpetrated by lots of other people.
  • I also don't believe this is realistic. Knesset immunity was CREATED for just this purpose: to prevent unpopular political platforms from being defined as "crimes", and their "perpetrators" being punished.
  • The sad fact is, a large portion of the Israeli public ALSO believed the fantasy that a Palestinian State could be a Partner for Peace. They VOTED for Livni, and previous Leftist politicians! So now, you think they're going to punish her by legal means? No.
  • The best we can expect is that the Israeli public will learn from this war that the concept of "two states for two peoples" is neither practical nor desirable, and vote in politicians who will not even discuss it, much less try to implement it.
French Jewish girl, 17, ‘planned terror attack on parents’ store, was set to join IS’
She comes from a loving religious family.
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Israel's Justice Minister Tzipi Livni calls for more land withdrawals ...
... to solve the Arab violence caused by Israel's withdrawal from Gaza!
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Member of the Knesset Dany Danon says the PM must stop acting like the contractor of the left, following Tzipi Livni's desires.
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Professor Steven Plaut's website Isra-Campus, exposing anti-Semitism in Israeli Universities
The Left understands that its "ideas" have been rejected by nearly the entire Israeli political spectrum. Since it is incapable of persuading Israelis of the correctness of its agenda, it has decided instead to recruit foreign powers to "do the job" for it and bully Israel…
Read more and see articles about specific academic engaged in anti-Israel activities

Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism among Israeli academics
An interview with professor Steven Plaut
The worst faculty offenders are usually employed in the humanities or the soft social sciences, as well as in law and education. Many of them openly call on the world to boycott Israel. Some openly support terrorist attacks against Jews. Almost all the offenders are Israeli Jews; very few are Arabs. Some are Israelis living outside Israel. A professor at Sapir College kicked a student out of class for wearing an IDF uniform.
Read more:
Pro-Arab Israeli Journalist Amira Hass and professor Ilan Pappe  get kicked out of conference in Arab university in Israel for being Jewish.
Pro-Arab, anti-Jewish, and ideologically detached from reality.
Jewish Israeli journalist who supports Palestinian rock-throwing was ejected out of an Arab conference for being Jewish - That's apartheid.
The erosion of Israel from within.
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And how it undermines the security and the very existence of Israel
This article has numerous interesting links to columns explaining this bizarre self-destructive force within Israel.
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HOW THE ISRAELI LEFT UNDERMINES ISRAEL'S SURVIVAL by agitating for further Land For Peace withdrawals - where Israel gets neither land nor peace -
The discredited Israeli Left and their disproportionate and fatal influence in government.
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Will Israel ever get serious about treason?
By Prof. Steven Plaut
Treason itself is left undefined under Israeli law, and in general it has been interpreted by legal authorities in Israel so loosely that virtually no one has ever been prosecuted for it.The Israeli law against treason is little more than a joke.
Nearly all the Arabs who sit in the Knesset openly communicate and even collaborate with the enemies of Israel. They support their agendas and some have engaged in violence.There are far left Israeli Jews who work against the sovereignty and integrity of their own country every day. 

Examples of this would include issuing calls for Israel’s destruction or declaring support for international boycotts against Israel. No one has been prosecuted for any of that.

The Israeli attorney general is quite militant when it comes to prosecuting right-wing Israeli Jews for “incitement” and “racism,” including offenders who wear politically incorrect t-shirts or affix bumper stickers on their cars that some might find in poor taste.

Bear in mind that Israel is in a permanent state of war. Even so, Israeli Arabs and Jewish leftists never go to jail for collaborating with the enemy during times of war.

Israeli far-leftist groups, awash in funding from hostile anti-Israel foreign governments and organizations, engage in sedition and treason during time of war, led by Israel’s academic tenured Far Left. None of these have been targeted for prosecution by Israel’s legal system or police.
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In any other country this would constitute TREASON 
Israeli member of pro-Arab advocacy organization admits:  We are all on the payroll -
On the payroll of foreign governments and organizations, that is.
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Also by Steven Plaut:
PEACE NOW, the well-known Jewish Israeli advocacy movement promoting Arab empowerment in Israel has crossed the lines into outright anti-Semitism.
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What the polls say
While the Prime Minister continues to entice the Palestinians to come and talk about "peace,", meaning the partition of Israel, the public opposes it.  This attitude has hardened as a result of the continuous terror from Gaza, a territory that Israel vacated in 2005.
October 19, 2014:  New survey reveals: 74.3% of Israelis oppose a  Palestinian state within '67 borders, 76.2% oppose dividing Jerusalem, 74.9% oppose Jordan Valley withdrawal. 
(About 20% of Israelis are Arabs.)
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